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PrEP: Everything Men Need To Know About Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – Longevity LIVE

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Anderson, P. L., Glidden, D. V., Liu, A., Buchbinder, S., et al (2012). Emtricitabine-tenofovir concentrations and pre-exposure prophylaxis efficacy in men who have sex with men. Science translational medicine,4(151), 151ra125.

Baeten, J. M., Donnell, D., Ndase, P., Mugo, N. R., et al. (2012). Antiretroviral prophylaxis for HIV prevention in heterosexual men and women. The New England journal of medicine,367(5), 399410.

Mizushima D et al.(2020).Prophylactic effect of PrEP against HBV infection among MSM.Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, abstract 1025.

Spinelli, M. A., Glidden, D. V., Anderson, P. L., Gandhi, M., et al. (2019). Impact of Estimated Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Adherence Patterns on Bone Mineral Density in a Large PrEP Demonstration Project. AIDS research and human retroviruses,35(9), 788793.

Volk, J., Marcus, J.L., Phengrasamy, T., Blechinger, D., et al. (2015). No New HIV Infections With Increasing Use of HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis in a Clinical Practice Setting,Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 61, Issue 10, Pages 16011603,

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PrEP: Everything Men Need To Know About Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis - Longevity LIVE


Military officials: Live mortar round found in Carter Co. backyard ‘could be anywhere from WWII to the Vietnam War era’ – WJHL-TV News Channel 11

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Military officials: Live mortar round found in Carter Co. backyard 'could be anywhere from WWII to the Vietnam War era'News / 23 mins ago

'We're just kind of in different places right now': V-T series between Bearcats and Vikings halted through 2022News / 48 mins ago

'We're just kind of in different places right now': V-T series between Bearcats and Vikings halted through 2022News / 1 hour ago

HMG Health Matters: Flu season and COVID-19 collideNews / 1 hour ago

JCPD says case of woman falling five stories downtown now a 'medical investigation'News / 1 hour ago

Two anonymous donors gift former Ashley Academy building to Jeremiah SchoolNews / 1 hour ago

Carter County Mayor Rusty Barnett passes away MondayNews / 6 hours ago

JCPD: Investigation underway after woman falls from fifth story downtownNews / 9 hours ago

Superintendent: Tazewell Co. Public Schools employee tests positive for COVID-19News / 11 hours ago

Sen. Lamar Alexander announces stance on US Supreme Court nominationNews / 11 hours ago

Replacing Ginsburg: what comes next as nomination, Nov. election loom?News / 11 hours ago

100-year-old Boones Creek woman reveals her tips for longevityNews / 20 hours ago

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Military officials: Live mortar round found in Carter Co. backyard 'could be anywhere from WWII to the Vietnam War era' - WJHL-TV News Channel 11


Embracing the powerful potential of local SEO –

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Image credit: Merakist on Unsplash

SEO has become a leading digital marketing strategy

Consider SEO, for instance. Search engine optimisation is all about giving businesses and entrepreneurs alike a way to measure success online through organic growth and rising prominent presents in online search engines around the globe. SEO has been played with its fair share of criticism and controversy over the years, however, for the most part SEO has more than pregnant it's value and today it is one of the leading digital marketing strategies there is. The success and longevity it is measured through SEO marketing is really about approaching SEO from a strong perspective as well as one that is coming hand in hand with a strong and structured stance.

The powerful potential of local SEO strategies

And then there is local SEO. What is local SEO?, you may ask. In short, local SEO is essentially a digital marketing strategy that allows local businesses to become discoverable and search engines on a local basis. This is focused on different SEO factors such as link building and on-page optimisation and the goal is always to get a website to the front page of Google for elephant searches within a local dermographic. Local SEO essentially takes SEO to the next level by giving websites and web pages a chance to move up in the ranks on search engines for keywords that are on a local standard and that genuinely positively impact the overall approach to SEO.

Why local SEO has so much to offer modern businesses

At the end of the day, SEO is incredibly powerful and local SEO is even more so. More than anything else, local SEO now has so much to offer modern businesses because it effectively gives you the momentum and the potential to rise up in search engines and an organic level and in ways that are entirely interpretive and incomprehensible. Local SEO is well and truly on the rise and while SEO itself is a leading digital marketing strategy today, there is no reason at all to think that local SEO is not going to rise to the same global levels of longevity and success in the coming years and beyond.

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Embracing the powerful potential of local SEO -


HE IS THE EINSTEIN OF BASKETBALL What separates LeBron from every other GOAT candidate – Basketball Network

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Consider this stat: through the Lakers 9-2 playoff start, LeBron James has averaged 33.9 minutes per game. That is less than his 19/20 regular-season average (34.6) and far lower than his career 41.7 average postseason minutes per game. So much the Lakers weak supporting cast.

Everyone expected to see the large minutes LeBron had to play to drag Cleveland to the Finals year after year in the East, particularly after getting an unexpected rest due to COVID-19. Above all else, this speaks volumes about Anthony Davis. Throughout the playoffs, and particularly last night, AD has proven he is probably the best teammate LeBron has ever had.

You could try and make the case for Dwyane Wade, but he was beyond his prime when LeBron joined him in South Beach. Davis is entering his prime, and finally in the spotlight after his dramatic exit from New Orleans. Not only that, but AD is positionally a better fit with LeBron. Hell, at this pace, those LeBron and Bronny in the NBA comments dont sound ridiculous anymore.

Such longevity proves LeBron is one of the most intelligent basketball players of all time the way James managed his career, on and off the court, is unprecedented. One of the most impressive arguments for this case is definitely the most underappreciated one. Out of all the greatest ones, LeBron did most on his own.

LeBron James came straight from high school. Do you know who his coach is? He didnt go to college. Hes taken every rookie coach hes had to the NBA Finals. From an educational standpoint, his knowledge base, where did this brain come from? Hes the Einstein of basketball. When you look at myself, a Jordan, a Shaq we had Hall of Fame coaches.

Jordan had Dean Smith, Doug Collins, Phil Jackson, and Tex Winter. Thomas had Chuck Daly. Kobe and Shaq had Phil Jackson. Bird had Red Auerbach, Magic played for Pat Riley. Who did LeBron have? The only Hall of Fame influence in his career was the mentioned Pat Riley, and he wasnt his coach but team president. Erik Spoelstra is a tremendous basketball coach and will end up being one of the best in his era.

The most important thing Riley and Spoelstra taught LeBron was how to win, they educated him in the Heat way. But you could argue LeBron picked up all the tricks in the first two years with them. Here are LeBrons coaches before he arrived at South beach Dru Joyce, Paul Silas, Brandan Malone, and Mike Brown. After Riley and Spo? David Blatt, Tyrone Lue, Luke Walton, and now Frank Vogel.

You just dont walk in from high school, with no institutional knowledge, and dominate a sport for the years that hes dominated.

There a different side to that coin. LeBron couldve had many more years surrounded with Hall of Fame institutional knowledge if he had stayed in Miami. He didnt like the fact that Riley and Spo didnt bend to superstar desires nearly as much as other franchises do. Lebron chose to leave and run the show somewhere else.

But Zekes point still mostly stands. Not until he was 26 years old did LeBron play under true Hall of Fame leadership. To achieve everything hes done, before and after, particularly develop such a basketball mind on his own is mind-boggling.

LeBron is probably the greatest all-around athlete in professional sports. No one that big should be able to be as strong, as fast, and as agile. But his longevity and the story of his career are a testament that Lebrons strongest brain is the one between his ears.

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HE IS THE EINSTEIN OF BASKETBALL What separates LeBron from every other GOAT candidate - Basketball Network


How to increase the longevity of your wardrobe – CNN

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

Written by Hena SharmaAllyssia Alleyne, CNN

Today, many of us are buying new clothes too often, and not holding on to what we already own for long enough. In 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that 11.2 million tons of textile waste in the US ended up in landfills. Across the pond, in the UK, the average lifespan for a garment is just over two years, according to a 2017 report from the Waste and Resources Action Programme.

So before throwing out a garment at the first sign of wear, consider how you can extend your wardrobe's lifespan. Here are a few tips.

Quick fixing

Visible mending

"Visible mending" refers to the process of repairing holes and signs of wear on clothes in bold, obvious ways. In Japan, such flaws are embraced through the handiwork of Japanese Sashiko (literally "little stabs"), a practice that uses hand embroidery to create a delicate pattern over tears in jeans, sweaters or dresses.

Stain removal

Stains may not mark the end of the road for a piece of clothing. If you spilled your tea or coffee, soak the garment in water and vinegar. Have a makeup stain? Apply shaving cream to the area, let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water, then repeat the process with hot water.

Upcycling and repurposing

Sometimes a garment can't be saved in its current form, but it can have a second life in your closet. If you've got sewing prowess and are up for a challenge, you can try upcycling pieces at home, creating something new from used clothes.

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How to increase the longevity of your wardrobe - CNN


Q&A: Terry Bradshaw on the perfect QB, Bradys longevity and reality TV –

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

If youre like me during the COVID-19 pandemic, your TV viewing habits have consisted of two guilty pleasures: reality TV and, of late, the return of live sports.

Terry Bradshaw is synonymous with live sporting events, as hes helped set up NFC matchups on FOXs NFL coverage since 1994. A Pro Football Hall of Famer, four-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback and broadcast icon, Bradshaw is adding reality TV star to his resume with his new show, The Bradshaw Bunch, premiering on hayu Canada on Friday, Sept. 18.

I caught up with Bradshaw ahead of the premier of his new show, which will release new episodes for stream or download every Friday, in anticipation of the Week 2 NFL schedule to find out what hes looking for, what players he loves to watch and how playing in his era compares to playing now.

Sportsnet: Did you ever think youd be doing a reality show?

Terry Bradshaw: Well, actually, this is my second reality show.

I did a show with NBC called Better Late Than Never, which is about a bunch of old actors and football players and boxers George Foreman, Henry Winkler, William Shatner and a young comedian named Jeff Dye. We travel around the country, and we did that show for two years and then thought we were going back out. NBC pulled the plug on it. And that was it. So, I have done one before this one.

This show was brought to me by Jason Ehrlich, who was executive producer of Better Late Than Never. He had come to a birthday party and he had seen my three girls and how they interacted with me and how much fun we had together. Light bulb went off.

I said, OK, lets do this. Away we went.

SN: Weve all consumed more TV during the pandemic. What are you watching? What reality shows do you watch?

TB: Duck Dynasty was pretty much it. Thats the only reality show I watch. Im not a reality guy. Im an old movies guy. I like to watch old movies. My wife, she likes to watch old movies. We love documentaries and we love sporting events. So glad they are back.

SN: On your NFL show on FOX, youve got a couple of co-hosts who have done some reality shows themselves. Have they weighed in?

TB: Howie thinks its going to be a hit. Jimmy thinks the same thing. He thinks its going to be funny. Michael Strahan was kind of surprised that I would do something like this, but he thinks it will be good.

All of them are very, very encouraging. Theyre very polite because theyre really good friends. Now, the show airs Friday, though. By Sunday, when I get there Sunday, they may go, T.B., what were you doing? They might be getting ready to rib me waiting for me in my parking spot on Sunday. But otherwise, everybodys asking, Whens the show? Whens it going to be on?

And its about my family. They know my family. They know my grandkids. So, you know, theyre very supportive right now.

SN: The reality show that you help bring to us as viewers is the NFL. Looking at the star character of the league, Patrick Mahomes and his big arm, you have something in common with him: when you played you were known for your arm talent. How do you evaluate the way guys like Mahomes can spin it now?

TB: I think Mahomes has got a good arm. He doesnt have a howitzer, but he can throw it. Hes very good in traffic. Great peripheral vision, throws it from all angles, very accurate, good under pressure, quick release. Tremendous talent.

Weve got other guys. The guy who played against him in Week 1, Deshaun Watson. He can really spin it and probably spin it a little better than Patrick. Hes not Patrick Mahomes, but is awfully good. Weve got Ben Roethlisberger who can really throw.

But the face of our league is, youre right, Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City. That is just a special talent and fun to watch any time. Hes one of the few players that I know, hes on television, Im watching that. Of course, my wife is a Kansas City Chiefs fan, so I have to be careful when Im on the air. Stay off of our boy, she says, because he sent her a signed helmet. And so, you know what that means. He bought my mouth.

SN: But I mean, the Pittsburgh Steelers helped you buy your house. So how does that work?

TB: Exactly.

Well, she knows for a fact that if it went between Pittsburgh and Kansas City, youre history. Thats where you draw the line. Lets not get crazy here. I mean, I spent 14 years at this organization. We won a lot of Super Bowls.

SN: If you had to build the perfect QB from the guys playing right now you could Frankenstein it up how would you build it?

TB: I would start with the strength of Roethlisberger.

I would follow that up with Tom Brady. I mean, theres so many guys that have the clutch gene. He is very much clutch. Hes great in the fourth quarter. Hes great in overtime. Its just amazing. I probably take Bradys calmness under pressure.

Ill take Drew Brees for accuracy. Escape ability, athleticism and the wow factor is Mahomes.

Three out of the four quarterbacks have strong arms. Probably fans would have no idea the strongest arm of all of them Brady believe it or not has a very strong arm.

Ive got a pretty good answer. You take those four players; I got a pretty good quarterback. Yeah, you win some games there.

SN: Youre in your 70s. Youve got so much energy, but you mentioned Tom. Hes 43 now and still playing. Can you imagine that?

TB: Yes, I can imagine playing nowadays at that age as much as I love playing. Had I not gotten hurt, my goal was to play and last to 40. I missed that target as I was 33.

But I missed it by seven years. So, I cant imagine. But I also understand it. Why not? Listen to what a young man does. A kid does. He dreams of playing in the NFL. Its his passion. And he gets there, and the dream comes true. And then its, I want to win championships and that comes true. And theres just nothing greater in life. Experiencing your dream unfold in front of you. And you have tremendous success at what you envision is the greatest job in the world, playing quarterback in the National Football League.

So, yeah, I certainly can get it. Why would you want to retire when youre doing what you want to do? You love what you want to do. You have a good team around you. So, youre competitive and youre making tons of money. Why give that up? So, I dont blame him whatsoever. I got hurt. And once it was over, you cant go back. Im proud of what hes doing and all of what hes doing. There is not many guys willing to do what he is doing this, you know, vegetable ice cream and stuff like that.

God bless him for that. Sounds like horrible, horrible ice cream. If Im eating ice cream, Im eating real, peach ice cream. Thats the real deal.

SN: Absolutely (laughs). Is todays game easier for quarterbacks now than when you played?

TB: Yeah, absolutely.

Professional football in Canada or in the National Football League, to play the position of quarterback, its not easy to handle the pressure, block everything from your mind, separate coverages, deliver the ball without realizing that people are hanging all over you.

Ive got one of the greatest pictures, most exciting pictures I have of myself: just all you see are people and at the very top of my hand with the football coming out of my hand and you can hardly see me.

That is the coolest picture I have ever seen. I just love that it shows me that Im oblivious to whats around me. And thats what you have to have to play quarterback.

It is easier to play in the sense that when I played in the 70s, you could get hit, you could get body slammed. You didnt have a suspension helmet, early part of my career, no chinstraps. I mean, the rules were changed back in the late 70s. It slowly started changing to where you couldnt jab or jam a receiver at the line of scrimmage up to five yards. Get your hands off of it as opposed to bump-and-run all over the football field.

So, its a totally different game. The game you see today in the NFL is the old AFL of the 60s. Thats why Ive often said 40, 50 times passing is the reason they did it because passing the football is exciting. And the NFL of the first 70 years from the first day, up to about 78, was just hard run, run, run, play action, run, run. Boring.

And the merger of the AFL and NFL was predominantly because the AFL was gaining. They were garnering ratings, taking them away from CBS, and it was because their brand of football was exciting. It was really fun to watch.

And what youre seeing today is the 60s of the AFL, especially in the last year. Its so much fun to watch.

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Q&A: Terry Bradshaw on the perfect QB, Bradys longevity and reality TV -


How to live longer: A spice known to help curb cancer growth and boost longevity – Express

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the effect of ginger on the lipid levels was investigated.

The study noted, 45 patients in the treatment group and 40 patients in the placebo group participated in this study".

There was a significant reduction in triglyceride, cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), very low-density lipoprotein, levels of before and after study separately in each group," it continued.

Mean changes in triglyceride and cholesterol levels of the ginger group were significantly higher than the placebo group.

Mean reduction in LDL level and increase in high density lipoprotein level of ginger group were higher than the placebo group, but in VLDL level of placebo was higher than ginger."

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How to live longer: A spice known to help curb cancer growth and boost longevity - Express


How to live longer: The juice that could ward off high blood pressure and boost longevity – Express

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

While there are few studies demonstrating the exact benefits of drinking celery juice, a lot of research points to how celery and its seeds can promote healthy living.

A study published in 2013 investigated whether the chemical 3-n-butylphthalide (3nB) in celery seed extract has antihypertensive properties.

Thirty participants with high blood pressure took part, and each consumed a capsule containing 75 milligrams of celery seed extract, twice a day for six weeks.

After this time, the participants experienced a significant decrease in blood pressure.

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High blood pressure can lead to serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

But according to the researchers, 3nB may lower blood pressure by reducing the buildup of fatty deposits within the arteries and increasing the elasticity of artery walls.

Celery may also benefit a persons cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol is when a person has too much of a fatty substance called cholesterol in their blood.


Too much cholesterol can block the blood vessels and make a person more likely to have heart problems or a stroke.

But a 2014 study investigated the effects of celery leaf extract on the cholesterol levels of rats fed a high-fat diet.

The rats were fed celery leaf extract for 30 days, after which they showed a significant decrease in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol when compared to rats that didnt receive the extract.

Celery contains some beneficial antioxidants, one being luteolin.

The researchers found rats that were continuously treated with luteolin had reduced brain cell damage and improved learning and memory.

A different review published in 2015 looked at the effect of different plant chemicals on rodents with Alzheimers disease.

Researchers found apigenin, another antioxidant found in celery, limits damage to a variety of brain processes.

This could delay and slow the progression of Alzheimers disease.

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How to live longer: The juice that could ward off high blood pressure and boost longevity - Express


New Podcast Presents Power Player Interviews at Intersection of Longevity and Technology – Stockhouse

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A leading authority and author on aging partners with an award-winning tech journalist for the new monthly podcast, What's Next: Living Longer, Better, Smarter launching today. The hosts, Mary Furlong, a successful entrepreneur in the $8.3 trillion longevity economy, and former CBS, Bloomberg and public radio reporter, Fred Fishkin, will offer fresh perspectives into the worlds of technology and aging by interviewing notable thought leaders on a variety of topics focused on adults age 50+.

"We are delighted to be partnering with technology media expert Fred Fishkin to highlight trends in the longevity market," said Mary Furlong, the executive producer of the What's Next Longevity conferences which offer a platform for entrepreneurs to build sustainable brands. "Fred and I worked together 20 years ago through our CBS partnership and are pleased to be leveraging our knowledge base and distribution to bring a fresh set of perspectives around healthy aging using technology."

"Mary is a leading voice and advocate for seniors, longevityand I have to say it living longer, better and smarter!" said Fred Fishkin, who is re-teaming with Furlong after having worked with her at Third Age in the late 90s. "It is an opportunity to bring the depth of her knowledge to the growing number of people who have been turning to podcasts for news and entertainment. And the guests we will have on and the topics we have plannedcovering the intersection of technology, longevity and agingwill be very exciting."

The podcast topics will include: changes in Medicare for telemedicine since COViD-19, the impact on older voters in the 2020 election, the innovative tech solutions to address social isolation in seniors and a holiday gadget gift guide for the age 50+ crowd. The first podcast is a tribute to the late author (Passages) and aging icon, Gail Sheehy, who passed away on August 24 at age 83. Mary Furlong (Turning Silver Into Gold) shares her memories of her friend along with authors and friends of Gail, Ciji Ware (Landing by Moonlight, Rightsizing Your Life) and Sherri Snelling (A Cast of Caregivers). What's Next: Living Longer, Stronger, Better podcast will be available on: Anchor, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Spotify, Spreaker, PodcastAddict, PodChaser. Google Play, iTunes and iHeartRadio and many other podcasting outlets..

According to a report from Infinite Dial 20, 55% of the U.S. population roughly 155 million people has listened to a podcast. Among those, listeners age 55+ make-up 20% of the entire podcast audience. According to Nielsen, podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media they hear about on podcasts and 69% agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services.

About Mary Furlong Mary is the President and CEO of Mary Furlong & Associates, and is a leading authority on the longevity marketplace. She is an author, educator, and serial entrepreneur, and she has helped to guide the business and marketing strategies of leading corporations, emerging companies and nonprofits. Interested sponsors can learn more at:

About Fred Fishkin Fred is an award-winning journalist who has worked with CBS Radio, Bloomberg and NPR, and has hosted a long-running daily radio and online report on consumer technology. He also works with Princeton University and the faculty chair of autonomous vehicle engineering on a regular podcast focused on using technology to provide mobility for all. Find more of Fred's work at and

Media Contact: Mary Furlong - (925) 323-0312, Fred Fishkin

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SOURCE Mary Furlong Associates

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New Podcast Presents Power Player Interviews at Intersection of Longevity and Technology - Stockhouse


How to live longer: How often you should eat to extend your life expectancy – Express

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

The link between the foods we eat and the length of our life expectancy is firmly established. Eating healthily can bolster your defences against a host of chronic diseases, not least heart disease - a major killer worldwide. Extensive research has extolled the virtues of healthy eating.

Health bodies routinely advocate eating a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish, poultry, and vegetable oils.

For good reason too. In a study published in The Journal of nutrition, people with diets consistent with a healthy dietary pattern had a 31 percent lower risk of heart disease, a 33 percent lower risk of diabetes, and a 20 percent lower risk of stroke.

Much emphasis is placed on the foods we eat but less is understood about the frequency of our eating habits.

Speaking to the, Dr Sarah Brewer, Medical Director of Healthspan and Author of Live Longer, Look Younger, shed some light on the current research in this area.

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"Restricting your calorie intake can significantly extend your lifespan, although you may argue that life quality is reduced," she said.

Unfortunately, as Dr Brewer explained, you need to restrict calorie intake to 60-70 percent of your normal daily needs to prolong your lifespan by 30-50 percent.

This can be a tall order, especially if you have a mentally and demanding lifestyle.

However, eating every other day (i.e. fasting one day, and eating what you like the next) appears to produce similar effects with health benefits starting within as little as two weeks, noted Dr Brewer.

DON'T MISSCoronavirus symptoms: The main difference youd feel if you have COVID-19, cold or flu[INSIGHT]Hair loss treatment: The herbal oil proven to promote hair growth and improve dandruff[TIPS]Best supplements: Pill known to help lower blood sugar and reduce health risks[ADVICE]

This insight comes from researchers writing in the journal Medical Hypotheses.

As Brewer reported, the researchers suggested this strategy might improve insulin resistance, asthma, allergies, infections, autoimmune diseases (eg asthma, rheumatoid arthritis), osteoarthritis, heart problems and menopausal symptoms.

It may also delay, prevent or improve neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis.

Rethinking your eating habits should not come at the cost of regular exercise, however.

"Exercise can partially reverse the effects of the ageing process on physiological functions and preserve functional reserve in the elderly," said Dr Brewer.

Numerous studies have shown that maintaining a minimum quantity and quality of exercise decreases the risk of death, prevents the development of certain cancers, lowers the risk of osteoporosis and increases longevity.

One notable study involving more than 10,000 men found that exercise reduced the number of age-related deaths from all causes by almost a quarter - even if exercise was not started until middle age, reported Dr Brewer.

"In particular, deaths from coronary heart disease were reduced by 41 percent and risk of stroke reduced by 50 percent," she said.

Regular exercise has also been shown to prevent diabetes, with the protective effect appearing strongest in those with the highest risk, said Dr Brewer.

"Both the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study and the Diabetes Prevention Program found that changes in lifestyle of high-risk overweight subjects with impaired glucose tolerance reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 58 percent," she reported.

Furthermore, exercise appears to reduce the risk of certain cancers, especially those of the colon, rectum and uterus, she added.

According to the NHS, adults should do at least 150 minutes (two hours and 30 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as cycling or fast walking, every week.

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How to live longer: How often you should eat to extend your life expectancy - Express


Guenther Steiner favouring longevity in driver selection | PlanetF1 – PlanetF1

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

Date published: September 19 2020

Guenther Steiner says that, in deciding who will drive for Haas next season, he and the team are thinking beyond 2021.

The American team currently has two seats free for next year, with neither Romain Grosjean nor Kevin Magnussen being offered new deals as of yet.

With Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg available, as well as a number of younger drivers, there are a number of options for the team. As many as 10, Steiner recently claimed.

There are close to 10 [options], he told Autosport.

It is amazing what is around at the moment. Thats why you see me very calm. Because there are only 20 seats, and we have got 10 potential people which could do the job, which is good.

Two of them we have got already.

Get your hands on the official Haas 2020 collection via the Formula 1 store

In the eyes of many, Perez and Hulkenberg are the two best options, with both having proved themselves to be excellent midfield drivers on the grid.

However, while they may be the best for next season, with new regulations on the horizon, Steiner is thinking ahead to beyond then.

I dont want to go through all the criteria but it needs to be a package, and we need to see what do we want to do in the future, he said.

Were not just thinking about next year. Then, if youre short on thinking, it is pretty easy: you try to get the fastest guy as quickly as possible in.

But we are thinking about the next five years after we have signed our Concorde Agreement now. So, we want to build up again, that we are getting back to the results that we had in 2018.

That takes a bit more time to think it through: financially, talent, its a lot of things coming into play. And that is where we are. As I said, we are in no hurry.

In terms of younger drivers, the team has both Pietro Fittipaldi and Louis Deletraz in its ranks. Whats more, due to the close relationship with Ferrari, Mick Schumacher and Robert Shwartzman are genuine possibilities.

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Guenther Steiner favouring longevity in driver selection | PlanetF1 - PlanetF1


Burnt toast and vegetable chips: Oncologist named subtle habits that increase the risk of cancer and interfere with longevity – The Times Hub

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

Certain non-obvious daily habits can interfere with longevity and increase your risk of cancer. Oncologist Robert Thomas, who teaches in Cambridge, warned about this, reports the Daily Mail.

Image via: If the toast is burnt during preparation, the doctor advises against eating it. Under the influence of high temperatures in foods containing starch and sugar, acrylamide compounds are formed, which are considered toxic. They threaten DNA damage and put a significant strain on the immune system, increasing the risk of cancer. Although one burnt toast will not harm your health, it is worth considering if such a dish is constantly included in the diet.

Fresh blackberries are good anti-carcinogenic agents. However, a berry bought in a store does not have such pronounced properties, it can also contain pesticides and toxins.

Vegetable chips are not the best substitute for potato chips, the oncologist warned, since they are about as harmful. Such healthy snacks are often made from beets and carrots, where the sugar is even higher and the level of acrylamides is higher, which threatens cancer.

For cheese lovers, it is better to choose blue, it contains a lot of bacteria that are beneficial to the body. Also, the product has a positive effect on the work of the digestive tract.

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Burnt toast and vegetable chips: Oncologist named subtle habits that increase the risk of cancer and interfere with longevity - The Times Hub


On this date in Maine history: Sept. 20 – Press Herald

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

Sept. 20, 1883: John Appleton (1804-1891) of Bangor, chief justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, retires after serving 20 years and 11 months in that role, longer than any other chief justice in Maine history.

A New Hampshire native, the Bowdoin College graduate was admitted to the bar in that state, then moved back to Maine to practice law in Dixmont, Sebec and Bangor. He was appointed as a Maine Supreme Judicial Court associate justice in 1852, then became chief justice in 1862.

Appleton influenced the development of Maine law greatly. His treatise The Rules of Evidence, Stated and Discussed, published in 1860, set a template on that subject that became a national model. He was also noted for his embrace of free-market capitalism and opposition to government loans or tax breaks for businesses.

In December 2019, Chief Justice Leigh Saufley completes her 18th year as chief justice, a time in that office second only to that of Appleton. She announces in April 2020 that she will step down later in the year to become dean of the University of Maine School of Law. As a result, Appletons longevity record remains intact.

Sept. 20, 1993: Victoria Vicky Van Meter (1982-2008) of Meadville, Pennsylvania, who began flying airplanes at age 10, becomes at age 11 the youngest girl ever to fly across the United States from east to west when she flies a Cessna 172 from Augusta to San Diego, California, taking five days to make the trip. Her record is later broken.

The following year, at age 12, Van Meter becomes the youngest female pilot to make a trans-Atlantic flight when she files a Cessna 210 from Augusta to Glasgow, Scotland.

Van Meter later graduates from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania with a bachelors degree in criminal justice, then becomes a Peace Corps worker in Moldova, a former part of the Soviet Union. In 2008, having battled depression and resisted taking medication, she dies from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A statue of her in the Augusta State Airports terminal building commemorates her 1993 transcontinental achievement.

Joseph Owen is an author, retired newspaper editor and board member of the Kennebec Historical Society. Owens book, This Day in Maine, can be ordered at To get a signed copy use promo code signedbyjoe at checkout. Joe can be contacted at: [emailprotected]

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On this date in Maine history: Sept. 20 - Press Herald


Why brands turn to Bigg Boss despite being arguably the costliest property – Best Media Info

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

Advertisers arent looking for vanilla placements anymore. What they seek is a higher engagement, top-of-the-mind recall value and the consistent reach through one medium.

Call for entries open for BuzzInContent Awards 2020 ENTER NOW

Theres hardly any property on TV other than Bigg Boss on Colors that offers this valuable assortment to brands. According to industry experts, despite being the costliest property on Indian television, brands get as high as 3X to 5X ROI in terms of media value on Bigg Boss.

Top media planners said what Bigg Boss offers isnt just high viewership because of high entertainment value, but also seamless content integration and longevity as it runs for more than three months and over 100 episodes. The upcoming season starts on October 3.

Longevity wins the race

Soumit Deb

Media experts suggest what makes Bigg Boss an attractive proposition is its longevity and entertainment value. Bigg Boss is one of the biggest properties in the Hindi Entertainment space for more than a decade now. What makes it big is obviously the celebrity anchor and the longevity of the show with 100 plus episodes. All brands associated with Bigg Boss are the ones that realise that the longevity will help them grow their viewership and increase the recall value, says Soumit Deb, General Manager, MediaCom.

What we could figure from the third-party data is that the presenting sponsor always gets 3x media value. I believe thats why most of them come back, otherwise, why anyone would come back year after year, he added.

Mahesh Shetty

Mahesh Shetty, Head, Network Sales, Viacom18, says when advertisers see that the money they have invested got 5x returns in terms of media value, it becomes a lucrative buy. He said brands like Vivo, Lays and Dabur benefited a lot last year.

Seamless content Integration

A large part of this success has to be attributed to how seamlessly integration is done without compromising with the content. Shetty said, they work on brand briefs and then have to balance the brands demand along with the viewers. Theres a lot of to and fro and we have a team as a part of the sales team which conceptualises ideas as different brands have different needs and focuses on delivering the value to the partnered brands. It is a fine balance, our objective is to deliver value to both the viewer and the advertiser and there are times when the brands come up with good ideas, he said.

Citing an example, he said Vivo wanted to amplify their phones video-recording facility, so we got one of the housemates Shefali Bagga, who happens to be a news anchor, to record edgy interviews with some of the housemates, which were recorded on the Vivo phone and the features of the phone were amplified over there. At the same time, great content was created. The ideal mix is when you make great content and at the same time amplify brand properties.

Kishan Kumar MS

Kishan Kumar MS, Chief Growth Officer and South, Head, Wavemaker India, said, Snapdeal has used Bigg Boss beautifully to leverage the offline and online audiences. It depends on how well you leverage the platform. We have seen that FMCG brands that have stories to tell with synergies to the show have benefitted. Nippon Paint was the first brand to completely redesign the Bigg Boss house for Tamil and that worked well for us, he added.

Rising number of brand associations

In the last few years, there have been some memorable brand integrations on the show. Such associations include the Vodafone caller of the week, and Appy Fizz Zone, Garnier Mens Face Wash, Clean and Dry and Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Mohit Joshi

Mohit Joshi, MD, India, Havas Media Group, says, Bigg Boss is a strong platform and has grown well over the years. The number of brand associations has increased and rightfully so. In the 2006 first season, we had extensively used Reckitt Benckiser products in the show. The integration was seamless and was very well appreciated. Over the years I have seen many more integrations happening. We had also integrated the Hyundai Eon in Big Boss' task once.

This season, Mobile Premier League is the Presenting Sponsor of the reality series and Dabur Dant Rakshak Ayurvedic Paste and Tresemme are the Powered by Sponsors.

According to Deb, the brands that are ready to invest would benefit the most with Bigg Boss. From a sponsor point of view, a lot many things happen in the house. It is not only about placements but many other things happen inside the house like a branded task. So each brand picks up elements from the house. This helps the brands recall and amplifies it. So the winner here clearly is the one who invests that kind of money on the show.

With so many sponsors up for grabs, when we asked Shetty whether there are any criteria for selecting these sponsors, he said, It depends on the category, for example, HUL is our partner. They have a plethora of brands but they associate just one. It depends on who closed the deal first for that category and at the best possible price. At times there are also categories that make a lot of sense from a content point of view for us and for those we take a call accordingly.

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Why brands turn to Bigg Boss despite being arguably the costliest property - Best Media Info


NY Jets’ Frank Gore, 37, gets a chance to prove he’s still got it on Sunday vs. 49ers –

Sunday, September 20th, 2020


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EAST RUTHERFORD If things had worked out the way they were supposed to for the New York Jets, Frank Gore wouldnt have started a single game for them this season.

But a hamstring injury to LeVeon Bell in the season-opener changed things. And when the Jets host the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, theyll be relying on Gore to carry most of the running load against one of the best defenses in the NFL. And the 37-year-old expects to deliver.

I always prepared like I was the guy, just because you never know what happens in this league, said Gore, who is in his 16th NFL season. Thats why I go out every day on the practice field and prepare like I do. If my number gets called, I want to be ready.

It feels almost fitting that Gore will get this opportunity against his former team, the 49ers.

Gore has found a place among the greatest running backs in NFL history with a combination of durability and relentlessness. It all started with the 49ers in 2005, where he spent the first 10 years of his career.

Gore still has love for the 49ers. His profile picture on Twitter is a red and gold No. 74, with the 49ers logo on it, honoring the retirement of Joe Staley, the offensive tackle who spent so many years blocking for Gore.

Gore said this weekend that he plans to retire with the 49ers if he ever does decide to retire.

New York Jets running back Frank Gore (21) looks on prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills at Bills Stadium.[RICH BARNES/USA TODAY SPORTS](Photo: Rich Barnes, Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)

But when he takes the field at MetLife Stadium, Gore will put all those feelings to the side and do everything in his power to beat his former team.

I want to win, Gore said. Especially with us coming off a loss last week. I want us to look a lot better than last week, as an offense, as a team. And thats doing whatever it takes to win. It could be the 49ers, Seattle, whatever. I just want to get a win.

The 49ers will surely be doing all they can to make it a difficult day for Gore, too. But what Gore was able to accomplish with the 49ers he had his best seasons in San Francisco, including all five of his Pro Bowl selections still lingers more than six years after he last played for the organization.

"I love Frank Gore, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters as he prepared to play the Jets. I think he's one of the best running backs to ever play. I think he's one of the more underrated running backs to ever play. His longevity and his numbers now have finally given him a little bit more attention that is past due.

Gore passed Barry Sanders last fall, becoming the third-leading rusher in NFL history. He trails only Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith. Shanahan never coached him in San Francisco. But as a young quality control coach for the Buccaneers, Shanahan remembers watching Gores film from the University of Miami, and what he saw in 2004 left an impression even before Gore started marching toward history.

FILE - In this Dec. 18, 2005, file photo, San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore, left, is tackled by Jacksonville Jaguars defender Mike Peterson, right, during the second quarter of an NFL football game in Jacksonville, Fla. Gore took his first NFL snaps as a pro with the 49ers in 2005 in what seems like a lifetime ago for the NFL's third-leading rusher. It all comes full circle for the 37-year-old Gore on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020, when his New York Jets host the team with which he began his career 16 years ago. (AP Photo/Phil Coale, File)(Photo: The Associated Press)

My first year in the league I remember watching his [film] in Tampa, just coming out of Miami just studying him, Shanahan said. I loved him then, I loved him every year. He runs so hard. The guys that run that hard very rarely can play to his age, which just shows how dedicated he is, how much of a football player he is and obviously extremely talented, but he's a special dude."

Relentlessness is one of the things that makes Gore special. Hes never liked sitting out preseason games. And at age 37, hes not particularly thrilled with the weekly maintenance plan that has him sitting out every Thursday practice as a rest day.

Jets coach Adam Gase has been a vocal supporter of Gore since he had the chance to coach him with the Dolphins in 2018. And while hell be mindful of Gores carries on Sunday, hell also knows that keeping his workload down will be easier said than done.

I have an idea, Gase said. But last time I had an idea, it just went a little sideways and we [the Dolphins] were playing Chicago, next thing I know he looked like he lost about 15 pounds in that game. I try to be smart as far as managing his carries and his reps, trying to get those other guys involved and then at the same time, you know, Frank likes to get in a rhythm so he wont like standing over there too long.

Gore had 15 carries for 101 yards for the Dolphins against the Bears that day, his 44th career game with 100 or more yards. He had his 45th and most recent 100-plus-yard last year with te Bills, going for 109 yards on 17 carries. If the Jets hope to beat the 49ers, it would help a lot of Gore could eclipse 100 yards for the 46th time in his career.

The Jets announced Saturdaythat they have signed linebacker Alec Ogletree from the practice squad to the active roster for Sunday's game. They also elevated two players to the active roster: running back Josh Adams and wide receiver Josh Malone.

Ogletree has started all 93 games he's appeared in during a seven-year NFL career, including 13 last year with the Giants. He was added to the Jets' practice squad in earlier this month and wasn't on the roster for the season-opener in Buffalo. It's unclear what role he'll play with the Jets, but he could start.

Avery Williamson ramped up his practice this week, but it's unclear if he'll be able to play after missing Week 1 with a hamstring injury. Ogletree and Neville Hewitt are the only healthy inside linebackers on the roster.

Adams and Malone have now both been elevated from the practice squad to the active roster for the second time, and will be able to return to the practice squad without passing through waivers -- one ofthe rule changes for playing this season during the pandemic.

But if the Jets want either on the active roster for a third time later this season, they won't be able to elevate them: they'll have to sign them to a player contract and they'll have to pass through waivers to return to the practice squad.

Andy Vasquezis the Jetsbeat writer for For unlimited access to all Jets analysis, news, trades and more, pleasesubscribe todayanddownload our app.


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NY Jets' Frank Gore, 37, gets a chance to prove he's still got it on Sunday vs. 49ers -


Yampa River Core Trail tunnel near Howelsen closed until Friday – Steamboat Pilot and Today

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS The Howelsen tunnel along the Yampa River Core that connects Yampa Street with Howelsen Hill will be closed from Monday, Sept. 21, to Thursday, Sept. 24, for scheduled maintenance.

The tunnel was built of concrete culvert sections, and the joint sealing the sections together no longer holds water. Contractors will inject an epexoy resin into the joints to reseal the area and prevent water from seeping into the tunnel.

Signs will help reroute Core Trail users to Yampa Street between Fifth and 10th streets.

Readers around Steamboat and Routt County make the Steamboat Pilot & Todays work possible. Your financial contribution supports our efforts to deliver quality, locally relevant journalism.

Now more than ever, your support is critical to help us keep our community informed about the evolving coronavirus pandemic and the impact it is having locally. Every contribution, however large or small, will make a difference.

Each donation will be used exclusively for the development and creation of increased news coverage.

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Yampa River Core Trail tunnel near Howelsen closed until Friday - Steamboat Pilot and Today


Health workers make up 1 in 7 reported coronavirus infections, WHO says | TheHill – The Hill

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) said health care workers make up about1 in6 cases of coronavirus around the world and more than a third of cases in some countries.

While health workers represent less than 3% of the population in the large majority of countries and less than 2% in almost all low- and middle-income countries, around 14% of COVID-19 cases reported to WHO are among health workers, the health agency said in a statement Thursday.

Our country is in a historic fight against the Coronavirus. Add Changing America to your Facebook or Twitter feed to stay on top of the news.

In some countries, the proportion can be as high as 35%, the WHO said, noting that COVID-19 has exposed health workers and their families to unprecedented levels of risk and thousands have lost their lives globally.

The WHO noted that its data was limited as its not possible to determine whether medical front line workers were infected in the workplace or in their community setting. The numbers could also be skewed because health workers are typically prioritized for testing.

The pandemic has also placed tremendous psychological stress on health care workers battling the virus on the front lines. In addition to the physical risk, the WHO said a recent review found one in four health workers reported experiencing depression and anxiety during the outbreak, and one in three suffered insomnia.

During a news briefing marking World Patient Safety Day, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged governments to address the threats health workers face and announced the launch of the Health Worker Safety Charter. The charter includes steps to better protect workers and improve their mental health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded all of us of the vital role health workers play to relieve suffering and save lives, Tedros said. No country, hospital or clinic can keep its patients safe unless it keeps its health workers safe.






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Health workers make up 1 in 7 reported coronavirus infections, WHO says | TheHill - The Hill


Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co. Focuses on Growth and Longevity – PRNewswire

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

BAMBERG, S.C., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --For more than a century, Phoenix Specialty has made small, precision components that are critical to a host of industries all made to the exact specifications of the customer. Phoenix is a fourth-generation family-owned company, with a long history of stability and growth. Built by people with a passion for service, quality and reliability, Phoenix has become a trusted supplier of specialty parts to OEMs around the world over the last 113 years.

Since its inception a century ago, a lot has changed. What hasn't changed, however, is Phoenix Specialty's commitment to reliability and dedication to excellence. The company has ensured its growth over the years by making significant investments in their equipment. Phoenix's in-house tool & die shop is home to many state-of-the-art CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and Wire-EDMs. Its production machining department also houses cutting edge equipment, including Swiss screw machines, water jets, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and numerous stamping presses. Phoenix most recently announced its plans to expand operations in Bamberg County in a $5.5 million dollar investment. The expansion is projected to create 35 additional jobs over the next three years.

Made right here in the USA, Phoenix Specialty manufactures parts to exacting standards, for the most technically advanced industries of the 21st century. In fact, Phoenix became one of the first AS9000 certified company in the United States, and later achieved AS9100 accreditation.

In a time when supply chain disruptions are becoming more frequent, it would be hard to find a supplier more reliable than Phoenix Specialty. As an essential American-made supplier, Phoenix is dedicated to investing in the future of the industry, its people, customers and facilities. Even during tough economic times, Phoenix has proven their ability to stand the test of time.

Since 1907, Phoenix Specialty has been the leading supplier of custom parts to America's Original Equipment Manufacturers. Located in Bamberg, South Carolina, Phoenix delivers high-quality precision parts all made in the USA. Serving all industries, this business has manufactured millions of parts, for thousands of customers worldwide. With an extensive raw materials inventory and an in-house tool & die shop, Phoenix has the capability to produce specialty parts fast. Offering a written Risk-Free Promise and a Managed Inventory System, Phoenix Specialty has made sourcing custom components easy for more than a century.

For more information about Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co., visit

Contact Info:

Abby Lee, Marketing Assistant[emailprotected]7433 Main HighwayBamberg, SC 29003803.245.5116

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SOURCE Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co.

See the article here:
Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co. Focuses on Growth and Longevity - PRNewswire


Microbiome and Longevity: High Abundance of Longevity-Linked Muribaculaceae in the Gut of the Long-Living Rodent Spalax leucodon – DocWire News

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

This article was originally published here

OMICS. 2020 Sep 9. doi: 10.1089/omi.2020.0116. Online ahead of print.


With a world population living longer as well as marked disparities in life expectancy, understanding the determinants of longevity is one of the priority research agendas in 21st century life sciences. To this end, the blind mole-rat (Spalax leucodon), a subterranean mammalian, has emerged as an exceptional model organism due to its astonishing features such as remarkable longevity, hypoxia and hypercapnia tolerance, and cancer resistance. The microbiome has been found to be a vital parameter for cellular physiology and it is safe to assume that it has an impact on life expectancy. Although the unique characteristics of Spalax make it an ideal experimental model for longevity research, there is limited knowledge of the bacterial composition of Spalax microbiome, which limits its in-depth utilization. In this study, using 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing, we report the gut and skin bacterial structure of Spalax for the first time. The diversity between fecal and skin samples was manifested in the distant clustering, as revealed by beta diversity analysis. Importantly, the longevity-linked Muribaculaceae bacterial family was found to be the dominating bacterial taxa in Spalax fecal samples. These new findings contribute toward further development of Spalax as a model for longevity research and potential linkages between microbiome composition and longevity.

PMID:32907488 | DOI:10.1089/omi.2020.0116

Read more:
Microbiome and Longevity: High Abundance of Longevity-Linked Muribaculaceae in the Gut of the Long-Living Rodent Spalax leucodon - DocWire News


Exploring the health-wealth connection – Marin Independent Journal

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Dr. Sal Iaquinta

The song God Part II on the album Rattle and Hum by U2 has the lyrics: The rich get healthy, while the sick stay poor. Bono sung those words in 1988. Since then, a number of researchers have tackled what exactly is the link between wealth and health, and why.

At first glance, one would expect a simple explanation: people with more money live longer. Clearly such a relationship cannot be strictly linear, as people dont fall dead if they declare bankruptcy and at some point, wealth has a ceiling in which no matter how much more money you have to spend, you cant buy any more medicine or access to doctors.

Yet it isnt all about access either. Studies in European countries with free access to health care have still demonstrated that income disparities in longevity are considerable, so it is more than just access that creates the difference and that difference is significant.

A Harvard study examined de-identified tax records, the United States Census and the Medicare database, along with other population surveys, to try to determine the link between longevity and income in people age 40 or older. Obviously, they had to adjust the income and how it related to health for the retired group separately from those employed the higher earner at age 61 who retired at age 62 was kept a high earner at age 63 using their study design.

They looked at 14 years worth of data to see trends related to income both longitudinally per person and by each age group. For example, there were a lot of low-earning 40 year olds in every year that were studied. There were fewer 45 year olds in that same income percentile because some of them got better jobs and some of them died.

They found that men in the top 1% income bracket lived to 87.3 years old, a whole 14.6 years longer than men in the bottom 1% of income, living only 72.7 years. For women, the gap was narrower with the top 1% living until 88.9 years and the lowest 1% at 78.8 years.

During the period studied, they also found that the lifespan increased more for wealthier people than for poorer people. The disparity of being poor versus rich increased from 2001 to 2014 with the top 5% of earners adding three years to their lifespan, whereas the bottom 5% had no advance.

The studied databases also included zip codes, so the researchers were able to determine which parts of the country did better with longevity. New York and San Francisco had the longest life expectancy and places like Detroit fared far worse. In the lowest income brackets, the lifespan in Detroit is five years shorter than in San Francisco.

Then they looked at the data with available health information. No surprise, obesity and smoking lowered lifespan and exercising increased it. It is important to know that a woman who is a lifelong smoker on average has almost a 10-year shorter lifespan than one whom doesnt. These relationships were strongest in the lowest 25% of income earners. This age group suffers a higher incidence of heart disease and cancer than higher-income brackets, whereas automobile accidents and homicides are equal to the other income brackets.

Increased population density was associated with better longevity. The air might be fresher out in the country, but the folks are polluting themselves by smoking at a higher rate than their urban counterparts. At the same time, people in rural areas are more likely to be obese. Interestingly, increased access to health insurance didnt seem to make a significant difference joining Medicare at age 65 doesnt affect the trajectory of longevity, whereas income bracket and lifestyle does.

Your money or your life? Not really. The take-home lesson is that preventative health care getting people to quit smoking, maintain an ideal weight and exercise is far more important than just throwing money at building more hospitals and hiring more doctors.

Dr. Salvatore Iaquinta is a head and neck surgeon at Kaiser Permanente San Rafael and the author of The Year They Tried To Kill Me. He takes you on the Highway to Health every fourth Monday.

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Exploring the health-wealth connection - Marin Independent Journal


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