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Women’s Health, Wealth And Longevity – A Retirement Triple-Threat – Employment and HR – UK – Mondaq News Alerts

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

28 September 2020

Gilson Gray

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Because women typically live longer than men and may have asmaller pension pot, they need to plan accordingly to make theirmoney last.

While longevity sounds like a blessing, we wouldn't want tobe unwell and struggling financially during our later-life years.But many women run the risk that this will be their future. Notbecause they've got the 'right genes' or live asuper-healthy lifestyle: it's simply because they were born awoman.

A 40-year-old woman has a one in four chance of living to age96, and a one in ten chance of living to 100.1 Betterhealthcare and positive lifestyle changes have helped to raise lifeexpectancies across the board, but women still are likely to livelonger than men. And with several studies finding that more menthan women have died from COVID-19, the life expectancy gap couldwiden further from here.

Women not only need their pensions to last longer, they alsogenerally have smaller pension pots to use during these extra yearsof life. We already know that women typically retire with one-fifthof the pension wealth of men.2 New analysis from theCentre for Economics and Business Research found that, when lifeexpectancy is taken into account, the gender pensions gap could beas much as 108,130 for single women, and 186,120 forwomen who are married or in a relationship.3

Because they tend to live longer, women are more likely to endup in single-person households later in life. This could addfurther to their financial pressures because it can be much moreexpensive to run a household of one, covering all bills alone.

Adding to this, the State Pension age is rising, which meansmany people who will rely on this government payment will have towork longer before they can claim it. Plus, there's noguarantee your health will support you working into your lateryears.

Some women may have taken their first job at 16. If you'replanning on working until your late 60s or early 70s, that's alot of years in the workforce - you might well be feeling burnt outor struggling with health issues. As early as your mid-40s or early50s, you could be suffering from symptoms of the menopause, such as'brain fog', which can make it tough for some women tocontinue working at the pace they once did.

You may want to drop to part-time hours or get a job with lessresponsibility to take some of the pressure off, even if it justfor a few years. But will you be able to afford it?

For women in same-sex relationships, they may think that theirjoint longevity will give them a long and happy retirementtogether. But in fact they could face a triple whammy ofchallenges: both partners might take a period of maternity leavethat could impact their earning power and pension contributions,both may need to work longer, and both may suffer from healthconditions over their long lives.

Luckily, there are things all women can do to increase yourchances of a financially secure life, however long you live. If youdo nothing else, have a think about what you want your future tolook like. Do an appraisal of all your long-term savings plans,rounding up any small savings pots you may have forgotten aboutover time. Sit down and have a chat with a financial adviser to seehow things are actually looking for your retirement years. Takinginto account the money you've already saved, and your capacityto save over the coming years, an adviser can model a likelyoutcome.

You may find that you can retire sooner than you think or canslow down your working pace as you near retirement if you come upwith a sensible plan now. Take charge today and speak to your St.James's Place Partner for help with your finances.


1. ONS life expectancy calculator, accessed 7 September2020

2. Securing the Financial Future of the Next Generation,Insuring Women's Futures and Chartered Insurance Institute,2018

3. Centre for Economics and Business Research, September2020

The content of this article is intended to provide a generalguide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be soughtabout your specific circumstances.

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Among Us and Fall Guys Can Ensure Longevity With This Feature – Essentially Sports

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Among Us and Fall Guys have been in a tussle to see who can capture more fans. As of now, Among Us seems to be the clear winner with the popularity of the game still rising. On the other hand, Fall Guys is seeing a steep, downward trend which is quite alarming for the game.

Regardless of its popularity, Among Us shouldnt be too quick to celebrate. The gaming industry is constantly innovating and really dynamic. Just like it rendered Fall Guys pretty irrelevant, there might soon come a game that would do the same to Among Us.

However, analyst Rod Breslau feels that there is one solution that would help both the games stay relevant for a long time. The idea would increase engagement among players.

Many games such as GTA 5 and Minecraft have involved the community in their development process. It is safe to say that a majority of them have seen rising engagement in players as well as a jump in sales. The freedom to include an element of ones creativity in the game always motivates fans. There is similar scope for both the games in question concerning their maps.

Popular streamer Shroud has already urged Fall Guys to add maps, especially if the game wants to stay in the race. It would make it so much easier for the developers to give that responsibility to the community.

This would allow the community to flaunt its creative side. Allowing players to make community maps will provide unlimited and constant new content for the game.

With limited maps and modes, the game becomes a bit repetitive after a while. This wont happen if they have unlimited access to new maps and tasks.

Not only is this Slashers opinion but that of many fans as well. They think that this something the developers should have included since the inception of the game.

While Among Us has other plans for the game to keep it interesting, Fall Guys needs to work on this stat!

It might not be that easy a task because it would require major changes in the game. Therefore, no matter how much criticism the game faces, it will still be a while until we are able to see those options come to the game. Till then, just like Among Us, Fall Guys too can work on other strategies to stay featured in the spotlight.

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Women’s Health Care Costs in Retirement Projected to be $200000 More than Men’s – Business Wire

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

DANVERS, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Health care costs are a major expense during the Womens Longevity Gap, the period in which a woman will need to cover expenses single-handedly after the death of a male spouse or partner, according to recent data from HealthView Services, the nations leading provider of health care cost projection software. The company estimates that in retirement an average, healthy 43-year-old woman will face nearly $200,000 more in health insurance premiums than her husband.

The company, which provides software for personalized health care cost projections to financial professionals, urges women and couples to start planning early to address the longevity gap.

HealthView Services encourages thoughtful, personalized planning for the disparities of age, income, and life expectancy that commonly exist among male/female couples. Recommendations include:

Following these steps, women and their financial advisors can mitigate and potentially even eliminate the longevity gap and the other challenges that are common among female retirees, said Ron Mastrogiovanni, CEO of HealthView Services. Financial advisors with the right tools and data at their fingertips have the power to help their female clients close that longevity gap.

About HealthView ServicesFounded in 2008, HealthView Services is the nations leading provider of healthcare cost projection software, built on a dataset of 530 million health care claims. Its portfolio of retirement healthcare planning applications centered on personalized longevity estimates and individual health care cost projections is used by advisors, financial institutions, employers and consumers to create comprehensive, reliable health cost projections for 33 million users annually. Visit us to know more:

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Women's Health Care Costs in Retirement Projected to be $200000 More than Men's - Business Wire


Longevity gap: Poverty remains a scourge. India must focus on economy, public health – The Times of India Blog

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

At 69.4 years, Indias life expectancy has made almost a 20 year leap from 49.7 in 1970-75. While this is no mean feat, the sobering reality is that Japan was here in 1960 and China in 1990. The link between poverty and life expectancy is fairly obvious looking at the India story. People in Delhi, Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with lower incidence of extreme poverty live longer than the national average. Poorer states like Chhattisgarh, UP, MP, Assam, Rajasthan, Bihar and Jharkhand drag down life expectancy.

Worries that Indias current economic difficulties are turning the clock back in the fight against poverty make life expectancy a key indicator to track. Countries like Nepal and Bangladesh had lower life expectancy than India in the 1980s, but they have now pulled ahead. Apart from the incidence of poverty, access to public health services could be an equally important factor separating Indian states. This is borne out by infant mortality and maternal mortality rates largely correlating with life expectancy. Keralas IMR is 7 per 1,000 live births, Delhis 13 and TNs 15 against 48 in MP, 43 in UP and 41 in Assam.

The Covid pandemic may be a short term phenomenon. But its effect on lives and health services has multiple dimensions with generational implications. State outreach like immunisation and supplemental nutrition schemes took a backseat this year. Treatments became harder to access, evident in statistics of fewer surgeries, procedures and OPD visits for heart diseases, cancer, TB etc. The loss of incomes and livelihoods will force many to scrimp on meals and protein-rich foods. A vigorous public health response to neutralise these setbacks is needed.

Total fertility rates have fallen sharply below replacement levels in most Indian states, barring a few like UP and Bihar. Coupled with better institutional services and families investing in fewer children, this could help reduce malnutrition and IMR. While the Centre is betting big on health insurance for the poor, this cannot substitute adequate doctor availability and healthcare infrastructure in rural areas. The neglect of public healthcare by successive governments has been extremely expensive for the country. While this must be urgently remedied, only a growing economy will enable the government to make these interventions and citizens to live longer and healthier lives.

This piece appeared as an editorial opinion in the print edition of The Times of India.

Longevity gap: Poverty remains a scourge. India must focus on economy, public health - The Times of India Blog


Top 5 Group Exercise Classes for Your Return to the Gym – Longevity LIVE

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Its not hard to see why yoga has become so popular. In addition to helping with strength, balance, and body awareness, its meditative qualities can help center your life and reduce stress and anxiety. Taking a yoga class with a professional yoga instructor is an absolute must since some moves can be dangerous if not performed properly.

Taking yoga as a group class, additionally, will allow for the meditative qualities of yoga to be enhanced by group participation and will give you the motivation to participate more fully in the spiritual aspects of the practice. Being a group yoga classalso allows you to benefit from the shared, collective energy of the group, and youll be able to leverage that energy throughout your yogic flows. For those who struggle to stay consistent with their yoga effortsparticularly beginnersthese classes can be a great way to create accountability, learn from others, and make it more fun.

Taking a group dance class can be an incredibly fun social experience, especially if you go with your significant other. Dance has many of the same advantages of yoga, including strength, balance, and cardio training, but instead of meditation, it concentrates on interpersonal interaction.

The social aspects of group dance go back to ancient traditions. All over the world, dance would have incredible importance in the ritual life of the community. Many of these ancient rituals have been lost, but some of those social benefits can be tapped into. Be it through swing, salsa, and other group dance classes. In fact, the ability to build close connections with your fellow dancers is one of the biggest benefits.

Because dancing involves physical connection, it allows you to bridge the gap between human interaction and human touch. Group dance classes are also almost always more affordable than private lessons, and youll benefit from getting a firsthand look at how many different people have different styles and approacheseven for the same dance.

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Top 5 Group Exercise Classes for Your Return to the Gym - Longevity LIVE


Finding The Right Diet To Eat For You and Your Body – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Its a diet thats really effective in weight loss and is a good diet for those that are currently severelyobese. Thererealso cases of the diet being really effective in dealing with type two diabetes, as many followersof this diet have been able to put the disease in remission, however, more evidence is needed on this front to determine its viability in combating diabetes.

The way the diet works is pretty simple. By drastically reducing carbohydrates and replacing themwith fat, yourbody is put in a metabolic state called ketosis.Being in this state makes your body really good at burning fat for energy, and this type of diet is also great at reducing blood sugar and insulin levels.

There are various forms of the Ketogenic diet. However, they all follow the main basic principle: fewer carbs and more fat. There is the Standard ketogenic diet, which can be broken down as 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs; High-protein ketogenic diet, which has a 15% increase in protein and a corresponding decrease in fat consumption; Cyclical ketogenic diet, which allows you to have two days a week of eating more carbs; and Targeted ketogenic diet, that allows you to add carbs around a workout.

When on a Ketogenic diet, there is only a certain amount of food you are permitted to eat. This includes meat, particularly red meat, and pork, as well as fatty varieties of fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Eggs are good to have, as well as cheese like cheddar and mozzarella. Avocados are also very worthwhile food to eat on this diet, as there are lots of health benefits when it comes to consumingavocados.

It may sound strange, due to other diets encouragement of high fruit and vegetable consumption, but for the Keto diet, its critical that you avoid all fruit and root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. Sugary food is also a no-go, as sugar is just a form of carbohydrates, which also means you should avoid wheat-based products like pasta. Its also important that you avoid alcohol, as due to its carb content you would turn the ketosis process off.

There are negatives tothis diet, however, and the main one is that for it to work, it needs to be followed strictly. If not, your body will fail to entera ketogenic state, meaning that youll actually store the fats youre eating, making you put on weight. It can also make you feel extremely tired and fatigued when you first start the diet, and could also see you get an increase of headaches and muscular pain.

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Finding The Right Diet To Eat For You and Your Body - Longevity LIVE - Longevity LIVE


You Will Love This Dry Shampoo With No White Residue – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Dry shampoos are taking the beauty world by storm. You can freshen up your hair quickly, although many products leave a white residue on your hair. Not with COLABs award-winning products, which is why we think you would love this review.

Unlike standard shampoos, dry shampoos require absolutely no water so its the perfect choice to freshen up hair quickly and on the go! Just spray, massage and style!

Frequent washing can strip your hair of natural oils, fade your color and cause split ends. Dry shampoo freshens up your strands without stripping them of their natural oils, allowing you to skip a hair wash day.

Thanks to its oil-absorbing formula, you can bid farewell to greasy, oily and dirty hair. Furthermore, dry shampoo adds more body and bounce to your tresses.

This product ticks the box on pricing as well, coming in at super value for money. Were not the only ones who think this product is great. If you know your beauty vloggers youll know Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. She is a beauty fanatic and international model and uses her website as a platform to share all the insider tips shes picked up during her decade long career.

COLAB is a multi-award-winning product range thats suitable for all hair types, colors, and textures.

To give your hair an instant fix, weve rounded up some of COLABs best sellers:

COLABS number one, the Original Dry Shampoo. The product will give hair an instant chic fix with an effortlessly cool vibe and sophisticated bergamot and rose scent.

Then if you are looking for the beach goddess feeling, then you will love COLABs Mermaid Dry Shampoo. Give your hair an instant fresh fix with modern-day mermaid vibes and a beachy, chic, mandarin, and driftwood scent.

COLABs incredible formula effectively absorbs oil and instantly refreshes roots with an invisible, lightweight finish. Hair feels clean, soft, and has a beautiful fragrance.

Whats more, COLAB is against animal testing, totally cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. These products come in a range of incredible fashion-forward fragrances created by a team of beauty industry experts

The formula uses tiny particles that, whilst absorbing excess oil and grease from the scalp, meaning that less product is sprayed onto the hair. Less product means absolutely no white residue.

You can count on your hair being refreshed and revived instantly. Better still without the hairs natural body and bounce being compromised.

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You Will Love This Dry Shampoo With No White Residue - Longevity LIVE - Longevity LIVE


Letter: We need to break the stigma of the ‘right’ medicine – Steamboat Pilot and Today

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

I am writing in response to the Steamboat Pilot & Today article titled, The Longevity Project, Part 4 | Plants over pills: Non-traditional medicine growing in popularity, especially in Colorados mountain towns.

I first started my career in the medical realm as an occupational therapist and changed careers after my masters degree in social work.I have worked in the medical field in Steamboat Springs and currently own the integrated holistic clinic Minds in Motion.

I have been on both the conventional medicine side and also the holistic side with two different careers and love and respect both approaches.Anyone who knows me or what I have tried to give to this community for 18 years knows that I advocate strongly for the partnership of western/conventional medicine and holistic medicine.We must work together to give best practice of care and break the stigma of a right medicine.

I am responding to the article printed last week, because I believe the article was well intended but lacking in objectivity and information.Strained relationships and degrading comments about each side of medicine may be a little outdated, as there have been strong relationships between the two sides for over two decades, with many university hospitals now having alternative branches of care under their same roofs.

In our community of Steamboat, Minds in Motion works closely with physicians from all specialties including but not limited to pediatrics, orthopedics, family medicine, workers comp and internal medicine.Minds in Motion practitioners strongly recommend clients using their primary care physicians as part of their care plan.

Alternative medicine is a large category, and one must be careful when considering alternative medicine. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a branch of the National Institute of Health and has compiled thousands of peer-reviewed, evidence-based studies on effective alternative practices such as meditation, acupuncture, yoga and functional medicine.This medicine is put through the same rigorous reviews as western and conventional medicine and is often times hundreds, if not thousands, of years older than western and traditional medicine.If a client is looking for care, they should review the efficacy of every treatment regardless of what category it falls under.

Another aspect to consider when looking at your medical provider is level of education and where and how that provider is licensed for accountability of care.Sometimes, accountability is late in the game even on the conventional medicine side. For example, my degree of occupational therapy, which is currently a masters level of education, was only licensed in Colorado in 2008.Psychotherapists dont even need a masters degree to practice in the state of Colorado but can register through the state licensure anyway (ask your counselor for a disclosure of their education to cover this loophole).

At Minds in Motion, all alternative and holistic providers have a masters degree or higher of education from an accredited university and are licensed by a governing body. Dr. Fegley is an MD with additional certifications in functional medicine, and Dr. Grace Charles is an ND with similar educational demands as conventional medical school. It is for this reason we dont need to put quotation marks around doctor.

It only takes a couple minutes to do your homework to make sure your provider isnt a huckster. You can search for any licensed provider in the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies website at alternative medicine providers are still amazing even if they arent regulated by a governing body and can address the mind/body/spirit connection in a way that our culture doesnt value. Please remember that, but know your provider and ask the questions about their education or skills.

Angela Melzer, LCSW, OTR/LMinds in Motion owner

Letter: We need to break the stigma of the 'right' medicine - Steamboat Pilot and Today


Is the Okinawa Diet the Secret to a Longer Life? – LIVEKINDLY

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Okinawa has the highest concentration of centenarians in the world, and the regional diet and lifestyle may be the key to Okinawans remarkable longevity.

Okinawa is the largest of the Ryukyu islands, which sit southwest of Japan between the East China and Phillippine Seas and near to Taiwan. The traditional Okinawa diet is high in carbohydrates, low in calories, and emphasizes locally grown plants and vegetables.

Overall, the diet is filled with nutrient-dense but low-calorie foods, resulting in a slight calorie deficit. Healthcare organizations such as the NHS recommend between 2000 and 2500 calories per day. While the typical, traditional Okinawa diet yielded approximately 11 percent less than the RDA. Several studies indicate that a minor caloric deficit may lead to improved overall health when combined with sufficient nutrients.

According to a report by Science Direct, Okinawa has 68 centenarians for every 100,000 residents. This is more than three times the number of centenarians found in comparable U.S. populations. More than 85 percent of the people who reach 100 years of age are women.

The Okinawa Centenarian Study (OCS), founded in 1975, has been investigating the life expectancy of Okinawa citizens over 100 for more than 45 years. By 2016, the OCS had examined 1,000 centenarians from the Okinawa region.

Okinawans have a high life expectancy, and many people also enjoy extremely good health well into their old age. Approximately two-thirds of Okinawas centenarians live independently until the age of 97. The islands oldest inhabitants also show little sign of cardiovascular disease. They also experience far lower rates of cancer, diabetes, and dementia than other comparably aging populations.

So what exactly does the Okinawa diet include? And why is it so healthy?

In the mid-20th centurywhen Okinawas current centenarians were young adultsthe typical island diet focused on home-grown vegetables, tofu, and small quantities of seafood. Approximately 60 percent of total calories came from a local, purple-fleshed variety of the sweet potato known as beni imo, as well as the white-fleshed tuber taro.

Beni imo, in particular, is an Okinawan staple. Restaurants, stores, and street food stalls all stock the bright purple potato. In Japan, there is even a beni imo flavored KitKat. In its natural form, it is extremely high in B vitamins and potassium and contains a higher concentration of the antioxidant anthocyanin than blueberries. Beni imo is also high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and has a low glycemic index that can help regulate blood sugar.

Overall, the Okinawa diet of the mid-20th century features what is now known as the Okinawan ratio of 10:1 carbohydrate to protein. While not technically a low protein diet, it still particularly emphasizes carbs. It also deprioritizes animal-derived proteins such as seafood and red meat.

By as early as the late 19th century many Okinawan households kept a family pig. But pork products were and are mostly eaten in moderation or as celebratory foods. Meat and seafood make up just 2 percent of the traditional islander diet.

While informed by a variety of neighboring countries and cultures, Okinawan cuisine is singular. Many of the regions popular dishes are completely unique to the archipelago. Chanpur, a popular stir-fry, combines tofu with a small portion of vegetables, meat, or fish.

Variations may include gy, a bitter melon, along with thinly sliced pork or spam. While not meat-free, this dish notably emphasizes plant foods and vegetables as the heart of the meal.

Cabbage, okra, pumpkin, and daikon radish are also popular ingredients. These types of vegetables make up approximately 60 percent of the traditional Okinawan diet. Grains such as wheat, millet, and rice make up 33 percent. While soy-based foods such as tofu, miso, and edamame make up 5 percent.

Because of its location, the Pacific archipelago of Okinawa blends cuisine and cooking styles from China, Southeast Asia, and Japan. Both Okinawa and Japan have food-centered cultures, while the concept of food as medicine is commonplace in China.

The Okinawa diet incorporates this, particularly through its use of herbs and spices thought to have medicinal properties, such as turmeric. The vibrant yellow or orange spice contains curcumin, which some studies indicate has significant anti-inflammatory properties. It may also lower the risk of heart disease and Alzheimers.

While there are a variety of different factors that contribute to longevity, access to healthy food does significantlyand demonstrablyimpact health. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), plant-based whole foods can prevent and treat many chronic health conditions, such as inflammation and diabetes.

The traditional Okinawa diet includes seaweed, particularly kombu and wakame. Both varieties are rich in vitamins and known to reduce blood cholesterol and hypertension. Wakami is also high in iodine, iron, and calcium, along with vitamins A and C. Much like the beni imo, wakame can help regulate and maintain blood sugar levels.

The modern Okinawa diet still emphasizes traditional foods, but westernization and other factors have led to an increase in the consumption of meat, processed food, and refined sugar. By the year 2000, the risk of heart disease and other health concerns had risen significantly.

While there is no magic wand for long life, research increasingly indicates that emphasizing plant-based foods, whole grains, and unsaturated fatsalong with an active, healthy lifestylecan support personal health and even longevity. Much like the diets found in any of the other so-called Blue Zones around the world.

Blue Zones are regions where the local population lives longer than the global average. National Geographic fellow, author, and explorer Dan Buettner first coined the term in 2004.

Specific Blue Zone regions include Icaria in Greece, Sardinia in Italy, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Loma Linda in California, and Okinawa. While diets in these regions naturally vary, there are a few common factors. Including a particular emphasis on carbohydrates and plant foods.

Beans and legumes are also widely thought to support longevity. As is limiting the consumption of red meat in favor of small quantities of fish or plant proteins. Not overeating, and consuming the bulk of the days calories in the morning and afternoon may also contribute to a longer life.

Plant foods are high in fiber, which significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. While the natural estrogens in tofu and other soy products, flax, legumes, and broccoli are thought to contribute to the longevity of Blue Zone and Okinawan women, in particular.

There are other cultural and social factors in longevity, too. In Okinawa, consistent and supportive social interaction may contribute to the islanders health. A moai is a lifelong circle of friends that supports each other into old age. This concept comes from the ancient practice of yuimaru, or mutual aid, which helped support community members with the greatest need.

Now, Okinawans form moai as supportive social groups, but members continue to support one another as much as possible. Loneliness has a significant impact on physical and mental health, and studies indicate that tight-knit communities and regular socializing can reduce depression in older people.

The Mediterranean and other Blue Zone regions also emphasize both socializing and staying active within the community. Exercise, regular time with others, and healthy eating intersect and provide overall health improvements.

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Is the Okinawa Diet the Secret to a Longer Life? - LIVEKINDLY


Seven Daily Habits To Reduce Anxiety – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Even more encouragingly, evidence suggests that increasing our heart rate through exercise changes our brain chemistry, increasing anti-anxiety neurochemicals such as mood-enhancing serotonin.

If you dont usually make exercise a planned part of your day, it may be difficult at first to get the ball rolling, but the trick is to start small. You do not have to buy expensive equipment or join a high charging gym, simply schedule a time (perhaps on your lunch break, or when you get home from work) to go for a 30-minute walk. Once youve done this for a month, youll know youve cemented the idea of exercise time into your routine, and can be a little more ambitious perhaps booking a yoga class, or heading to the local swimming pool.

Whatever it is, by creating the time to be physically active every day even if its just engaging in a bit of enthusiastic housework or gardening you can enjoy all those mood-boosting brain chemicals and become that bit more mindful, learning to live in the moment with a bit more ease.

Research into the human microbiome (the vast collection of bacteria and fungi that live within our bodies, and most particularly in our gut) suggests that our digestive health has a surprising link to our mental health and that making certain food choices can help our mood. While a healthy diet looks different for everyone, some good tips are:

5. Actively practice gratitude and acceptance

Whether its a difficult divorce, impending redundancy, or a devastating pandemic, there are some events in life which cannot be solved in a way which we find constructive and satisfying, no matter how hard we try. And while everyone finds these situations hard to cope with, they can be doubly challenging for those who also live with anxiety. Sometimes we need to focus on simply getting to the other side of a rough patch rather than thriving, but we can make this easier by embedding habits into our life which increases our resilience and coping skills.

Within a daily journaling habit, we can acknowledge the things that are out of our control. We can also still explore productive strategies to mitigate their impact through the actions we can control. For example, if you are going through a breakup, you may not be able to control how your ex-partner feels and reacts, but you can use calming techniques like breathing exercises to respond to the situation in a way that you will later feel proud of.

A big part of this is a daily practice of acceptance and gratitude. The prayer from theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference may be oft-repeated, but its message rings true.

If we can learn through daily reinforcement to accept what we cannot change and to notice the things which we are grateful for (even if, on some bad days, its nothing but appreciating the small beauty of sunlight falling through a window) we can find anxiety in challenging situations easier to cope with.

Excerpt from:
Seven Daily Habits To Reduce Anxiety - Longevity LIVE - Longevity LIVE


Summit County overcomers: Inspirational stories of healing and hope – Summit Daily News

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

DILLON Never give up. Dont dwell. Have a sense of humor. And get a dog.

Thats advice for overcoming hardships from those who know how: Summit Countys overcomers people whove experienced tragedy, injury or rare conditions and have persevered to live happy and healthy lives in the High Country.

The Summit Daily News asked readers to nominate community members who have overcome a challenge and continue to live life to its fullest. Nominations included everything from sustaining a traumatic brain injury and surviving sepsis to suddenly losing a spouse or overcoming alcoholism.

From 70 nominations, the Summit Daily chose three people to share their inspirational stories of recovery.

Dave Repsher

On July 3, 2015, the Flight for Life helicopter in which Dave Repsher was riding crashed shortly after takeoff at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco. The crash caused the helicopters fuel tank to rupture, spilling fuel that burst into flames.

PilotPatrick Mahany was killed, and Flight for Life nurses Repsher and Matt Bowe were severely injured. Repsher suffered full-thickness burns to 90% of his body and was not expected to survive.

His survival defies all medical statistics, Daves wife, Amanda, said.

After 397 days in the hospital, countless surgeries, physical therapy, dialysis and a kidney transplant, Dave and Amanda returned home to Silverthorne in September 2018.

Almost three years later, we finally were able to move back home, and that was our goal, just to get back into this wonderful community, said Dave Repsher, who grew up in Summit County.

The Repshers have turned the tragedy into advocacy. The couple now work to support burn survivors and create awareness about organ donation. Theyve also partnered with Karen Mahany, the wife of the pilot who died in the crash, to advocate for stronger flight safety standards.

Believe it or not, 85% of the fleet still doesnt have a crash-resident fuel system, Dave Repsher said, adding that all newly manufactured helicopters are now required to come off the line with a crash-resistant fuel system.

More than five years after the crash, the couple said they couldnt have done it without the help of the community.

The community had our back, Dave Repsher said. The support and love we got from this community was really what pulled us through.

Through it all, he believes his mental strength helped in his recovery.

For whatever reason, I just didnt dwell on what occurred, he said. I just kept looking forward. I had goals, whether they were realistic or not. But it just gave me something to look forward instead of looking back. And its not always easy to do, but for me, I think thats what got me through.

Doris Spencer

Doris Spencer was 7 years old when she fell while ice skating and injured her back. Her injury was not diagnosed until her legs went numb and she collapsed while standing in line at a bank more than 25 years later.

Her orthopedic surgeon said she had severed her spinal cord and performed a 13 1/2-hour operation. Though her doctors said the surgery was successful, Spencer couldnt walk.

My legs didnt know what to do, she said. It was just very scary.

She dragged her legs behind her walker for two weeks in the hospital before going home. There, she was assigned to walk around the block four times a day while trying to get her brain to tell her legs what to do.

After eight months, my left foot actually moved one-half inch all by itself, she said. And I just could not believe it. And so I knew I would be able to walk again.

A couple of months later, she said she was able to walk on a hard, flat surface with the help of two poles. About two years into her recovery, she moved to Summit County.

Her home was at the base of Quandary Peak, and the mountain served as the inspiration she needed. She slowly learned to walk on uneven surfaces and later succeeded in climbing the 14,000-foot peak.

I fell down at the summit and just cried my heart out for about 5 or 10 minutes, she said.

She and partner Kent Willoughby whom she described as the love of my life went on to climb all the 14ers in Colorado followed by summiting the 100 tallest mountains in the state. They then set their sights outside of Colorado, tackling the tallest peak in each of the 50 states accomplishing all but Denali.

We were successful in that except for one, and that was in Alaska, Spencer said. The weather wasnt right, and you just cant climb a big mountain like that unless the weather is right.

For her recovery, Spencer thanks her doctors and God.

I am so grateful for them allowing me to be able to do what I do after what Ive been though, she said. Every day is a blessing for me.

Joe Pleban

After being diagnosed with a rare joint disease in high school, Silverthorne resident Joe Pleban said thousands of tiny tumors ate away at the cartilage in his left ankle and left him with severe arthritis.

I was slowly losing the ability to play all these sports like rugby, wakeboarding but the one sport I could always still hold onto was snowboarding, Pleban said. And then eventually, I lost the ability to snowboard.

And I was like 20 years old, walking with a cane.

Doctors suggested fusing the bones in his ankle, but he would never be able to play sports again.

Well in that case, you might as well just cut it off and give me an awesome robot leg that I can play sports on, Pleban recalled thinking.

Pleban calls himself an elective amputee, meaning he chose to have his foot removed so he could pursue an active lifestyle.

After he made the nerve-wracking decision, he and his wife, Johnna, made a bucket list for his left foots final days. They went skydiving, scuba diving and paint balling. And before he went in for surgery, he completed one last bucket list item: getting a tattoo.

The scissors and dotted line around his left ankle and the note please cut here gave his doctors a chuckle.

If its getting cut off anyways, might as well get a tattoo on it, he joked.

But his amputation was just the beginning of another debilitating problem: phantom pain caused by sensory nerves.

Pleban said he was on a ton of pain meds until an experimental clinical trial surgery took away his pain. Now, that surgery targeted motor reinnervation is considered the first proven cure for phantom pain, he said.

Overall, it was incredibly successful, he said.

With his pain subsided, it was time to move onto the next goal: getting back on a snowboard.

Its always been my dream to represent the U.S. on an international stage, Pleban said.

He said he got his butt kicked at one of his first competitions, the USASA nationals for adaptive snowboardcross at Copper Mountain Resort.

If these guys are riding on a prosthetic at that level, I can do it too, he said he told himself at the time.

Last season, he was named to the U.S. Para Snowboard Team. Hes been named to the team again this season and is looking forward to competing in whatever form that takes during the pandemic.

Through the pain and difficult times, Pleban has relied on humor to lighten the mood, joking that he gets 50% off pedicures and only stubs his toe about half the time.

Its going to suck. Its going to be serious to have to overcome something, Pleban said about his advice for others who are struggling. To introduce humor helps to take away the seriousness of it, even just for a short time.

Its not going to be easy, but it helps.

Editors note: Join the Summit Daily News at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30, for The Longevity Project event featuring speaker Sean Swarner, a two-time cancer survivor with one functioning lung who climbed Mount Everest. The event is free to attend, but registration is required at Those who register can also watch the Overcomers panel discussion.

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Summit County overcomers: Inspirational stories of healing and hope - Summit Daily News


What Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Is and Its Benefits for Health – Longevity LIVE

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

How does Botulinum Toxin work?

The whole Botulinum Toxin mechanism consists of blocking nerve signals in the muscles or paralyzing them. Naturally, the nerve endings release a special chemical substance acetylcholine. This chemical serves as a connector between nerve endings and cells of a muscle.

This substance forces the muscle to contract. Botulinum toxin injectionshelp to block acetylcholine release and decrease muscle activity, so muscles could be less stiff. Therefore, if the muscle is not able to contract, the skin will not be able to wrinkle.

However, there are some key differences between the medical and cosmetic use of Botox. Usually, for cosmetic purposes, injection doses are smaller and weaker. Botox injections help to get rid of facial wrinkles. The main goal of the injections is to correct appearance. Therefore, it is very helpful in eyebrow lifting, as well as eliminating fine lines around the lips. It also helps chin dimpling from overactive muscle movement.

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What Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Is and Its Benefits for Health - Longevity LIVE


Coronavirus mutation emerges that may outmaneuver mask-wearing and hand-washing | TheHill – The Hill

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

A new preliminary study involving more than 5,000 genetic sequences of the coronavirus suggests one of the viruss many mutations may be more contagious than the others, according to a report from The Washington Post.

The study, which has not been peer-reviewedand was conducted by researchers from Houston Methodist Hospital, found the strain known as the D614G mutation was responsible for close to every coronavirus infection in Houston this summer, during Texass second wave of infections.

Our country is in a historic fight against the Coronavirus. Add Changing America to your Facebook or Twitter feed to stay on top of the news.

The mutation did not make the virus deadlier or change clinical outcomes, according to researchers.

All viruses mutate and most of the random changes to the genetic sequence are considered to be insignificant, however, researchers found people infected with this particular strain had higher viral loads in their upper respiratory tracts, allowing the virus to potentially spread more effectively.

David Morens, a virologist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who reviewed the study, told the Post the findings suggest the virus may have become more contagious and could possibly be responding to health measures such as social distancing and mask-wearing.






Wearing masks, washing our hands, all those things are barriers to transmissibility, or contagion, but as the virus becomes more contagious it statistically is better at getting around those barriers, Morens told the newspaper, cautioning not to over-interpret the findings from a single study that has yet to be peer-reviewed.

He also said its possible the virus could eventually get around immunity when a vaccine is rolled out, similar to the flu.

Although we dont know yet, it is well within the realm of possibility that this coronavirus, when our population-level immunity gets high enough, this coronavirus will find a way to get around our immunity, he said. Well have to chase the virus and, as it mutates, well have to tinker with our vaccine.

The research is the latest in a series of studies suggesting the D614G mutation is more contagious than earlier versions of the original virus. The mutation has been dominant in almost all places in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

A report last month claimed the mutation may be more infectious but less deadly than the original virus, as it has been associated with lower death rates.

But other researchers said the conclusion that the mutation is more contagious than others is premature.

The study provides more evidence for what we already know about this mutation: That its the most common variant, Emma Hodcroft, a geneticist at the Nexstrain project, told Business Insider. That doesnt mean the virus is effectively mutating.

Hodcraft said her team of researchers that has been tracing the coronaviruss genetic changes have yet to identify a mutation that would change how infectious or deadly the virus is, according to Business Insider.






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Coronavirus mutation emerges that may outmaneuver mask-wearing and hand-washing | TheHill - The Hill


90 percent of coronavirus patients experience side effects after recovery, study finds | TheHill – The Hill

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Results from a preliminary study out of South Korea shows 9 out of 10 coronavirus patients reported experiencing at least one side effect of the disease after recovery, Reuters reports.

An online survey of 965 recovered COVID-19 patients conducted by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) foundmore than 90 percent of respondents reported experiencing side effects associated with the disease, such as fatigue, loss of sense of taste and smell and psychological effects.

Our country is in a historic fight against the Coronavirus. Add Changing America to yourFacebookorTwitterfeed to stay on top of the news.

The survey found fatigue was the most common reported side effect, with 26 percent of recovered patients reporting experiencing tiredness, followed by difficulty in concentration.

KDCA officials said the study will soon be published with detailed analysis, according to Reuters.

The study comes as health officials are raising concerns about the long-term side effects of the virus that has infected more than 33 million people and left more than 1 million dead around the world.

During a congressional hearing last week, Anthony Fauci warned of a growing number of people experiencing health issues weeks, and in some cases even months, after they thought theyd beaten the disease.

Theyre referred to as long haulers, Fauci, the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said.

He said recovered patients have reported experiencing fatigue, myalgia, fever and the inability to concentrate. Many patients who have appeared to have recovered were found to also have inflammation of the heart.

As many as one in three COVID-19 patients may develop lingering symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.







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90 percent of coronavirus patients experience side effects after recovery, study finds | TheHill - The Hill


Five ways the universe might die including one that could happen at any time –

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

With wildfires, extinction events, rising sea levels, and, oh yeah, the pandemic, sometimes it can truly feel like the universe is coming to an end.

Scientists do mostly agree that the universe is indeed ending although those other events have nothing to do with it.

And while we're not yet sure exactly how the universe will meet its demise, or even when it will happen, astrophysicists like Dr. Katie Mack are trying to figure all that out.

She's been gathering data from the latest astronomical observations and particle experiments to figure out the messy, chaotic, and mind-bending ways that the cosmos could come to a close.

Bob McDonald spoke with Katie Mack about her book The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking).

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

How do we even know that the universe will come to an end?

We have a pretty good idea. We know the universe had a beginning and we know that because we can actually see the leftover light from the big bang itself. And we know the universe has been evolving over time. We know that it's been changing, that the way that stars form, the way that galaxies evolve, that's all been changing over time. We know that the expansion is continuing and it either continues, or it turns around, or it stops.

And there's no sense in which it just kind of stays as it is. And all of those changes lead to different kinds of possibilities for the end. But they all do have an end.

Take me through the main ways that you see the universe ending.

There are five different possibilities I cover in the book, and I use those five because they are a reasonable selection of the kinds of things that we talk about as physicists. So there's the Big Crunch where the universe collapses on itself, the Heat Death where it expands forever and just gets colder and kind of dies out. There's the Big Rip where the universe rips itself apart. There's Vacuum Decay, which is a wild idea where the universe basically succumbs to an instability built into space itself. And then there's Bouncing Cosmologies where you have some kind of ending and beginning cycling over and over again.

Do you have a favourite version?

I do. My favourite is Vacuum Decay. I should say the one that's most likely, based on our current data and the one that's most accepted by physicists, is the Heat Death, where things just kind of fade away in the future. And that seems like it's likely to happen. It would be a very long time from now. So it's a very gentle kind of fading away, but it's not the most exciting.

And I think that the Vacuum Decay scenario does bring some possible excitement to the story because it's a very sudden and very complete ending, and it comes out of our understanding of particle physics in this way. That brings together weird things we're learning about particle physics, and something that has an effect on the entire cosmos. And so it's a very cool thing from a physicists perspective. But it's also cool because it's very dramatic and sudden and in principle could happen sort of at any time. We don't think it's going to happen soon, but it could take a while. It's very unlikely. And that brings some more excitement.

Now, another ending to the universe that you bring up in your book is called The Big Rip. Take me through that. What happens?

Sure. The Big Rip is basically a worst case scenario about dark energy. Dark energy is this mysterious stuff that's making the universe expand faster. So right now, we know that the universe is expanding, and that means that galaxies are getting farther apart from each other. There's more empty space and every galaxy in the universe is going to get more and more isolated over time until everyone is kind of alone in their own little pool of light and the rest of the universe is dark.

But if dark energy is a little bit more powerful than we expect, then not only will galaxies be isolated, but eventually that dark energy is going to stretch out more than just empty space. It's going to stretch out matter itself. It's going to build up and sort of pull apart galaxies, pull stars away from their galaxies, pull planets away from their stars. And in this kind of very violent finale of the Big Rip, it would actually rip apart the fabric of space itself. That's a scenario that is probably not very likely. If that's going to happen, we're really sure it's not going to happen for at least about 200 billion years.

What could happen after our universe has ended?

It depends on how it ends, and it depends on whether it's embedded in some larger space, some larger universe or multiverse that's out there. There are a few ideas for a universe that comes out of a larger space, where maybe our universe and other universes could have sort of sprouted out of this much larger space, then those other universes would be separate enough from ours that we wouldn't interact with them, but they could exist sort of alongside or before or after our universe. And then there are these cyclic models where a previous universe ended, and in the process of it ending, it set the scene for our universe and sparked the beginning of ours, and then ours might end and spark a new one.

But there are also possibilities where basically when it ends, our universe could be destroyed in such a way that we don't know how something could come after that.

Can humans have any effect on the way the universe ends, either by making it happen sooner or could we even stop it from happening and live longer?

Humans affecting the evolution of the universe seems very unlikely for a couple of reasons. One is that we don't have technology that can influence the shape or behaviour of space time at the moment. But also when we look at what the universe is made of, most of the matter in the universe is this invisible dark matter that we don't understand, and we can't see. And most of the stuff just in general of the universe is this dark energy, which is also invisible. And when you add up dark matter and dark energy, that's 95 percent of what the universe is made of.

And so only five percent of the universe is even stuff that we can see or touch or interact with. Even the kind of matter that we're made of is only about five percent of the universe. And then we're just a tiny speck on top of that. We're just one species on one planet around one star and one galaxy. And there are maybe two trillion galaxies in the observable universe. So the idea that we're significant enough to affect the evolution of the cosmos seems very unlikely.

But I think that insignificance is actually kind of inspiring in some ways, because even though we can't do anything, we can't affect the evolution of the cosmos, we have this amazing power to understand it. And even being as insignificant as we are, we have an amazing comprehension of the cosmos, and we've learned so much. And I think that's a really amazing thing about us as a species.

Produced and written by Amanda Buckiewicz

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Five ways the universe might die including one that could happen at any time -


A Longevity Expert On The Weird Fruit That’s A+ For Blood Sugar Balance –

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Think of bitter melon (also commonly referred to as "goya") as a distant cousin to your cantaloupe or honeydew. In fact, it's technically part of the gourd family and doesn't really look like a melon at all: "It looks like a warty cucumber," says Buettner.

Aesthetics aside, bitter melon has some pretty impressive nutritional benefits. "Packed with phytonutrients and vitamins, it's a good source of vitamins C, A, and E. It also is rich in B vitamins, including folate and B2. Additionally, it has potassium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. If that's not enough, it contains high levels of antioxidants," writes registered dietitian Mascha Davis, R.D., MPH, about the benefits of bitter melon.

Specifically, Buettner notes that the melon can be beneficial for diabetes and prediabetes: "There's three compounds in it that help lower blood sugar," he explains. These compounds (called chantarin, polypeptide-p, and vicine, in case you're curious) have been shown to act similar to insulin when they're ingested in the body. Of course, much more research is necessary before we can consider bitter melon a helpful treatment for the chronic condition, but the blood sugar benefits (and Buettner's anthropological evidence for longevity) shouldn't be ignored.

Original post:
A Longevity Expert On The Weird Fruit That's A+ For Blood Sugar Balance -


The Way We Were: Applings Willie Hawes, a legend of longevity – The Augusta Chronicle

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Time seemed to pause for Willie Hawes.

How do you measure time?

By minutes?By moments? By memories?

If you go by years, Willie Hawes has us all beat.

Somewhere in themid-1980s, The Augusta Chronicle's reporters discovered Hawes, a retired farmer living near Appling.

He was a quiet man, beloved by a large family that called him "Papa," unremarkable perhaps, except that he was then 113 years old and would live to be 120.

He didn't have a birth certificate. Georgia didn't begin to keep such records until 1919 when he was 47. But he did appear in a church census in his native Lincoln County, which recorded his arrival as Jan. 15, 1872.

Think about that.

In January 1872, Ulysses S. Grant had not finished his first term as president. The flag of the United States only had 37 stars and George Armstrong Custer still had his hair.

After discovery of Hawes' singular longevity, a series of reporters would stop by each January for an update on his health, a wrapup of his birthday celebration and any possible insights into how one lives more than a century.

Despite growing deafness and failing sight, Hawes was kind and gracious.He preached the virtues of common sense and "eating the right foods."

His family would laugh and point out his appetite was legendary.

He liked to eat corn, spaghetti, fried chicken, turnip greens, pecan pie and a number of "stick-to-your-ribs" menu items,they'd say.

At one birthday banquet, he finished off potato salad, chitterlings, cabbage and cornbread,and then had yellow cake with white icing for dessert. They didn't bother with candles on his cakes, either, because by thetime you got all 100-plus lighted, some had melted down.

Yes, he ate well much of his life, but he also worked hard,usually with a mule and a plow. He did this a long time, explaining, "that way you know what you're eating."

He farmed in Lincoln County until 1924 when a flood prompted amove to Columbia County,where he continued to farm into his 80s.

He was always a robust man, who decided to demonstrate his agility at age 100 by leaping onto the hood of a grandson's car. His children and grandchildren loved to hear him tell stories, but also knew him as a strict disciplinarian who "only had to whip you once."

By the time Hawes reached 118, NBC's well-known weatherman Willard Scott of the Today Show began to salute his birthdays in national broadcasts.

When Hawes turned 120 in 1992, the newspaper sought out a doctor, who called him "an extraordinary physical specimen," and attributed his long life to family genetics, a good heart, low cholesterol, hard work and a healthy diet.

That was the last reporter visit.

Willie Hawes died April 26, 1992. He was 120 years, 3 months and 11 days old.He was buried in the Second Mount Carmel Baptist Church cemetery and his funeralwas no doubt well attended.

Survivors included three daughters, one son, an adopted son, five stepsons, three stepdaughters, a brother, 46 grandchildren, 113 great-grandchildren and 84 great-great grandchildren.

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The Way We Were: Applings Willie Hawes, a legend of longevity - The Augusta Chronicle


Big Show on His Longevity: ‘My Approach Has Always Been About Being Dependable and Universal’ –

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Big Show recently chatted with WWE Now India and answered some fan questions about his career. You can view a video and some highlights of that chat here:

Big Show on his longevity for his career: Somebody said to that to me months ago. Big Show has been performing for four decades! I was just like, I had to take a breath and go, Wow. Okay. Yeah. Thats true. My approach has always been about being dependable and being universal. Everything cant be about yourself to be successful and to have a long career. Sure, you have to take the opportunities that youre given and make the most out of them, but also, its about supporting other talent and bringing other talent along. So for me, I think my willingness to try anything and my willingness to be dependable and my willingness to help others succeed is why Ive been around so long.

On if he wants to face Keith Lee: Keith has a ton of momentum behind him right now. I think hes a tremendous competitor. I think if there was an opportunity for me to step in the ring and help Keith on his journey in some way, shape or form, Id love to do. Plus, hes got a good chest for chopping.

Big Show on the best advice he got in the business: I would say one of the earlier pieces of advice I got was from the legendary Big Boss Man, Ray Traylor. I had been in the business about six months, maybe, and this is when I was with WCW. I was going into the gym as he was coming out and we talked for a bit. He was a super nice guy. He said, Kid, Im going to tell you something. Be nice to everyone and be humble on the way up because you meet the same people on the way down. And hes right because no one stays on top forever. That mountain top is always changing. So, if youre rude and a jerk on the way to the top, theres going to be no support for you when you have to step aside for someone else whenever that time comes. And thats strong advice for treating everyone else the way you want to be treated. That and Macho Man Randy Savage used to tell me all the time, Keep that credit card in your wallet, and dont try to run with the Jones. Save your money, kid. So, that was Macho Man all the time. I think Macho Man still had his tooth fair money. He was very frugal, extremely frugal.

On his plans after he retires from the ring: Knowing me, if I retire from WWE, competing in the ring, Ill still be involved somehow. Either helping young Superstars behind the scenes, or Ill roll into some kind of project that stays busy. Im a whats today, whats tomorrow kind of guy. I dont look into the past. You cant change the past. You can learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. But living in past glories or past accolades limits you from creating any new memorable moments. So, my attitude is always one of onward and upward. Whats today. Whats tomorrow. What are are going, what are doing? It will be something fast paced and something positive, for sure because I cant sit still.

If using any of the above quotes, please credit WWE Now India, with a h/t to for the transcription.

See the original post here:
Big Show on His Longevity: 'My Approach Has Always Been About Being Dependable and Universal' -


OPINION: Elected officials salary increase send the wrong message –

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Imagine for a minute that you want to help animals, want to preserve history or serve as a volunteer firefighter or help veterans in Kerr County. So, the best possible solution is to ask the Kerr County Commissioners Court to help fund those endeavors.

If those areas interest you, just be warned that you better find alternative funding, because the Kerr County Commissioners cant seem to commit when it comes to funding those things. Using the excuse that they were required statutorily to spend money on certain services, the commissioners held up funding for volunteer fire departments, veterans and the historical commission. After pressure from residents, especially veterans, the county delivered the money although less than what was previously given to the groups.

When it comes to funding for themselves, the county commissioners were pretty quick to give themselves a raise. Well, its not really a raise if you believe the county but its a longevity increase, which will be doled out to every member of the commissioners court.

This was part of the 2021 budget approved by the commissioners on Monday. The salary part of the budget was voted on separately and approved unanimously. So heres how this breaks down:

During their meeting, the commissioners made it clear that this was a requirement based on a previous action the court made to grant longevity increases for elected officials.

Moser said it was very important for people to understand that this was a longevity increase. The total amount of money the commissioners gave themselves adds up to about $3,500.

You can call it anything you want. You can say its required. But it is within this courts authority to take action to reverse this.

Sure, its great that they will give longevity increases to all county employees, but you dont have to give one to yourselves. Take one for the team, and bypass the raise.

This move speaks to the problem with the court on the subject of fiscal responsibility. By comparison, the city of Kerrville adopted a budget that essentially froze salaries and will leave some positions unfilled.

The citys top management, led by City Manager Mark McDaniel, all took voluntary pay cuts. Others in the city staff attempted to volunteer to take pay cuts to help the citys bottom line, but those overtures, while appreciated, were rejected by the City Council.

In turn, the city has vowed not to reduce essential services when it comes to its 2021 budget.

In contrast, in recent weeks, the county has made it clear to organizations, such as volunteer fire departments, that it no longer has the money to provide funding for those efforts and that they should seek funding through other sources.

The county went through an arduous exercise last year in saying it could no longer afford some of the animal control services it provides the community. The countys answer has been to solicit nonprofit groups, such as Kerrville Pets Alive, to handle the work they dont want to do or to fund.

Earlier this year, county officials discussed defunding the veterans service office, which plays an essential role in helping Kerr County veterans navigate the complex Veterans Affairs Administration, along with other services. That drew appropriate outrage from many members of the veterans community.

This last week, the county asked the Historical Commission to defend its budget requests, before approving a meager $4,500.

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt Kerr County economically, but the region appears to be doing better than others. The uncertainty that the virus brings economically shouldnt be discounted.

The fiscally prudent course of action would be to hold off on raises, especially for elected officials, and especially if it means preserving services that benefit residents.

Drafting a budget is one of the courts most important responsibilities. It is within their realm of authority to forgo these raises and instead direct that money to services that will benefit their constituents.

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OPINION: Elected officials salary increase send the wrong message -


Precision Medicine Software Market- Roadmap for Recovery from COVID-19|Benefits Of Precision Medicine to Boost the Market Growth | Technavio -…

Monday, September 21st, 2020

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio has been monitoring the precision medicine software market and it is poised to grow by USD 882.65 mn during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of about 11% during the forecast period. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the growth of various industries, the immediate impact of the outbreak is varied. While a few industries will register a drop in demand, numerous others will continue to remain unscathed and show promising growth opportunities. Technavios in-depth research has all your needs covered as our research reports include all foreseeable market scenarios, including pre- & post-COVID-19 analysis. Download a Free Sample Report on COVID-19 Impacts

Frequently Asked Questions:

The market is fragmented, and the degree of fragmentation will accelerate during the forecast period. F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Fabric Genomics Inc., Gene42 Inc., Human Longevity Inc., International Business Machines Corp., Koninklijke Philips NV, NantHealth Inc., Roper Technologies Inc., SOPHiA GENETICS SA, and Syapse Inc. are some of the major market participants. The benefits of precision medicine will offer immense growth opportunities. To make most of the opportunities, market vendors should focus more on the growth prospects in the fast-growing segments, while maintaining their positions in the slow-growing segments.

Buy 1 Technavio report and get the second for 50% off. Buy 2 Technavio reports and get the third for free.

View market snapshot before purchasing

Technavio's custom research reports offer detailed insights on the impact of COVID-19 at an industry level, a regional level, and subsequent supply chain operations. This customized report will also help clients keep up with new product launches in direct & indirect COVID-19 related markets, upcoming vaccines and pipeline analysis, and significant developments in vendor operations and government regulations.

Precision Medicine Software Market 2020-2024: Segmentation

Precision Medicine Software Market is segmented as below:

To learn more about the global trends impacting the future of market research, download a free sample:

Precision Medicine Software Market 2020-2024: Scope

Technavio presents a detailed picture of the market by the way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources. The precision medicine software market report covers the following areas:

This study identifies the digitization of healthcare as one of the prime reasons driving the Precision Medicine Software Market growth during the next few years.

Technavio suggests three forecast scenarios (optimistic, probable, and pessimistic) considering the impact of COVID-19. Technavios in-depth research has direct and indirect COVID-19 impacted market research reports.

Register for a free trial today and gain instant access to 17,000+ market research reports. Technavio's SUBSCRIPTION platform

Precision Medicine Software Market 2020-2024: Key Highlights

Table of Contents:
















About Us

Technavio is a leading global technology research and advisory company. Their research and analysis focuses on emerging market trends and provides actionable insights to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimize their market positions. With over 500 specialized analysts, Technavios report library consists of more than 17,000 reports and counting, covering 800 technologies, spanning across 50 countries. Their client base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This growing client base relies on Technavios comprehensive coverage, extensive research, and actionable market insights to identify opportunities in existing and potential markets and assess their competitive positions within changing market scenarios.

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Precision Medicine Software Market- Roadmap for Recovery from COVID-19|Benefits Of Precision Medicine to Boost the Market Growth | Technavio -...


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