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January 25th, 2020 1:46 am

Almost half of my family and many of my good friends cant stand Donald Trump. Others are so consumed with a deep-seeded hate that their ability to see reality is obscured.

For the past three years, Trump has been subjected to a non-stop, 24 hour/day smear campaign. He has been called: traitor, racist, fascist, homophobic, misogynistic, scumbag, sleazy, warmonger, worst president ever, and often accused of being mentally unstable. Some have called him a Nazi, and compared him to Hitler. A significant number of people dont like his tone, others dont like his character. The negative publicity includes the deliberate withholding and outright distortion of news that would favor Trump ... so its no wonder that many hate him.

The recent Impeachment vote by the House of Representatives was nothing more than a well-orchestrated attempt to smear President Trump. Democrats knew from the beginning that there was no evidence of a High Crime or Misdemeanor. They invented non-criminal charges in an unfair rush to impeach.

The Trump haters ignore this disgraceful congressional abuse of power because their hate overcomes what is an obvious attempt to smear.

Hate has succeeded in blinding many people from what could be the greatest political scandal in the history of our country. The Mueller investigation, coupled with the Inspector Generals investigation, clearly show that Donald Trump has been a victim of a deep-state, secret attempt to overthrow his presidency. If it can happen to Trump, it can happen to anyone.

The haters are blind to Trumps positive impact on economic prosperity that has resulted in more jobs available than workers to fill them; the haters are blind to the threat of Socialism that has infected the Democratic Party; and, worst of all, the haters are blind to the many domestic threats that are right before their eyes: Threats to the Right of Due Process, the Right of Free Speech, and the Right to Bear Arms; Threats to pack the Supreme Court and Abolish the Electoral College; Support for Open Borders and Sanctuary Cities; Promises of full benefits and rights for Illegal Immigrants; and Monstrous tax and spend proposals that would destroy the American Dream.

The haters are so focused on defeating Trump, that they are blind to the freedom-destroying strategies that are the bait-and-switch deceptions of Socialism. Corrupt politicians offer voters the delicious temptation of wonderful benefits that others will pay for. These politicians love the effectiveness of hate. Especially when the haters ignore the fact that Trump is term-limited. They need to wake up and realize that Socialism has no term limits!

This 2020 Presidential election will determine the future of our free Republic. It is truly a choice between Freedom, and Government-dictated Socialism.

James T. Holland is a resident of Frederick County.

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Open Forum: Hate can cause blindness and corruption - The Winchester Star

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