David Sinclair, Ph.D. – The Joe Rogan Experience #1349 …

October 9th, 2019 12:40 pm

For the most comprehensive take on all of David Sinclairs recommendations and the best ideas on optimizing healthspan, check out The Table of Longevity | The 5 Pillars to Optimize for Increasing Healthspan and Living Your Best LifeKey Takeaways

NAD+ is responsible for hundreds of critical biological processes, including creating energy, regulating sleep/wake cycles, and maintaining healthy DNA. Heres the problem: NAD+ declines with age no matter how much you exercise and how well you eat. So what can you do? You have a few options, but the most promising is supplementing with the oral NAD+ precursor, NR (nicotinamide riboside). For us at Podcast Notes, hands down, when it comes to a brand of NR, we cant recommend Elysium Basis enough (use the code podcast45 at checkout to receive $45 off a semi/annual subscription). We, Matt and Yoni, have been researching the company and trying Basis out for the past 3 months. Basis is a proprietary formulation of crystalline NR and pterostilbene that supports cellular health by increasing and sustaining NAD+. Long-term health starts at the cellular level. If you want to improve your healthspan and increase your energy, replenish your NAD+ levels in the most efficient way possible with Elysium Basis.

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David Sinclair, Ph.D. - The Joe Rogan Experience #1349 ...

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