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Whiskey tipple is the key to longevity says 100-year-old Violet – In Your Area

Thursday, May 21st, 2020


In her early years, Violet trained as a nurse.

Submitted by Vicki Wilson

A nightly tipple of whiskey along with a good laugh and a sing along is the key to longevity according to one Writtle resident.

Great grandmother, Violet Weaser originally from Somerset, will celebrate her 100th birthday on Tuesday, May 19.

Violet trained as a nurse in her early years. She left Somerset to marry Raymond who she met during the Second World War.

Living in London they helped to run Raymonds Mothers large public house in the East End.

Violet had a baby girl in 1945 and named her Victoria, after VE Day.

After three years they moved to Islington to run a public house called The Drapers Arms and then five years on they had a baby boy named Martin.

Violet was a very hard worker and after Raymond passed away she worked in insurance for twenty-one years and evenings in a local cinema. She carried on working well into her eighties.

Her big move was when she came to live in Writtle, Essex to be nearer to her family.

Violets daughter, Vicki said: She made many new friends and has always been happy and content in Writtle.

Violet has four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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Whiskey tipple is the key to longevity says 100-year-old Violet - In Your Area


Is Hand Sanitizer Effective After Its Expiration Date? –

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

As governments fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Snopes is fighting an infodemic of rumors and misinformation, and you can help. Read our coronavirus fact checks. Submit any questionable rumors and advice you encounter. Become a Founding Member to help us hire more fact-checkers. And, please, follow the CDC or WHO for guidance on protecting your community from the disease.

Hand sanitizers were flying off grocery store shelves in early 2020 amid the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic, leading to shortages around the United States. While washing hands thoroughly and frequently with soap is the most highly recommended method of preventing the spread of the virus, many people were turning to hand sanitizers.

We received questions about the effectiveness of sanitizers after their expiration date from people who were concerned about using old sanitizer they found in their storage. Some questioned whether hand sanitizers even needed an expiration date, and if the alcohol in them could really expire.

The answer is somewhat complicated. According the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), over-the-counter drugs must list an expiration date unless data show they are stable for more than three years. However, the FDA does not have information on the stability or effectiveness of drug products past their expiration date.

Hand sanitizer needs to have 60% to 95% alcohol to be effective at killing germs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Hand sanitizers without alcohol are not as effective for most germs, and in most cases, they reduce the number of germs but do not kill them.

Hand sanitizers with alcohol generally take two to three years to expire, and because the FDA regulates them, they are required by law to have an expiration date on their packaging.

According toInsider, the alcohol evaporates quickly when exposed to air. So, when someone pops open the bottle of sanitizer, the alcohol content will gradually decrease over time, since most closed containers are not airtight. As a result, the sanitizer becomes less effective over time. According to Healthline:

The manufacturer estimates how long itll take for the percentage of the active ingredient to drop below 90% of the percentage stated on the label. That time estimate becomes the expiration date.

However, sealed bottles of sanitizer will maintain relatively more alcohol content after their expiration date, especially if they have not yet been exposed to air. According to Insider:

If a bottle hasnt been opened, less of the alcohol will have evaporated, so a freshly-opened bottle of hand-sanitizer that is past its expiration date will likely be more effective than a bottle that is expired and has already been opened.

That said, if expired hand sanitizer is your only option, and you have no access to soap and water, use it. Alex Berezow, microbiologist and vice president of scientific communications at the American Council on Science and Health, said in an interview with Insider, Some alcohol is better than nothing.

Hand sanitizers should not be prioritized over hand-washing with soap, according to the CDC, because they do not eliminate all types of germs:

Soap and water are more effective than hand sanitizers at removing certain kinds of germs, like Cryptosporidium, norovirus, and Clostridium difficile. Although alcohol-based hand sanitizers can inactivate many types of microbes very effectively when used correctly, people may not use a large enough volume of the sanitizers, or may wipe it off before it has dried.

Thus, based on guidance from the CDC and experts, hand sanitizers should be used as a secondary option to hand-washing, and are less effective at killing germs after theyve been opened and their expiration date has passed. The alcohol content in sealed containers, however, possibly remains almost the same after the expiration date because it has not been exposed to air. We therefore rate the overall truth of this claim as Mixture.

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Is Hand Sanitizer Effective After Its Expiration Date? -


The all-time starting five for every NBA Western Conference team – ESPN

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

What if the Splash Bros. had Wilt Chamberlain playing center? How many titles would the Lakers have won if Magic Johnson was running the break with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal? Imagine Hakeem Olajuwon and James Harden teaming up in Clutch City.

We asked our NBA writers to come up with an all-time starting five for every current NBA franchise, along with one additional blast from the past. Only a player's contributions during his time with that franchise were considered. (So, no, LeBron James doesn't crack the Lakers' all-time list ... yet.)

In this era of "positionless" basketball, traditional positions don't matter quite as much as they used to, so we allowed some flexibility in choosing a lineup -- but you won't see teams with four centers or three point guards. The idea was to dive into each team's history and create a group that could at least potentially share the floor together.

We rolled out the Eastern Conference on Wednesday. Here is the Western Conference:

G: Derek HarperG: Jason TerryG: Rolando BlackmanF: Mark AguirreF: Dirk Nowitzki

Terry joins Nowitzki as the only players on both of the Mavs' Finals teams and was the second-leading scorer on both squads. There's a reason Harper and Blackman, the backcourt for some good teams that just couldn't get past the Showtime Lakers, have their numbers in the American Airlines Center rafters. Aguirre's jersey probably won't ever be retired in Dallas because of his bitter departure, but you can't dismiss his 24.6 points per game in eight seasons with the Mavs.

The toughest cuts: Michael Finley and Jason Kidd, one of whom helped a young German kid find his way in the NBA and the other who helped Nowitzki finally deliver a title to Dallas.

-- Tim MacMahon

G: Fat LeverG: David ThompsonF: Alex EnglishF: Carmelo AnthonyC: Dikembe Mutombo

You're probably asking yourself the same question I debated for roughly 48 hours: Wait, no Nikola Jokic? There's a good chance Jokic eventually becomes the greatest player in franchise history, but he's just 25 years old.

1 Related

Mutombo, on the other hand, is a Hall of Famer and produced probably the most iconic image in franchise history, celebrating the historic upset of the top-seeded Seattle SuperSonics in the 1994 playoffs. Mutombo is the defensive anchor behind a pure scoring lineup that could outgun just about anybody.

English, Anthony and Thompson all averaged better than 20 points a game for their careers, but at their peaks were pushing 30 PPG. Add in a floor general like Lafayette "Fat" Lever to pull the strings, and it could work. Between Fat, Melo and Dikembe, the Nuggets can outname just about anybody, too.

-- Royce Young

G: Stephen CurryG: Klay ThompsonF: Kevin DurantF: Draymond GreenC: Wilt Chamberlain

Adding Chamberlain to the Durant-era Warriors teams that won back-to-back titles would just be unfair. Can you even imagine how dominant that team would be? Curry, Thompson, Durant and Green already have won titles together -- and now they have one of the greatest big men of all time to drop the ball to down low? Unbelievable. The defense is great, the offense is otherworldly.

It's tough leaving Hall of Famers Rick Barry and Chris Mullin out of this group, but who would come out? Curry and Thompson form the best shooting backcourt of all time. Durant is one of the best players of his generation and Green provides the defensive intensity and glue that has propelled them for years -- plus those four already have played together. There is no stopping this team. A juggernaut for the ages.

-- Nick Friedell

G: James HardenG: Calvin MurphyF: Tracy McGradyF: Rudy TomjanovichC: Hakeem Olajuwon

Apologies to Hall of Fame big men Elvin Hayes, Moses Malone and Yao Ming, but it's hard to get one center in the Houston lineup these days. Of course, there's no debate about the candidacy of Olajuwon, who remains the best player in franchise history, even after Harden's run of historic offensive production.

Harden is 22 points away from passing Murphy for second on the Rockets' career scoring list, so for now the flamboyant, 5-foot-9 Murphy continues to be the only player who ranks among the franchise's top two in points and assists.

Rudy T is best remembered as the Clutch City-era coach and for the brutal punch that interrupted his playing career, but he earned his spot here with five All-Star appearances during a career spent entirely in a Rockets uniform.

-- MacMahon

G: Chris PaulF: Kawhi LeonardF: Blake GriffinF: Elton BrandC: Bob McAdoo

Paul and Griffin authored the greatest and most exciting era in Clippers basketball with Lob City. Paul spent six seasons with the Clips, was first-team All-NBA three times and led the league in assists twice during that span. Griffin was Rookie of the Year, a five-time All-Star and the exciting, above-the-rim player the franchise sorely needed.

In the midst of the NBA's 74th season -- currently on hold -- ESPN's experts ranked the 74 greatest in five different categories:

Individual seasons Jerseys | Bottom 10 Sneakers | Bottom 10 Transactions (since The Decision) Players: 74-41 | 40-11 | 10-1

Brand spent seven seasons with the team and made both of his All-Star appearances as a Clipper. McAdoo started his Hall of Fame career when the franchise was in Buffalo, where he led the league in scoring three straight seasons and was MVP in 1974-75.

Leonard is just 51 games into his Clippers tenure, but his elite production already puts him on this roster. Averaging 26.9 points, 7.3 rebounds and 5.0 assists, a healthy Leonard can further validate this choice if he can get the Clippers to the conference finals for the first time.

-- Ohm Youngmisuk

G: Magic JohnsonG: Jerry WestG: Kobe BryantF: Kareem Abdul-JabbarC: Shaquille O'Neal

Four of these picks were no-brainers. Johnson (fifth in career assists) teamed up with Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA's career scoring leader, to win five championships. Bryant (fourth all time in scoring) paired with O'Neal (eighth in scoring) to win three.

The fifth pick was harder. Is it Elgin Baylor, the greatest small forward in franchise history? Or how about LeBron James, the greatest small forward in NBA history? How about James Worthy, who teamed up with Magic and Kareem and won a Finals MVP?

Ultimately, the pick is West. Baylor never won a ring. James hasn't been a Laker long enough. Worthy would have to play the 4 and you already have Shaq and the Captain on the blocks. The Logo brings shooting and toughness and leadership, and he is extremely important to the franchise as a whole for his post-playing days in the front office.

-- Dave McMenamin

G: Mike ConleyG: Tony AllenF: Shareef Abdur-RahimF: Zach RandolphC: Marc Gasol

The question with the Grizzlies: Who should be the final player to fill out a lineup that features the Grit 'n' Grind mainstays called the Core Four? (I'd make a joke about Chandler Parsons' max contract, but I want to be welcomed back to Memphis.)

Based purely on merit, Pau Gasol would be the pick, but he doesn't fit alongside his brother Marc at center and Randolph at power forward. So we will go with Abdur-Rahim, who was a really good player for some really bad teams in Vancouver, averaging 20.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game over five seasons in which the Grizzlies went a combined 86-292.

-- MacMahon

G: Ricky RubioG: Sam CassellF: Kevin GarnettF: Kevin LoveC: Karl-Anthony Towns

The three best players in franchise history just all happen to be big men: Garnett, Love and Towns. Garnett is the franchise leader in points, rebounds, steals, assists and blocks; he's the only player in NBA history to lead a team in all five categories. Towns (22.7 points, 11.8 rebounds in 358 games) and Love (19.2 points, 12.2 rebounds in 364 games) each put up monster numbers, even though playoff success never came.

The 10-part Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" is available on the ESPN App.

Everything you need to know Lowe: How Pippen lifted MJ's Bulls Shelburne: Kobe and MJ's friendship How to replay the series

(Side note: Towns is only 14 3-pointers away from becoming the franchise's all-time leader. Seriously.)

Rubio trails only Garnett in franchise history in steals and assists. Since Wally Szczerbiak and Andrew Wiggins were primarily listed as small forwards, the other guard spot goes to Cassell, who played only two years in Minnesota but had a career year and was a second-team All-NBA selection in 2003-04.

-- Andrew Lopez

G: Chris PaulG: Jrue HolidayF: Jamal MashburnF: David WestC: Anthony Davis

(Just a reminder: The Pelicans' franchise history starts in 2002, when the team moved from Charlotte to New Orleans. Anything before that belongs to Charlotte, even though it's the same franchise. Got it? Cool, let's move on.)

First, the locks: Davis, Paul, Holiday and West. Now once you get to the wing ... oof. This spot came down to four players -- Mashburn, Peja Stojakovic, Eric Gordon and, yes, Brandon Ingram.

Mashburn, in the franchise's first season in New Orleans in 2002-03, made the All-Star team and was a third-team All-NBA selection. The Pelicans didn't get another All-Star selection from a wing player until this year, when Ingram made it. But with only 56 games under his belt, Ingram falls off this list. Gordon's time in New Orleans always seemed underwhelming. Stojakovic was a key cog on the 2007-08 team that won a franchise-best 56 games, but he struggled with injuries.

Mashburn was limited to 101 games for New Orleans, but his impact in Year 1 was unmistakable and he still sits second on the team's career scoring average list (21.5), behind only Davis.

-- Lopez

G: Russell WestbrookG: James HardenF: Kevin DurantF: Paul GeorgeF: Serge Ibaka

There's an irony to the Thunder's all-time starting five, because it features their best sixth man. The baggage of Harden's role looms large, whether he wanted to come off the bench, whether starting impacted his contract negotiations and ultimately facilitated the breakup of one of the greatest organically built superteams ever. That's a lot to unpack.

Hindsight and what-ifs aside, the Thunder's all-time group can stand with almost any in NBA history, and most certainly is among the most stout in the past 20 years. The Thunder have been around for just 12 years and boast a remarkable cupboard of talent: three MVPs (Durant, Westbrook, Harden) and piles of All-NBA and All-Star nods. Maybe one of the best examples of how deep they are is in showcasing who didn't make the cut: Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. Not a bad bench.

-- Young

G: Steve NashG: Kevin JohnsonF: Walter DavisF: Charles BarkleyC: Amar'e Stoudemire

No Shawn Marion? No Paul Westphal? No Alvan Adams? No Larry Nance? No Jason Kidd? You can make a solid starting five from the next group of Phoenix legends.

The NBA announced that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2019-20 season would be suspended effective March 12.

Latest news Sources: NBA return gaining momentum Love: Being back at facility 'uplifting' NBA teams get OK to test players, staff Full list of cancellations, suspensions

The franchise's two MVP winners, Nash and Barkley, were locks. Westphal split time as a point guard and shooting guard during his six seasons, but we give the nod at the other guard spot to Johnson, who spent 12 years in Phoenix, and had three consecutive 20-point, 10-assist seasons and five All-NBA nods.

Davis vs. Marion was a tough battle. Both made a pair of All-NBA teams (two second-teams for Davis compared to two third-teams for Marion), but Davis gets the edge as the franchise's leading scorer. At center, Stoudemire stands supreme as his four All-NBA honors best Adams' longevity.

-- Lopez

G: Damian LillardG: Clyde DrexlerG: Brandon RoyF: LaMarcus AldridgeC: Bill Walton

As with any conversation about Blazers history, their starting five comes with plenty of introspective sighing and deep what-iffing. Injuries to Walton and Roy abbreviated what would've been legendary Portland careers. But at their best versions, Walton was a transcendent big man with unique skills, and Roy was a gifted scorer with a knack for the moment.

Drexler is a Hall of Famer who led Portland to its best sustained run of success in franchise history. Aldridge is one of the dominant scoring big men of his era, and Lillard will likely go down as the franchise's all-time best. The Blazers are haunted by history and a compulsion to live in the anguish of what could've been, but there is also a beauty to their all-time five. It represents who they are, and forever, what they might've been.

-- Young

G: Oscar RobertsonG: Tiny ArchibaldF: Peja StojakovicF: Chris WebberC: Jerry Lucas

A Hall of Fame backcourt of Robertson and Archibald knocks Kings great Mitch Richmond out of one of the two guard spots. Lucas, another Hall of Famer, averaged 19.6 points and 19.1 rebounds in six seasons with the Cincinnati Royals. He gets the center position.

For the forwards, we look at two Kings from the early 2000s, when Sacramento was a perennial playoff team. Stojakovic is still the franchise's leader in 3-pointers made, and Webber averaged 23.5 points, 10.6 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.5 blocks in 377 career games in Sacramento.

It feels weird not to have DeMarcus Cousins on the all-time Kings squad, but when you look back at the franchise's history -- which dates back to the Rochester Royals and their first year in the NBA in 1949 -- it becomes clearer why he doesn't make the cut.

-- Lopez

G: Tony ParkerG: Manu GinobiliF: George GervinF: Tim DuncanC: David Robinson

Monday through Friday, host Mina Kimes brings you an inside look at the most interesting stories at ESPN, as told by the top reporters and insiders on the planet. Listen

It took about as long as the average Gregg Popovich sideline interview to come up with this squad. These were all easy decisions, considering each player's combination of greatness and longevity with the Spurs. (Kawhi Leonard would have been in strong consideration if not for the lack of the latter.)

Duncan and Robinson are on the short list of MVPs who played their entire careers for one franchise. Ginobili and Parker were essential parts of a dynasty. Gervin was a must-see superstar whose presence made sure that pro basketball stuck in small-market San Antonio.

-- MacMahon

G: Gary PaytonG: Gus WilliamsF: Detlef SchrempfF: Shawn KempC: Jack Sikma

Payton, Kemp and Sikma, the three players to make at least five All-Star appearances in Sonics uniforms, are the three certain selections here. At the other guard spot, there are strong cases for Fred Brown (who's second in career scoring) and Ray Allen (a four-time All-Star in Seattle), but Gus Williams' key role in the Sonics' 1979 championship and pair of All-NBA picks give him the nod.

Spencer Haywood reached greater heights and Rashard Lewis had more longevity, but with the last spot I'm going with Schrempf, whose versatile and efficient game was ahead of its time in the 1990s.

-- Kevin Pelton

G: John StocktonG: Pete MaravichF: Adrian DantleyF: Karl MaloneC: Rudy Gobert

The Jazz's arena is located at the intersection of Stockton and Malone, with statues of the legends prominently featured out front, so we figured those guys should make the cut. Dantley was a historically elite scorer for the Jazz, averaging 29.6 points on 56.2% shooting and winning a pair of NBA scoring titles during his seven-season tenure in Utah.

Gobert gets the nod over fellow dominant defensive anchor Mark Eaton because he's a far superior offensive player and rebounder. It was difficult not to include Darrell Griffith, aka "Dr. Dunkenstein," but Pistol Pete was too productive (25.7 points and 5.7 assists per game) with the New Orleans Jazz to be left out.

-- MacMahon

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Leading Conference for Investors and Entrepreneurs in the $8 trillion US Longevity Economy Goes Virtual – PRNewswire

Monday, May 18th, 2020

BERKELEY, Calif., May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Entering its 17th year as the premier thought leader conference for investors, entrepreneurs and other experts at the intersection of aging and technology, Mary Furlong & Associates addresses the coronavirus global pandemic by taking its What's Next Longevity Venture Summit virtual. The virtual event offers an expanded audience an online learning and networking experience with leading authorities on the future trends in the $8 trillion U.S. longevity economy.

"For almost two decades our conference has been known as the event where deals get done, companies get financed, and great leaders get discovered," said Mary Furlong, a successful entrepreneur and author in aging whose What's Next conferences have been the platform for someparticipating entrepreneurs to go on to build sustainable brands with over $100 millionin revenue,several being financed right at the conference. "This year our focus is on the global disruption of COVID-19 as the key issue of our time - the social isolation of older adults and the role technology can play is going to accelerate innovation in this space and we're thrilled to deliver the key players in a new virtual environment that encourages the collaboration and funding opportunities that will be needed."

The two-day virtual conference offers online participants specially curated live panel discussions on June 24-25 with top investors in venture, private equity, government and corporate and a special panel on female investors; analysts presenting the latest research briefings; entrepreneurs discussing pivots that worked; and other experts analyzing the new lens on telehealth, cannabis, home care, senior housing and other longevity market issues. Keynote speakers include: Ken Dychtwald, author and co-founder of AgeWave, Nancy LeaMond of AARP, David Rhew of Microsoft and Jean Accius of AARP. In addition, virtual attendees receive exclusive access beginning June 24 to the newly created What's Next Academy Sessions of pre-recorded thought leader panel discussions on the impact and opportunities in aging since the coronavirus pandemic.

The virtual conference also includes three competitions looking at innovation to address COVID-19 in the older population including the What's Next Innovation Challenge sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs; the $10,000 Business Competition with an elite judging panel and the Pitch for Distribution where start-up companies hope to earn a chance to meet with organizations that can help scale their business.

A long-term sponsor of the What's Next events, John Hopper, chief investment officerof the Ziegler Link-Age Funds and a 2020 Business Competition judge said, "We're proud to be a 7-year sponsor of the What's Next events and have made numerous investments in companies that have grown out of this competition and conference, including past winners and finalists Life Site, Embodied Labs, Vynca and Vital Tech. In light of COVID-19, we know some of the fastest growing companies providing critical products and services to seniors are in the area of telehealth and virtual training and care coordination."

The What's Next Longevity Venture Summit is produced by Mary Furlong, founder and CEO of Mary Furlong & Associates along with co-producers Lori Bitter, founder of The Business of Aging, and Sherri Snelling, CEO of Caregiving Club.Top sponsors include: AARP Innovation Labs, Ageless Innovation, Great Call, CareLinx, Great Call, Home Instead, Simple Meds, CABHI, Nationwide, VitalTech, Medterra CBD, CareMerge, Movano Inc. iN2L, Hamilton CapTel, Thrive, Ziegler-Linkage, WAHVE, My Family Channel and Bindix. See the event agenda and full list of speakers and sponsors at:

Media Contact:Lori Bitter 415-652-9884[emailprotected]

SOURCE Mary Furlong & Associates

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Leading Conference for Investors and Entrepreneurs in the $8 trillion US Longevity Economy Goes Virtual - PRNewswire


The Academy’s Longevity Should Incentivize Reform – The Chicago Maroon

Monday, May 18th, 2020

In what I can only assume is a rational response to watching a sweaty Chris Cuomo deliver the news every day from our basement, my father recently suggested that I start studying for the GRE. He is nervous about the vague, nebulous thing we call the economy, and more than that, he is nervous about the prospects that Ihis sociology major daughtermight have in whatevers left of it after the pandemic. Its just good to have options, he says. The University, if its extended deadlines are any indication, agrees. The assumption underlying both of these concerns is a commonplace one: It is the assumption that the academy will stand for a long time. Come hell or high water, the U.S. News and World Reportrankings will be released next year, and they will serve us all well. Education endures.

The very longevity of the institution is precisely what makes Professor Kimberly Kay Hoangs recent op-ed so infuriating. The piece has rightfully been denounced by graduate students and professors alike as arrogant tenure-splaining, an erasure of the years of graduate student organizing it took to get almost the median income in Illinois, and perhaps most simply, just plain bad sociology. No less a member of the sociological cannon than Max Weber once remarked that [w]hether a lecturer ever attains the position of a full professor, let alone a scientific assistant becoming director of an institute, is simply a matter of chance. True, luck is not the only factor, but it plays an unusually predominant roleI can hardly think of another career in the world where chance plays such an outsize part. It is nothing short of outrageous, given the incisive structural analysis that characterizes sociology, to hear a professor in the field make an argument condoning the logics of meritocracy.

This university and those like it will be around for a long time. And given that, shouldnt our imperative be to make it as palatable as it can possibly be? If the academic job market is as punishing as everyone says, doesnt it behoove us to take this unprecedented moment to advocate for its restructuring, or for some collective insulation against precariousness? To quote poet Anne Boyer, This virus makes what has always been the case even more emphatically so. There is always a balancing act between preparing for how the world is and how we wish it were, I know, but in balancing, we must be careful to never legitimize the former and never abandon the latter.

Legitimation, unfortunately, is the least of what Hoangs op-ed does. It does nothing for graduate students, current and aspiring, to hear from a tenured professor that it is our job right now to analyze the situation were trying to survive, or to lower our expectations for the future. It does nothing to hear that we are privileged, because Hoang is more so. (And Im sure that all the graduate students who are planning to write subpar dissertations have been thoroughly moved by her op-ed to do otherwise.)

Writing that [i]f you feel that [producing an outstanding dissertation] is too much of a challenge, or is otherwise detrimental to your mental health, this is the time to think about alternative careers that are suitable to your personal and professional goals is not simply tough loveit is exactly how the market will explain away students who dont make it out of Ph.D. programs, with no thought or regard as to why. Hoangs words are an acquiescencea capitulation and reductive furthering of a deeply flawed system.

In her Sociological Theory class in the fall, Hoang enthusiastically extolled us undergraduates to theorize from a place of conviction. She told us that good sociology came from righteous beliefs. I am of the conviction that the academy needs the people who would be dissuaded from its ranks by her op-ed far more than those people need the academy. I am of the conviction that we should not step over the corpses of others to compete in academia. I am of the conviction that there is space in the ivory tower for people to not just work, but to live and heal and recover and grieve.

Its a shame Hoang is not convinced of the same.

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The Academy's Longevity Should Incentivize Reform - The Chicago Maroon


Seymour jokes about the real secret to Brady’s longevity –

Monday, May 18th, 2020

The New England Patriots have won 11 straight AFC East titles, but some expect that impressive streak to come to an end in 2020 as the post-Tom Brady era begins.

Their biggest competition is expected to be the Buffalo Bills, who finished 10-6 in 2019 and added some talent in the offseason, most notably star wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

With Brady gone and Buffalo seemingly getting better, Hall of Fame Bills quarterback Jim Kelly believes this is the year his former team overtakes New England for the division crown.

Download the MyTeams app for the latest Patriots news and analysis

If they dont, then somethings wrong,Kelly said on CBS Sports Radio's The Zack Gelb Show. I mean, Tom Brady is not there to block you anymore. So that, to me, is huge. I think Tom of course is getting older, getting old, but he still can play. I tried to talk him into retirement like two, three years ago, but he just wouldnt listen to me. I dont know why.

"But now that Bradys gone, I definitely do think the Bills are the team to beat, even though you look at the Jets, theyre getting better. Miami with Tua (Tagovailoa) coming in, I think theyre going to be better. And of course, (Bill) Belichick will have his team ready to play. So well see what happens at the quarterback position in New England."

Despite Kelly's confidence, the Bills have been cautiously optimistic as they ready for life without Brady in the division. Head coach Sean McDermott still believes New England should be considered the favorite, and general manager Brandon Beane has been wary of counting out Bill Belichick's team.

Barring any surprises, it'llbe 2019 fourth-round draft pick Jarrett Stidham replacing Brady at quarterback and looking to extend that AFC East title streak to 12.Stidham has taken only a handful of snaps as an NFL QB, but he's made quite the impression on his teammates behind the scenes. His former teammates at Auburn also have raved about his work ethic.

The Patriots (+115) are still favored over the Bills (+145), according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

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Seymour jokes about the real secret to Brady's longevity -


SOLIUS Announces Investment from Human Longevity Inc. to Support Mission of Improving Health, Performance, and Longevity. – PRNewswire

Monday, May 18th, 2020

SEATTLE, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --SOLIUS, a developer of innovative light therapy technologies focused on mitigating vitamin D deficiency, today announced investment from Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) into its Series B financing.

The SOLIUS technology stimulates the production of vitamin D in the skin using a narrow spectrum of ultraviolet B (UVB) light. Vitamin D has a wide range of impact on systemic health, and supports physical, mental and immune function. SOLIUS delivers safe and effective light therapy using a personalized dosing system while filtering out nearly all other ultraviolet light. The SOLIUS technology can produce 10x more vitamin D than the sun, using 100x less ultraviolet energy. This technology is also an effective solution for at risk populations unable to absorb vitamin D orally.

HIL is a pioneer and leader in the delivery of data-driven, predictive precision health intelligence. Wei-Wu He, PhD, Executive Chairman, HLI stated: "We are excited to invest in SOLIUS as its mission is to provide the benefits of the sun without the harmful rays to unlock the healing powers of the human body. Investing in SOLIUS is another example of HLI's expertise in aggregating and leveraging technologies designed to demonstrably increase health, performance and lifespan. I welcome SOLIUS to our emerging ecosystem of longevity and performance-focused companies."

Bob Wise, SOLIUS CEO, said "Humans need sun exposure to stay healthy, and the benefits of the sun cannot be fully replicated with hormone replacement, such as oral vitamin D supplements. We are excited to partner with HLI in developing technologies that prevent disease and improve human health."

ABOUT SOLIUSSOLIUS was founded to advance the understanding of photobiology and the impact that ultraviolet light has on the human body. SOLIUS is dedicated to developing light therapies that stimulate the production of hormones via the skin. The SOLIUS products aim to improve health for people affected by conditions scientifically correlated with a reduction in sun exposure and vitamin D deficiency. For more information, visit

About HLIHuman Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is a genomics-based, health intelligence company empowering proactive healthcare and enabling a life better lived. HLI's business focus includes the Health Nucleus, a genomic-powered, precision medicine center which uses whole-genome sequencing analysis, advanced imaging, and blood analytics, to deliver the most complete picture of individual health.

Contact: [emailprotected]


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Eight O&M steps to extend the longevity of hydropower plants – ESI Africa

Monday, May 18th, 2020

The cost of implementing a robust operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy for hydropower accounts for a relatively small percentage of the value of electricity generated. However, failure to implement adequate and sufficient O&M can result in very high costs due to increased losses of production (direct and indirect) and higher needs for rehabilitation and equipment replacement.

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The development of hydropower continues throughout the world, with some 22GW of hydropower being added in 2018, bringing the worlds hydropower capacity to around 1,290GW. In 2018, the estimated generation from these facilities amounted to 4,200TWh, or some 16% of the worlds electricity production.

A key distinguishing feature of hydropower is its potential longevity. A hydropower facility can operate for 100 years or more, compared with 20-30 years for most other generation technologies. This article outlines the best O&M strategies that can be applied to maintain the longevity of hydropower plants through a step-by-step approach.

Step 1: Diagnose existing O&M arrangements, budgets and owner/operator capabilities

For existing hydropower fleets, assess the condition and performance of theassets and services, including risks related to major equipment and need for replacement and repairs. The intended outcome of the diagnosis is toidentify what aspects of O&M need to be improved, and to establish whether the owner needs external assistance for operation of its assets.

Carrying out the diagnosis is also a good preliminary tool for assessing the status of the existing equipment, prioritising rehabilitation and, if needed, launching related feasibility studies to improve performance and ensure future safe operation. Diagnosis of an existing fleets performance can focus on contractual or standard industry key performance indicators (KPIs).

When financing a new facility to be added to an existing fleet, considerationshould be given to the current fleets O&M performance record. This will help guide the O&M strategy for the new facility, and possibly trigger changes to the O&M strategy for the existing fleet. Where the new project is a stand-alone facility, including those developed by an independent power producer (IPP), the same KPIs can be assessed on past or existing facilities for which the IPP team has or had responsibility.

Step 2: Define the objectives to be achieved through the implementation of the O&M strategy

Meeting the define objectives based on the diagnosis in Step 1 should be seen as a long-term goal that may require multiple iterations, such as changes in the operational management of facilities, short- and medium-term maintenance, and refurbishment, or the upgrading of the facilities. In order to ensure that a companys business plan does not become too focused on only one or two performance areas (such as finance or reliability), multiple goals and objectives are required.

The objectives of the strategy must be defined by indicators to be applied at all levels, including technical, financial, human resource services, and management, among others. Vision and mission statements may be used, if they exist, or formulated, if they do not, as an anchor point for the O&M strategy. Their primary objective is to communicate the companys strategic goals and is often linked to operational performance. Such vision and mission statements only have value if they are used by management as guiding principles for the business.

Step 3: Explore various activities to be undertaken to achieve these objectives

Considerations to be addressed while preparing the list of activities for the O&M strategy should go beyond assessment of asset repairs and refurbishment to examining root causes and long-term and sustainable solutions. The output from this step includes identification of the core activities and measures required in order to achieve the strategic objectives established in Step 2, based on the diagnosis completed in Step 1.

Step 4: Examination of O&M contractual models

Depending on the capabilities identified in Step 1, along with the activities selected in Step 3, explore O&M contractual models to identify which activities will be implemented internally and which will be outsourced. This can be broken down into three models to identify which model works best, namely:

Model one: Owner retains sole responsibility for O&M. Model two: Owner outsources some O&M responsibilities to consultants, contractors, or suppliers. Model three: Owner outsources all O&M responsibility to an independent operator.

Step 5: Training and human resources management

Explore organisation and staffing options (and organograms) according to owner capacity and requirements for external training and human resources. The success of the organisation depends on the quality of its employees (skills, knowledge, and experience) at all levels of the company and how well the human resources are selected, trained, and managed.

The differences between the performance of well-run and poorly performing utility fleets are evident at multiple levels. The greatest responsibility rests at the senior and management levels. Shortcomings should be identified during the diagnosis in Step 1 and through a more detailed operational audit.

Step 6: Financing for the implementation of the O&M strategy

Estimate financial resources required for implementing the selected model, including any external contracting. For the purposes of validating the O&M strategy, the costs are often estimated in USD. However, local or other international currencies may also be used, matching the currency that was adopted for estimating the benefits in Step 2. The costs of hydropower facility O&M vary considerably due to a range of factors including:

Nature of the facilities: complex facilities with multiple units, extensive civil works, and extensive associated infrastructure cost more to operate than simple compact facilities.

Age: older hydropower facilities with manual controls, analogue systems, and outdated equipment cost more to operate than modern, fully automated, remotely operated digitalised plants.

Condition: facilities in poor condition requiring continuous attention and suffering frequent failures cost more to operate than facilities in good condition. Facilities in poor condition are likely to require significant capital investment programmes.

Location: facilities in remote locations, especially where accommodation, utilities, and other facilities need to be provided for O&M staff, cost more than hydropower facilities in urban locations.

Country: since staff costs form a significant portion of OPEX, the labour costs and available skill levels in the country have a significant impact on O&M costs, especially if lack of skills means that expatriates are required. Some other input costs (vehicles, fuel, etc.) also vary by country.

Regulatory regime: the cost of permits, licences, registrations, rents, and other administrative outgoings varies from facility to facility and by country.

Owners approach to staffing: many traditional public utilities carry larger staff resources than commercial organisations with leaner operations.

The cost schedules from this Step will be used in the cost-benefit analysis to validate the strategy and check whether the proposed strategy is sustainable and bankable.

Step 7: Cost-benefit analysis of proposed strategy

Carry out cost-benefit analysis to assess the economic viability of the proposed strategy. If the strategy does not pass the test for economic viability, it may be necessary to go back to Step 2 to adjust objectives, activities, and resources. Once financial viability of the proposed strategy is achieved, internal and external validation can be sought. This Step also includes a check that adequate funding will be available.

Step 8: Monitoring and key performance indicators

Implement the strategy and prepare annual and rolling five-year operating plans and longer-term capital programmes. Overall performance of the strategy will be monitored through KPIs specified in appropriate agreements and contractual arrangements. The terms and conditions in the O&M contract will need to reflect the obligations of the owner under its concession agreement and PPA in the case of an IPP, or the requirements of the electricity regulator in the case of a public utility.

Model 3 case study: Nalubaale-Kiira Hydropower Complex, Uganda

The Ugandan government, working with the Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UEGCL), awarded a 20-year operational, management and maintenance concession to Eskom Uganda Limited (EUL), a subsidiary of Eskom, to cover both the Nalubaale Power Station and the adjacent Kiira Power Station.

The concession agreement commenced in 2003, with the electricity generated being sold to UETCL; the agreement expires on April 1, 2023. In this Model 3 concession arrangement, all O&M responsibilities are assumed by EUL, the private operator, for a fixed duration. UEGCL supervises the asset health and assumes all risks that are deemed to be catastrophic in nature. The owner reports to Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to enforce performance standards, especially during the periodic renewal of generation licence performance targets.

EUL, the O&M operator, assumes all operational risks and mobilises all the required capital funding to keep the assets in good condition under an investment incentive structure, based on a 12% return on investment on all verified investments (any capital replacement made by EUL is recovered through asset depreciation plus a 12% ROI) during the contract period. Utility Prudent Practices are generally the yardstick by which the assets are to be maintained. So far, no specific details of these practices have been defined in the existing contract between EUL and UEGCL due to the broad definition of prudent practices.

Under the current 20-year O&M contract with Eskom Uganda, UEGCL hasexperienced challenges and successes, which include:

Transfer of knowledge Eskom Uganda has facilitated knowledge and skills transfer to a number of trainees from academic institutions as part of the usual industrial practice of internship programmes.

Modernisation the operator has modernised some of the critical plantsystems, albeit at a slower pace than what was anticipated at contractsigning. These improvements reduced the number of forced outages at the Nalubaale Power Plant.

Due to the generic definition of prudent practices, the success of the O&M contractual arrangement with Eskom Uganda cannot be fully appraised in the absence of appropriate qualitative or quantitative assessment. Discussions are ongoing to amend the contract to improve the contractual performance measures with a focus on asset management.

Due to rapidly advancing technologies and long procurement lead times, there is an ongoing requirement to stock spare components to avoid loss ofgeneration due to forced outages.

Alkali Silicate Reaction (concrete expansion) at the Nalubaale HPP has been (and continues to be) a technical issue since 1964 when the first crack appeared, resulting in a significant reduction in the expected life of the civil structure. Therefore, a programme has been undertaken to carry out a comprehensive rehabilitation of the power station, beginning with the feasibility study already underway.

Skills retention continues to be a challenge due to ongoingindustrialisation where skilled staff are in high demand by competitors.Therefore, there is a need to continuously provide on-board training and competitive salaries to retain skilled workers.

In general, the emergence of private sector-led investment in other forms ofrenewable energy, mainly from solar PV and other small hydropower projects on seasonal rivers, has resulted in an increase in peaking requirements and start/stop cycles for the large hydropower projects on the Nile River.

This additional demand for peaking will ultimately lead to a reduction in the design life of the hydro units, particularly for Kiira HPP which was designed for baseload conditions. The impact on Nalubaale units is not seen to be as significant because the units are Kaplans and can easily follow demand; i.e., each unit has an operating range from as low as 6MW up to 18MW, providing a healthy margin of spinning reserve.

In view of these challenges, a modernisation plan for the Nalubaale-Kiira Hydropower Complex is in preparation, focusing mainly on the optimisation of the two power plants to improve their plant factor, and to find a permanent solution to concrete expansion problems at Nalubaale Power Plant. ESI

This is article is based on an adaption of the Operation and MaintenanceStrategies for Hydropower handbook, compiled by the World Bank with thesupport of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and in collaboration with the International Hydropower Association. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.

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Eight O&M steps to extend the longevity of hydropower plants - ESI Africa


How to live longer: Eat this more than four times a week to lower risk of early death – Express

Monday, May 18th, 2020

It is startling the extent to which science has given us agency over our lives. Science has shown that we are not merely subject to the forces of nature or some divine power. It is the choices we make that largely determine the course of our lives.

Specific ingredients have been shown to provide a bulwark against these deadly complications.

Chillis are one such ingredient, according to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The study investigated the protective benefits of chillis and found that consuming the spice ingredient on a daily basis slashes the chance of being killed by stroke by 61 percent and heart attack by 40 percent.

To arrive at this conclusion, Italian researchers followed more than 22,000 adults for an average of eight years.

DON'T MISSHigh blood pressure: Studies show adding this drink to your diet will lower your reading[TIPS]Hair loss treatment: A mineral which strengthens hair follicles to stimulate hair growth[TIPS]High blood pressure: Study reveals the best type of breakfast cereal to lower your reading[TIPS]

They found people who ate chillies four times weekly were 23 percent less likely to die young than those who avoided them.

Consuming the spicy pepper also cut risk of all forms of heart death by 34 percent.

Lead researcher Marialaura Bonaccio, from Institute for Research, Hospitalisation and Health Care Neuromed in Pozzilli, said: An interesting fact is that protection from mortality risk was independent of the type of diet people followed.

"In other words, someone can follow the healthy Mediterranean diet, someone else can eat less healthily, but for all of them chilli pepper has a protective effect".

Fellow researcher Licia Iacoviello, a Professor of Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Insubria, said: Chilli pepper is a fundamental component of our food culture.

Over the centuries, beneficial properties of all kinds have been associated with its consumption, mostly on the basis of anecdotes or traditions, if not magic.

And now we know that the various plants of the capsicum [pepper] species, although consumed in different ways throughout the world, can exert a protective action towards our health".

To enhance the benefits, you should enjoy chilis as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

According to the NHS, a healthy, balanced diet should consist of a low-fat, high-fibre diet, which should include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (five portions a day) and whole grains.

"You should limit the amount of salt you eat to no more than six grams (0.2oz) a day as too much salt will increase your blood pressure," advises them health body.

High blood pressure is the pressure of blood pushing against your artery walls.

It is a precursor to heart disease so it is imperative to keep it incheck.

"You should avoid food containing saturated fats, because these will increase the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood," says the NHS.

"Bad" cholesterol, otherwise known as LDL cholesterol, is a fatty substance that builds up in your blood.

It can clog up your arteries, starving the heart of oxygenated blood - a process that can lead to having a heart attack.

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How to live longer: Eat this more than four times a week to lower risk of early death - Express


Business Forum: The WTO is dead. Long live the WTO! – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Many of the worlds multilateral organizations have the longevity of nation states. The International Telecommunication Union is older than Germany. The World Intellectual Property Organization directly descends from a body Victor Hugo helped to establish. The institutions governing global trade, by contrast, last about as long as Spinal Tap drummers.

After 25 years of existence, the World Trade Organization may be hurtling toward the irrelevance that doomed its predecessors. Robert Azevedo, whos been director-general since 2013, will step down before his term formally ends next year, four people familiar with the matter told Bryce Baschuk and Jenny Leonard of Bloomberg News.

That decision is hardly surprising. The kingdom over which he presides is crumbling. Global trade liberalization, the original purpose of the WTO and its predecessor, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, or GATT, hit a wall more than a decade ago when the Doha Round of talks collapsed, thanks in part to the perennial sticking points of agriculture and services.

The so-called free trade deals that have been signed since are better described as preferential agreements, serving as much to constrain as to open up global commerce by creating in- and out-groups. Those on the outside often do worse than if no pact had been signed at all. The biggest regional agreements that have been worked on over the past decade, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, are more-or-less explicitly treated not as instruments to free up trade but as fronts in the long-term soft power fight between the U.S. and China.

That same rivalry last year put a finish to the Appellate Body, the WTOs most important remaining function after the fall of the Doha Round. The Geneva-based quasi-court, which adjudicates disputes between members, solved one of the most glaring problems with GATT, the inability of the trading system to bind its most powerful members. Still, it had always had its discontents both in emerging economies, which often saw it as a tool to force open their markets to powerful multinationals, and in the U.S., which equally didnt appreciate coming in on the losing side of cases.

With the rise of China as an export powerhouse and the arrival of long-standing WTO skeptic Robert Lighthizer as President Donald Trumps trade representative, the Appellate Bodys disintegration last year was all but inevitable.

Right now, global trade seems under threat in a way it hasnt been since the Cold War. In the short term, the coronavirus has brought swathes of international commerce to a halt: The WTO expects trade could decline this year by as much as 32%. World merchandise volumes, which almost always grow once you smooth out month-to-month volatilities, had been in decline for nearly a year even before the outbreak hit. The U.S.-China trade deal announced with great fanfare in January isnt worth the paper its written on, as weve argued.

Worse still, its main deliverable outcome ended up being a $200 billion-over-two-years increase in Chinese imports from the U.S. that would lean heavily on farm produce and petroleum. Thats now at the mercy of both Chinese demand and rickety virus-hit U.S. supply chains, not to mention plummeting prices and production of American oil which will push the headline dollar target even further out of reach. Trump has recently been signaling deep discontent with the agreement as he ramps up anti-Chinese rhetoric around the coronavirus. In the current moment, Januarys deal risks becoming less a balm for U.S.-Chinese relations than an irritant.

While all that seems quite grim, the course of liberalizing trade never did run smooth. GATT was born from the ashes of the International Trade Organization, which John Maynard Keynes had envisioned as a global body to eliminate trade surpluses and deficits. The WTO itself arose to fix GATTs drift into irrelevancy in the 1980s, when a young lawyer named Robert Lighthizer assisted in a previous round of might-is-right trade diplomacy between the U.S. and Japan. Few suspected, as the WTOs 1999 Seattle meeting attracted enormous anti-globalization protests, that Chinas coming membership would kick off one of the richest periods for trade the world had ever seen.

Thats reason to hope that despite the current predawn darkness, international commerce will someday find a way to rise above its current problems and open anew. The common view that trade liberalization has only helped the rich is justified yet that was a shortcoming not of the WTO, but of the governments that failed to use the benefits of open commerce to improve the welfare of working people. Perhaps it requires the fall of the existing regime for the world to build a new trading system fit for the 21st century.

David Fickling is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering commodities, as well as industrial and consumer companies. He has been a reporter for Bloomberg News, Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the Guardian.

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Business Forum: The WTO is dead. Long live the WTO! - Minneapolis Star Tribune


Named top 5 secrets of Japanese longevity – The Times Hub

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Named top 5 secrets of Japanese longevity. As you know, the nation with the highest life expectancy. Japanese people often live to 100 years and remain not only physically healthy, but in clear mind and memory.

Japan is a country with the oldest population in the world. Men on average live to 87 years and women to 81. The number of citizens that crossed the threshold of 70 years, continues to grow. According to preliminary estimates, by 2025, those in Japan will be about 20 000 000. While those who have not reached the age of 50 years, local scientists call young people. As it turned out, based on the longevity of Japanese people is the high level of education. The Japanese are trying to increase their own awareness at any age and is not considered shameful to learn until old age. The more information people receive every day, the more chances that he will live many, many years.

The second secret of Japanese longevity lies in regular physical activity. This nation loves the sport. The Japanese perform like regular exercising, and strenuously practise yoga, qigong and other Eastern teachings. The third secret is proper nutrition. The Japanese do not have the habit to overeat, but food they consumed only if it is required by the body. This eliminates perpetual snacking and is sort of the prevention of obesity. Besides, the people of this country never emotionally eating and generally they have not taken food excess. Speaking of stress, the Japanese, unlike Europeans, do not consider this as harmful. Moreover, they are convinced that it helps find solutions in difficult situations and causes a person to act.

Closes the list of social activity. For the Japanese, as for other inhabitants of the planet, it is important to communicate, so they try to spend more time with family and friends. This type of interaction promotes the production of hormones of happiness, which are so necessary for the proper functioning of the body, says Planet-Today.

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Named top 5 secrets of Japanese longevity - The Times Hub


Adaptogens And Why They’re Good For Longevity – Longevity LIVE

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Including healing adaptogens in your health regime is important for your longevity. Most simply put, they help push your body into recovery mode so that its able to restore itself before the next rush of fight or flight response. Adaptogens are extracted from non-toxic plants Turmeric, ashwagandha, rhodiola, cordyceps, and ginseng which help regulate the bodys stress response.

Over years of evolution, our bodies have learned to protect us from stressors by fighting or going into flight. The body does this to clear your mind, boost your energy and improve your focus. Its a survival instinct to keep us intact when we try to escape the situation. Basically so you dont die. However, we no longer have to face beasts, dangerous sabre-toothed tigers or cavemen. Back then humans only experienced these threatening situations now and then. Nowadays were faced with continuous, chronic stress from work, traffic, family, and finances. This is seriously bad for the body and keeps us in fight or flight for longer than its meant to be.

Sitting with prolonged chronic stress can seriously damage your health, mood, and quality of life over time. It ages you. Especially during COVID-19, when times are very unsettling. Fortunately, nature has a solution where healing adaptogens bring us the right kind of nutrition. These plant compounds can help us get out of the fight or flight state so that our bodies and minds can recover and restore themselves.

Its true that stress is a killer because it ages you. The more anxious our minds are the less were able to focus and perform. Thats why we need to ingest healing adaptogens regularly to stay younger for longer.

The word adaptogen originates from 1950s. They were first used as medicinal herbs all the way back in 3000 B.C., in Ancient Chinese and Ayurveda practices. Russian toxicologist Nikolay Lazarev, defined healing adaptogens as plants that increase the state of non-specific resistance when applied to stress. This means they can help protect the body against a range of stressors.

Moreover, healing adaptogens are herbs and plants with special properties that are naturally occurring in nature and can help the body resist emotional or physical stressors. They help heal stress, fatigue and work by targeting the bodys three stages of stress:

Now you can imagine being in a prolonged state of stress will inevitably result in pure exhaustion or burn out. You might be familiar with some healing adaptogens including turmeric, goji berries, maca root and various types of mushrooms. There is a very long list so there are loads to try!

Note that adaptogens are extracted from non-toxic plants which help regulate the bodys stress response. They can come from herbs, mushrooms, and roots. Most of which have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Scientists believe that these plant compounds work by acting on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. This involves the interaction between the brain and adrenal glands. Otherwise called the Sympathoadrenal System. This is thepart of the nervous system that helps control the bodys stress response.

Health researchers articles state that healing adaptogens might help boost focus and endurance during tiring situations. This is particularly important for those times when you would normally feel very fatigued and weak which might decrease performance. Healing adaptogens may also help the body resist stress-induced impairments of the neuroendocrine and immune systems.

Some research suggests that healing adaptogens might even benefit those with age-related disorders and cardiovascular problems. This means that elderly people may be able to maintain their health status on a normal level, improve their quality of life and even increase longevity. Doctors also believe that adaptogens could help support standard therapies used to aid patients fighting a range of health issues.

There are many reasons why we should all be using these plant compounds to live better, longer lives. Not only do they help fight daily stressors, but they also promote a more calm and stress-free mental state. If you are less stressed you will have a much stronger immune system which is what we all need during this pandemic. Healing adaptogens also come in a variety of forms like fermented adaptogen powders to help the body address the effects of stress in a natural way.

Theyre said to improve cognitive function and mood, increase energy levels, assist with stress management, and help mental fatigue. We know they help with stress. However, they allow the body to maintain the resistance phase of general adaptation syndrome for longer. This means you will be able to avoid hitting the exhaustion phase. This means youre bulletproof when facing stress or both mental and physical stress. Whenever your heart rate goes up and the adrenaline pumps, a lot of cortisol is released. You might feel more alert and energized so youre able to protect yourself from whatever is threatening you.

But then the body needs to resist, you know straight after a presentation, intense workout or stressful exam. The body needs time to recover from the trauma of the event. More importantly, it has to restore your normal blood pressure and cortisol levels. You will be fine if the stress subsides because your body will return itself to its pre-stress state. However, if stress lingers long term and you remain on alert, your body will try to adapt to this condition.

This is not good. Your body startsrecognizing it as the new normal. Therefore you start learning to live with stress. This is acceptable, to a degree, but if your body continues at this level between alarm and resistance for a while, without time for proper recovery, stress will overtake the body and youll enter Stage 3 of GASexhaustion.

Yes, this is the part where you might feel like you just cant continue. This is the point where youve hit exhaustion and start to feel extremely anxious and tired, moody and maybe even sick. High-stress levels make you more likely to get sick which means you need rest otherwise youll see a serious decline in health and performance.

Luckily, healing adaptogens help keep you in the resistance phase of GAS longer. This means your body has time to recharge itself before any major damage is done. Scientists believe that adaptogens have a stimulatory effect, revving up the recovery process that supports healthy stress hormone levels.

It is very important to know what works best for your body. Everyone responds to healing adaptogens differently. Your friend might be using a particular compound, but It might not have the same effect on you. Thats why if you choose to experiment with adaptogensBe sure to so try them one at a time to determine the exact effect each has on you.

There are a range of benefits by taking a daily adaptogen supplement. Particularly if you want to regulate cortisol levels and improve athletic performance. You get capsules, tablets, tinctures and powders which can be mixed with water or sprinkled on food.

Most healing adaptogens are considered safe, but if youre unsure, it may be best to consult your doctor before adding them to your diet. Especially if youre taking chronic medication. Certain herbal supplements can cause mild allergic reactions or some digestive discomfort.

Experts explain that adaptogens are great at regulating the stress response. However, they may not be for everyone. Just like anything else out there. It needs to be if youve got an autoimmune disorder or youre taking an immunosuppressant. Moreover, adaptogens can cause the immune system to become more active. This is brilliant news for generally healthy people. However, it can cause complications for those whose immune systems already arent working properly.

Every adaptogen is unique in what it can do. They all have benefits but you need to know what each could help you with.

This herb is fantastic at managing due to its curcumin content. Studies state that curcumin aids in regulating inflammatory responses, which helps exercise recovery and muscle soreness. This is great for athletes who want to increase their performance. Better yet, turmeric may be an ideal supplement for just about anyone.

Note that curcumin alone is not very helpful, due to its poor bioavailability. To increase its absorption and effectiveness, always include black pepper, piperine.This increases bioavailability by 2000%. Why? Because pepper inhibits enzymes that break down curcumin in the body. Curcumin is also fat-soluble so combining it with lipids will help absorption even more.

This is a traditional herb that originates in India and could be one of the most powerful and diverse adaptogens. Healing adaptogens like this once can help enhance your health and performance. Studies have discovered that supplementing with ashwagandha can also improve your resistance to stress. This is powerful because your quality of life will be much higher. Moreover, people (about 30%) who were severely stressed also saw a significant reduction in cortisol levels when using ashwagandha.

Not only does this supplement get you out of flight or fight mode, but it also helps your aerobic endurance and strength performance. Amazingly, you might even notice an increase in the development of muscle mass. Researchers believe that healing adaptogens like this one could even help reaction time and performance on cognitive and psychomotor tasks.

If youve never heard of this one, dont stress, neither have many others.

This adaptogen grows as a flowering plant found in the arctic regions. Apparently, it can help improve stress, fatigue, athletic performance and energy levels. Researchers have learned that taking rhodiola for only four weeks can help reduce the symptoms of stressful life situations.

Another study showed it helped boost participants time to exhaustion by 24 seconds during endurance exercise. Wowee!

Used traditionally in Chinese medicine, this is a hybrid fungus that can be used for many reasons. Researchers say that its mainly used today as a performance-boosting supplement. Cordyceps are rich in adenosine, which is a component of ATP. This is the energy source the body uses for all its movements. Therefore, experts believe that cordyceps can help ATP production, which might promote endurance performance.

Other alternative medical studies show that supplementing with cordyceps may help boost metabolic thresholds. This is a marker of aerobic performance in older people. In addition, studies found that cordyceps militaries, which is a synthetic form of Cordyceps. It is also part of a mushroom blend and can aid performance with respect to time to exhaustion during exercise, and VO2 max.

The secret is pairing these with other healing adaptogens like ashwagandha, rhodiola, and astragalus. This will help to promote daily energy and exercise performance. If youre passionate about exercise, then youve got even more reason to take more healing adaptogens especially pre-workout. This will help support you from the beginning of the workout through to the recovery phase. You wont feel as exhausted and will be able to recover a little more quickly, not only during the workout but also for the next session.

Another powerful plant thats particularly famous in Chinese medicine. Healing adaptogens like this one are brilliant at fighting inflammatory responses and helping to boost immunity and cognitive function. This is mainly because of the compounds ginsenosides and gintonin.

Korean studies take ginseng or a placebo a week prior to exercise and four days afterwards. Seventy-two hours after the workout, the ginseng users had significantly lowered markers of muscle damage. Other studies have demonstrated a boost in cellular health when women took ginseng for 12 weeks.

Researchers also state that Ginseng can help keep you feeling calm. You will also be able to concentrate and focus better on tasks within only eight days of usage.

So if youre feeling particularly stressed or anxious right now during the pandemic, then you might want to give Ginseng and other healing adaptogens a try.

We need to learn to manage stress better. When this happens, it can cause a cascade of other problemsmentally, physically and emotionally. Heres what to do.

The Total Guide to Adaptogenic Supplements and Herbs. Omnit.

Cordyceps Sinensis 101: Why Is This Supplement So Popular? Omnit.

Examining the effects of Withania somnifera supplementation on muscle strength and recovery: a randomized controlled trial. NCBI.

Efficacy of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera [L.] Dunal) in improving cardiorespiratory endurance in healthy athletic adults. NCBI.

What Are Adaptogens? Herbs and Plants That Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety. The Beet.

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Adaptogens And Why They're Good For Longevity - Longevity LIVE


Nelly and Ludacris overcome severe weather and Wi-Fi issues for Verzuz battle on Instagram Live – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort…

Monday, May 18th, 2020

(CNN) Severe weather in St. Louis didnt stop Nelly and Ludacris from exchanging hits Saturday in the latest edition ofVerzuzon Instagram Live.

The two rappers were set to go live at 7 p.m., but repeated issues with a Wi-Fi signal on Nellys part caused delays and even lack of audio at times.

St. Louis, where Nelly lives, was dealing with strong thunderstorms, winds and possible hail Saturday, according to theNational Weather Service.

Your Wi-Fi needs some milk Ludacris jokingly said. Folks on Twitter also chimed in with their jokes.

After a couple of attempts, though, Nelly was back for a night of nostalgia with Ludacris.

More than 400,000 viewers tuned in for the three-hour livestream. Each Grammy award-winning rapper played their string of hits including How Low and Na-NaNa-Na.

Ludacris played an unreleased version of Money Maker with Nelly singing the chorus instead of Pharrell.

Like most of the other battles that took place already, both rappers praised one another.

Your longevity is legendary, Nelly told Ludacris.

There are no other Nellys in the world, Ludacris told Nelly.

Saturdays battle was part of an ongoing series by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland as a way to entertain fans during quarantine. Previous battles have featured singersErykah Badu and Jill Scott, singer-producersTeddy Riley and Babyfaceas well as rappers T-Pain and Lil Jon.

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How To Manage The Effects Of Lockdown On Your Skin Health – Longevity LIVE

Monday, May 18th, 2020

The coronavirus crisis poses new challenges for us all, including for the health of our skin. Being in isolation, with the accompanying stress, sanitizing measures, lack of fresh air and opportunities to exercise can result in a series of dermatological problems, such as dry skin, adult acne exacerbations, and flare-ups of other inflammatory skin conditions. The following details how being in lockdown can affect your skin, and what changes you can make to prevent it.

Think of your hands as the frontline of your defense against Covid-19. Touching contaminated surfaces can transfer the virus to your hands; touching your face (especially your mouth, eyes, and nose) is then a gateway to infection.

Face-touching has been known to be a driver of viral transmission for decades. For this reason, proper hand hygiene is a crucial preventive measure to stop the spread of Covid-19. However, it can lead to severely dry skin on your hands.

The humble, conventional bar of soap is all that is needed for effective hand cleansing to prevent virus transmission. The coronavirus has a fatty membrane that dissolves when it meets soap molecules, causing it to breakdown and become inactive. There is no benefit in the use of antibacterial soaps and using these may do more harm by removing the good bacteria of our skins microbiome (the community of microorganisms that reside on our skin). If you are not near a basin, then hand sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol is recommended by the CDC.

Rightfully, we are all taking hand hygiene seriously, so much so in fact, that there has been a dramatic rise in a type of eczema called irritant contact dermatitis. Research shows an increased incidence of hand eczema in the general population due to the zealous handwashing associated with the pandemic. Frequent hand cleansing with detergents (like soaps) leads to a gradual depletion of the fats in the superficial skin layers, and so the skin becomes less able to retain water. This disrupted skin barrier means that our hands may become dry, itchy, red, and cracked. Any break in the skin can allow bacteria and other germs in and so increase the risk of infection. Its thus important to avoid or treat very dry skin.

How can we wash our hands frequently and still maintain a healthy skin barrier? To help curb these problems, moisturizers should be used directly after handwashing and throughout the day, especially if you are prone to eczema. Its best to apply a moisturizer when hands are still damp from hand washing to lock in moisture, however, wait for your hands to dry completely if you are using a hand sanitizer. The optimal moisturizer is a thick fragrance-free cream with hydrating ingredients such as petroleum or glycerin. Ointments that may be too greasy for daytime can be applied at night under gloves. Troublesome hand eczema may need a prescription for a topical corticosteroid, to reduce inflammation. To avoid further irritation to your hands, its wise to use protective rubber gloves when washing dishes or clothes.

Psychological stress, in varying degrees, has become part of our new normal.

As a result, people dealing with chronic skin conditions, such as eczema or rosacea, may experience flareups. Indeed, emotions are an important factor in many skin diseases. The answer lies in how the skin and brain communicate.

Our skin is a complex organ that plays a crucial role in barrier and immune functions. Psychological stress is perceived by the brain which activates a stress response in the systems of the body. Through a sequence of events, your body releases cortisol known as the primary stress hormone. Stress also induces the release of catecholamines, such as adrenaline, which is a crucial part of the fight or flight response. The skin is an unexpected, yet an important target for these stress responses and the result is inflammation. In turn, inflammation impacts the skins immune system functioning and blood flow.

Adding to the issue, the skin itself produces the same mediators that further drive immune and inflammation responses. A wide range of skin conditions, including psoriasis, atopic eczema, acne, contact eczema, and itching, can be triggered, or worsened, by these stress responses.

Stress has also been shown to affect the barrier properties of the skin, which normally prevents loss of water from the skin cell layers. In a study of students, exam stress caused a decrease in the skins permeability barrier. This disruption of skin barrier function can lead to flaky or dry skin.

If you are experiencing a flare-up of adult acne while in isolation, you are not alone, and stress may be to blame. This is because some stress hormones stimulate sebaceous oil glands to produce more sebum, which contributes to acne.

It is true that stress can also play a role in hair loss. Stress responses can disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium. This happens when an abnormal number of hair follicles go into a resting and subsequent shedding phase. Fortunately, this kind of hair loss is considered temporary.

Taking care of your skin in stressful circumstances means keeping your skin-care simple. its a good idea to avoid potential skin irritants, such as fragrance. Moisturizers with hydrating ingredients like ceramides are helpful for dryness. For flares of chronic conditions that are not improving you may require prescription treatment.

The latest guidance from the National Department of Health urges the wearing of cloth masks in public. Masks can reduce the spread of droplets, however, prolonged wearing of masks may come with a host of unwelcome problems.

Masks can cause skin irritation from pressure and rubbing. The pressure on oil ducts as well as the build-up of sweat and make-up allows for acne breakouts. The term maskne has been recently coined for the redness and pimples that people are experiencing due to PPE.

Talking and breathing creates a trap under the mask for humidity which may potentially cause bacterial overgrowth. This can result in infections such as folliculitis, a skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed.

More serious skin problems from masks can be seen in healthcare workers who use N95 respirator masks as these can cause more pressure. A study in Singapore reported staff had acne (59.6%), facial itch (51.4%), rash (35.8%), and pigmentation (85) from N95 mask use.

Face masks are a daily, and vital, part of our wardrobe for the foreseeable future. So, here is some advice for now:

If you are a healthcare worker then consider using a barrier protecting ointment in pressure areas. Good options include Vaseline or Eucerin Aquaphor, or a barrier cream with zinc oxide to restore the compromised skin barrier. For any eczema rash, a short duration of a topical corticosteroid treatment may be needed.

Sunscreen is not just needed outdoors.

There are different types of UV rays that affect the skin. UVB rays can cause sunburn and eventually lead to skin cancer. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and degrade collagen and elastin. It is, therefore, the main cause of photoaging, whilst also contributing to skin cancer. UVA rays can penetrate through windows, so sunscreen is needed if you are seated near windows or where there is sunlight indoors.

Lockdown has most people spending a longer time on their electronic devices. Group calls, webinars, and social media keep us connected, but we are getting significantly more blue light exposure in the process.

While the detrimental effects of exposure to the suns UV radiation are well known, we have only recently started to understand the effects of visible light on the skin. Visible light, of which blue light is a component, makes up almost half of the solar spectrum. Its emitted from computer monitors, laptop and smartphone screens, as well as TVs and fluorescent bulbs.

Research is still on-going, but studies are showing that blue light can generate damaging free radicals that break down collagen, leading to premature aging. Blue light can also induce pigmentation which is longer-lasting compared to that induced by UV light.

When it comes to blue light protection, instead of reaching for any sunscreen, look for mineral blockers with iron oxide and added antioxidants. You can also use antioxidants in the form of vitamin C serums. These neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals from UV and visible light, as well as from pollution.

Covid-19 continues to disrupt our every-day lives and we are all still figuring out the changes needed to adapt to these unprecedented times. Perhaps now more than ever, we should make our health a priority, and this should extend to our skin.

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How To Manage The Effects Of Lockdown On Your Skin Health - Longevity LIVE


An array of symptoms prolonged over weeks – Many patients suffering from ‘long tail’ form of coronavirus – Times Now

Monday, May 18th, 2020

An array of symptoms prolonged over weeks - Many patients suffering from 'long tail' form of coronavirus  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: More than four months ago, when the first few cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Wuhan, China, we lived in a world very different from the one we are living in now. However, it is not just our lives that have seen a significant change. Apart from the disruption of what we knew as normal, the coronavirus pandemic and the disease itselfhas seen several changes over this period of time. As new information about the virus and its mutationcomes in every day, new developments in the field of vaccines and treatments are also made. Also, as the virus has transported itself to most parts of the world, new symptoms of the disease, now known as COVID-19 have also come in sight.

Back in January, this year, the few known symptoms of coronavirus were fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Researchers and medical experts knew that the virus affects the respiratory system, causing a 'pneumonia-like' illness. However, four months later, various studies on COVID-19 patients have found that the virus can attack almost all vital organs of the body the heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs. The virus has also been found to attack the blood vessels in the body, causing damage. A study has found that COVID-19 can lead to placenta damage among pregnant women, increasing the risk of premature birth, stillbirth, and other complications. Various studies have shown that the coronavirus infection is leading to thickening of the blood, and blood clots which may also eventually lead to strokes in patients. In fact, surprisingly, incidents of strokes in young COVID-19 patients have also been reported. Other symptoms of the infection that have been reported in the near past include foot sores, diarrhoea, muscle aches, headaches, etc. A very important development in terms of complications caused due to COVID-19 is also the mysterious inflammatory illness that is affecting children infected with the novel coronavirus, an issue both WHO and the CDC, USA are now probing into.

Apart from the list of symptoms of COVID-19 getting longer, over the last few months, experts have also analysed how and when do the symptoms actually occur in different people. While children have reported mostly mild symptoms, the elderly and people with existing conditions, especially respiratory problems have shown severe symptoms. Various people remain asymptomatic for very long, only to develop very mild symptoms of the disease, eventually. The longevity of the symptoms also varies greatly among age groups, ethnicity and other parameters, but has not been studied extensively, as yet.

Paul Garner, a professor of Infectious Diseases at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, shared his experience of being infected with COVID-19 in a blog for the British Medical Journal.He narrated his ordeal where he dealt with symptoms of COVID-19 over 7 weeks, calling it a 'roller coaster of ill-health'. Warning health professionals, employers, partners, and people with the disease, he wrote that the illness can last for weeks, and the long tail is not a post-viral fatigue syndrome, but the disease itself. Symptoms of coronavirus can be bizarre, change constantly, take an unpredictable course, but they do not go away too quickly.

According to a recent research and as reported by the Guardian, about one in every 20 COVID-19 patients experiences long-term on-off symptoms. More research may still be required to define the exact time period for long-term - which could mean two months, three months, or even longer.

Professor Tim Spector from King's College, London, who is the head of the research group that has developed the COVID-19 tracker app, has estimated that a small, but significant number of people may be suffering from the long-tail form of the virus.

Based on the data collected by his team on the tracker app, Professor Spector has found that about 200,000 people have reported symptoms that have lasted over the course of the study, which was 6 weeks. This observation could be important because currently, everyone's focus is on patients who are showing severe symptoms, but not those who show mild but prolonged signs of COVID-19.

These people may be going back to work and not performing at the top of their game, Spector says. There is a whole other side to the virus which has not had attention because of the idea that if you are not dead you are fine., the Guardian reported.Ive studied 100 diseases. Covid is the strangest one I have seen in my medical career, Spector says.

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An array of symptoms prolonged over weeks - Many patients suffering from 'long tail' form of coronavirus - Times Now


LightBox Survey: Longevity of Pandemic, Unemployment Are Top Concerns for CRE Professionals – REBusinessOnline

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Industrial facilities, like this PCC, Panattoni property in Cartersville, GA, are heavily favored over other CRE assets, according to LightBoxs survey.

Its not the outright fear or negativity surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak that most concerns those in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Rather, its the uncertainty.

Thats according to a market confidence survey polling those in the broker, appraisal, lending, investing and environmental consulting/engineering sectors on how they have been impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting recession. LightBox, a real estate technology firm, conducted the poll from mid-April through the end of the month.

The survey indicates that the top three concerns for CRE professionals are the unknown duration of the pandemic, rising unemployment and the difficulty of accurately forecasting business activity.

There is no shortage of uncertainty about when sellers will be comfortable putting properties back on the selling block, when lenders will be less skittish about originations or when the impact of the pandemic on property values is clearer, says Dianne Crocker, principal analyst with LightBox. Ultimately, the effects on the commercial real estate market will vary by geography and asset class and will depend primarily on how quickly the health crisis is controlled and the duration of the economic shutdown.

Lenders, consultants, appraisers and others in the field fear the consequences of instability on their businesses long term, but current realities are similarly harrowing. Of the respondents, 74 percent have experienced a slowdown in transactions and prospective projects, while 46 percent report deal delays specifically related to inability to access sites for inspections. Only 11 percent of survey respondents indicated that they had experienced no negative impact to their productivity levels.

Among those surveyed, 30 percent have implemented a hiring freeze or have delayed hiring plans specifically because of the pandemic and its fallout, while 22 percent are actively downsizing.

Reluctance seems to be the plan for many. About one-third of respondents noted fewer new listings for properties and difficulty in arranging financing. Brokers noted that sellers are waiting to see how prices will be impacted by the shutdown.

Impediments to getting deals done included physical barriers: Nearly half of those surveyed said that a lack of access to sites for inspections (either because of site restrictions or health concerns on the part of assessors) had created delays. Similar difficulties (for 37.7 percent) arose as CRE professional were unable to obtain property data due to closures nationwide.

Nearly a quarter of those surveyed reported a rush to complete late-stage deals, particularly in cases where financing was already secured and due diligence completed.

In the near future, some brokers anticipate a surge in new properties on the market as uncertainty dies down and deals resume. This surge will be accompanied by an uptick in demand for reliable tenants as buyers consider an assets robustness and cash flow projections under a new set of market conditions, according to LightBoxs report.

The majority of respondents indicated that hope for a fast, V-shaped recovery was dead, with 53 percent indicating that they anticipated full recovery would not occur until August or later. Particular segments of those surveyed were more optimistic as whole: brokers, investors, consultants and engineers anticipated a faster and more complete return to normal than their significantly impacted peers in appraisals or lending.

Sarah Daniels

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LightBox Survey: Longevity of Pandemic, Unemployment Are Top Concerns for CRE Professionals - REBusinessOnline


Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Market Consumption Analysis, Investment Cost, Profits Data, Major Players, Trends and Forecast by 2026 | CohBar,…

Friday, May 8th, 2020

In Depth Market Research on Global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Market with Industry Analysis, Trends, Competition and Forecast by 2026.

The global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market has been garnering remarkable momentum in the recent years. The steadily escalating demand due to improving purchasing power is projected to bode well for the global market. QY Researchs latest publication, titled global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market, offers an insightful take on the drivers and restraints present in the market. It assesses the historical data pertaining to the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market and compares it to the current market trends to give the readers a detailed analysis of the trajectory of the market. A team subject-matter experts have provided the readers a qualitative and quantitative data about the market and the various elements associated with it.

Due to the pandemic, we have included a special section on the Impact of COVID 19 on the Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Market which would mention How the Covid-19 is Affecting the Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Industry, Market Trends and Potential Opportunities in the COVID-19 Landscape, Covid-19 Impact on Key Regions and Proposal for Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Players to Combat Covid-19 Impact.

Get the Sample of this Report with Detail TOC and List of Figures:

The research report covers the trends that are currently implemented by the major manufacturers in the Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market including adoption of new technology, government investments on R&D, shifting in perspective towards sustainability, and others. Additionally, the researchers have also provided the figures necessary to understand the manufacturer and its contribution to both regional and global market:CohBar, TA Sciences, Unity Biotechnology, AgeX TherapeuticsInc, PowerVision Inc.,

The research report is broken down into chapters, which are introduced by the executive summary. Its the introductory part of the chapter, which includes details about global market figures, both historical and estimates. The executive summary also provides a brief about the segments and the reasons for the progress or decline during the forecast period. The insightful research report on the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market includes Porters five forces analysis and SWOT analysis to understand the factors impacting consumer and supplier behavior.

Regions Covered in the Global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Market:

The Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries and Egypt) North America (the United States, Mexico, and Canada) South America (Brazil etc.) Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.) Asia-Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Australia)

Highlights of the Report Accurate market size and CAGR forecasts for the period 2019-2025 Identification and in-depth assessment of growth opportunities in key segments and regions Detailed company profiling of top players of the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market Exhaustive research on innovation and other trends of the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market Reliable industry value chain and supply chain analysis Comprehensive analysis of important growth drivers, restraints, challenges, and growth prospects

The scope of the Report:

The report segments the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market on the basis of application, type, service, technology, and region. Each chapter under this segmentation allows readers to grasp the nitty-gritties of the market. A magnified look at the segment-based analysis is aimed at giving the readers a closer look at the opportunities and threats in the market. It also address political scenarios that are expected to impact the market in both small and big ways.The report on the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market examines changing regulatory scenario to make accurate projections about potential investments. It also evaluates the risk for new entrants and the intensity of the competitive rivalry.

Ask for Customized Report as per Your Requirements:

Strategic Points Covered in TOC:

Chapter 1: Introduction, market driving force product scope, market risk, market overview, and market opportunities of the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market

Chapter 2: Evaluating the leading manufacturers of the global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market which consists of its revenue, sales, and price of the products

Chapter 3: Displaying the competitive nature among key manufacturers, with market share, revenue, and sales

Chapter 4: Presenting global Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy market by regions, market share and with revenue and sales for the projected period

Chapter 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 : To evaluate the market by segments, by countries and by manufacturers with revenue share and sales by key countries in these various regions

About Us:QYResearch always pursuits high product quality with the belief that quality is the soul of business. Through years of effort and supports from huge number of customer supports, QYResearch consulting group has accumulated creative design methods on many high-quality markets investigation and research team with rich experience. Today, QYResearch has become the brand of quality assurance in consulting industry.

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Longevity and Anti-senescence Therapy Market Consumption Analysis, Investment Cost, Profits Data, Major Players, Trends and Forecast by 2026 | CohBar,...


Future Intel motherboards might actually have longevity if these rumours are true – PCGamesN

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Intel motherboards arent known for their longevity given the frequent socket changes for the companys different CPU generations. The latest rumours, however, suggest that Intel Alder Lake-S motherboards (which should succeed Rocket Lake-S, this in turn being a successor to the impending Comet Lake-S) will be compatible with up to three CPU generations.

The joke goes that each new Intel platform iteration introduces a new socket and the same architecture, and each new AMD platform iteration introduces a new architecture and the same socket. This isnt strictly true, of course in fact, recently announced Comet Lake-S motherboards should also support successiveRocket Lake-S CPUs with their LGA 1200 sockets, as Gigabyte announced (via VideoCardz) that its Z490 motherboards will support the next generation of CPUs. But the underlying point remains: Intel motherboards arent usually too forward compatible.

It now looks like this might be changing, however. A post on Chiphell (via VideoCardz) says that the LGA 1700 socket is rumoured to last up to 3 generations. Intels 10nm, big.LITTLE Alder Lake-S CPUs are rumoured to run on this socket, meaning (after Rocket Lake-S) we might have an Intel CPU generation not only boasting a new architecture, but also with some platform longevity to boot albeit with a hefty number of pins.

Now, I dont like to give too much credence to rumours, but this one would be fitting with what weve heard so far mainly that Intel Alder Lake-S could be switching things up a little both in its architecture and its fabrication process.

Theseprocessors might use a new core layout similar to ARMs big.LITTLE core structure a mix-match of big and little cores, surprisingly enough. As successors to Tiger Lake processors, they could very well utilise a 10nm process node for the smaller cores, moving away from the iterative 14nm fabrication process that has been used for so long.

This, combined with the fact that Intel already seems to be looking for some longevity with the LGA 1200 platform, means an Alder Lake-S platform with longevity doesnt seem too far fetched of a dream. And if these CPUs do end up bringing big architectural and process changes, it would make sense for LGA 1700 to stick around for a while. Heres hoping, anyway.

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Future Intel motherboards might actually have longevity if these rumours are true - PCGamesN


18 Ways to Impress Mom This Mother’s Day – Longevity LIVE

Friday, May 8th, 2020

In the USA: Perhaps this Mothers Day is more special. Its more than any important time to let the moms in your life know just how much each means to you. Of course, absolutely nothing can replace a loving hug or a compassionate touch. Or even knowing glances and those comfortable silenceshighly personal and togetherness moments that perhaps exemplify strength-of-relationship above all other. Even so, overt gestures of love and appreciation through gift-giving are always a welcome occasion. With this in mind, Ive curated a cross-section of gift ideas suited for nearly any kind of mom. These include an array of tech innovations to ease and enhance various facets of life to beauty. It also includes wellness, self-care, style, travel, and, of course, fine chocolate!

Help mom spoil herself on her special day, and every other day, with the RevAir Reverse Air Dryer. This ingenious invention replaces your blow dryer and in many cases, your flat iron too. Its a multi-functional hair tool that uses patented suction technology to dry hair in the natural direction of the cuticle (downward). It does so without damaging brushes or hot plates. This then locks out frizz and seals in shineand with minimal use of heat. So, mom can avoid those sweat-inducing blow-dry sessions. And its fast! RevAir dries, stretches, smooths, and straightens your hair in less than half the time of a blow dryer and flat iron. It reportedly performed 3.25 times faster than conventional blow-drying and straightening routines, according to third-party trials.

Unlike traditional devices, RevAir thrives when being used for final or stretch styles on the toughest hair types, even curly and coily hair. The system closes cuticles in their natural direction, reducing flyaways and increasing shine. Allure, Elle, and OK! Magazine have all agreed that its a Game-Changer, and mom surely will too.

The Orion and Radiance Photo Rejuvenation Red and Infrared LED Light Therapy Beauty Devices by Azure Medical Technologies will help mom put her best face forward. These high-tech tools use concentrated beams of red and infrared light to help remove and diminish skin blemishes, acne scars, and wrinkles.

Dermatologists and clinicians worldwide have used LED clinical devices for years to treat all types of facial wrinkles. But, with these, mom can experience the efficacy and convenience of this gentle and clinically proven light therapy technology in the privacy of her own home. Azures Radiance has a two times larger medical-grade lens than Azures Orion, a small version of the device. However, both devices are equally powerful and both have added features. These include proprietary beneficial microstructure diffusers and higher performing LED treatments.

The treatment is gentle and safe for in-home, clinical-level treatments and the sleek USFDA 510k cleared devices are cordless, rechargeable, portable, and simple to operate with a one-button operation. Both Radiance and Orion provide true super intense red through infrared light use, with four wavelengths of red and infrared, and very even beam patternsa MUST for quick and effective results and features the company reports as unmatched by any competitive device. Just a three-minute treatment, per three-inch-long area, five days a week for two months is recommended for optimal results.

Lets face it. All most moms want is help. And you can get her just that this Mothers Day with the Neato D7a premium and highly advanced robot vacuum that does the dirty work so mom (or anyone else in the family, perhaps including YOU) will not have to. This smart and powerful robot helper features top-of-the-line technology and is highly feature-rich.

This includes LaserSmart technology that allows it to intelligently navigate the home; zone cleaning that lets it clean specific areas on demand; no-go lines to keep the robot out of places it shouldnt be; turbo mode that boosts suction to pick up pet hair and tough debris; voice compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts; and up to120 minutes of battery life.

Beyond all of those impressive considerations, what makes Neato particularly unique? First, the D-shape (which Neato first brought to the industry) was specifically designed to deep clean corners, unlike its round-shaped competitors. The extended battery life is also best-in-class, allowing for a bigger brush and dustbin. This makes it particularly perfect to give even large homes a more regular deep clean. Lastly, Neato is the only robot vacuum to use LiDAR technology for its laser mapping. So, Neato can scan and map the entire house, creating up to three multi-floor plans for the robot to follow. With lasers, Neato can even clean in the dark, getting those hard-to-reach places under furniture.

Cat ladies rejoice! While we all love our feline fur-babies, cleaning those messy and stinky litter box bins leaves much to be desired. However, Ive found a perfect solution, which offers a gift idea thatll keep on giving each and every day. Its the Litter-Robotthe highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box on the market. It uses an innovative patented hands-free sifting system that is triggered automatically just minutes after your cat exits the unit, reducing the chance of a lingering unpleasant odor.

Beyond the luxury of not having to inhale all of those nasties, Litter-Robot also saves owners time by eliminating scooping. Plus it saves money by reducing overall litter usage up to 50%. This is because it only removes the clumps from the litter. Whats also super handy is that Litter-Robot 3 Connect pairs with the Connect smartphone app to help keep track of one or more units from anywhere at any time, which provides yet more freedom from litter box duties. It also allows for remote monitoring of waste drawer levels and usage history, providing insight into the cats overall health, as well as providing alerts for when the waste drawer is full. Being a good cat parent has never been this easy. Its better for mom and kitty as well. Oh, happy day!

As temperatures rise in May and into the summer months ahead, you can easily keep mom from getting too hot under the collar. In fact, you can readily keep her cool and collected with the powerful Honeywell Weatherproof Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler thats built to cool large outdoor spaces. This includes outdoor patios, porches, backyard decks, large common areas, studios, workshops, and more. The units triple-sided honeycomb and high-velocity fan deliver robust cooling to make any hot and humid outdoor space far more enjoyable.

This Honeywell cooler is definitely a welcome upgrade to outdoor living. This model is even equipped with an ice compartment, wide 14 metal fan blades, and a continuous water supply option since this unit uses water to cool hot air instead. New to evaporative air cooling? The sensation is like a lakeside breeze. Evaporative air coolers do not use heavy compressors or refrigerant gas to lower air temperatures, nor do they spray mist. Instead, they effectively reduce heat by evaporating water vapor into the air. They work most effectively in hot, dry climates. So keep momand all of her family and friendscool, comfortable, and confident in the summer months courtesy of the geniuses at Honeywell.

Help out your busy mom all year through by inviting Chef Emeril Lagasse into her kitchen! With this Power AirFryer 360 unit, mom can enjoy nearly effortless, one-touch cooking for almost any type of mealfrom healthier daytime snacks to decadent family roasts, all cooked in one appliance right on the countertop. The Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 gives the versatility of an all-in-one and multi-cooker, with this particular unit using seamless airflow in combination with powerful, even heat.

Twelve one-touch pre-sets give endless cooking options: Air fry meals golden crisp using superheated hot air instead of the unhealthy oil of a deep fryer; dehydrate fresh fruit or jerky without added sugar or preservatives; air roast an entire 12-pound turkey; toast up to six slices of bread; slow cook stews; air bake decadent desserts and much moreall in one easy-to-use countertop appliance. Unlike ordinary units, the five all-over heating elements combine with 360-degree airflow cook meals to a perfect, even crisp on all sides, not just the top and bottom. The package even includes a cookbook full of Lagasse-created air fryer recipes developed exclusively for the Power Air Fryer 360. Plus, mom can do even more with the included accessory kit, which gives two additional Crisper Trays, one additional Pizza Rack, and a Rotisserie Stand.

Heres a style-savvy idea thatll help mom keep perfect time while looking fabulous all the while. Its unisex watches from KYBOE as featured on ShopLC! She can wear these snazzy timepieces anywhere. From the beach and gym to the office and those nights out on the town!

Highly versatile, these attention-getting accessories are great to pair with her dressier ensembles down to those casual outfits. These fashionable and functional KYBOE watches are constructed with sturdy stainless-steel cases, durable silicone bands, and sapphire-coated mineral glass. Each watch is operated with accurate Japanese quartz movement and is designed to keep ticking no matter what life throws at her.

Formed in 2007, Shop LC was originally known as The Jewelry Channel (TJC). In 2017, they decided to change the name to match what they offer: The opportunity to shop low cost (Shop LC means Shop Low Cost). Over the years, the Shop LC business model has evolved into an expansive shopping experience far beyond jewelry and gemstones, precious metals, and collectibles. Today, Shop LC features handbags and fashion accessories, beauty essentials, the latest in cooking and kitchen supplies, as well as luxurious, comfortable bedding and bath products for the whole family. So explore everything Shop LC has to offer this Mothers Day, youre sure to find the perfect fit for any type of mom.

Especially during these trying times, its more important than ever to let mom relax when she can. Life is busy and stressful enough, so heres a way to promote moms desire for fitness and mindfulnessall while staying stylish: Perfect Balance World clothing.

What makes this yoga brand unique is that its pieces have friction landmarks in the fabric. These landmarks help the yogi get a proper grip on the floor and, thus, better control over their own body. This enhanced grip allows yogis to keep their center of gravity resting in the ideal, balanced position while doing it with less strain and struggle. As a result, yogis achieve better, longer poses from the added control Perfect Balance World gear proffers.

One of my favorites from the collection is the Innovator Capri pants, featuring Landmark Grip that helps yogis to bend, stretch and invert beyond their traditional center of gravity. By building the balance into the Capris, users can hold those poses stronger, steadier, and longer.

Mom will love the intuitive fit that flatters the body, with a wide waistband that can be worn folded or unfolded. Made from a non-slip material, this polyester/spandex blend creates a soft, silky, and stretchable feel.

Another of my personal faves is DNA Leggings, which new students and seasoned yogis alike adore. The patented Landmark Grip design is again utilized and was built with the intention of keeping you accurately positioned during your practice so you can strike that pose with confidence!

Discover an activity that can not only help mom maintain her sanity in a time of upheaval, but also teach the entire family how to relax silently and focus (what more could mom want for her holiday, right?).

Buddha Board is a unique mindfulness tool that uses the act of creating as an outlet for emotions, thoughts, fears, and anxieties. By putting brush to slate, stress begins to be painted away. Simply paint the surface with water and the creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, the art will magically disappear leaving behind a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece all over again.

The simplicity of the products design creates a quiet space for adults and kids, alike, to explore their thoughts, reconnect with their feelings, and get grounded again. Buddha Board is inspired by the idea of living in the moment, wholly unplugged. It is also environmentally friendly as it only uses waterno ink, no paint, no chemicalsand it will last for years with proper care. Its a really soothing option and a great way for mom to enjoy simple acts of creative expression.

If youre anything like me, you travel heavy. But, were not alone, as throngs of women do. We overpack, making sure were fully prepared for any and every scenario during a trip. As such, it can take a village of suitcases to get to the final destination. But, luxury luggage purveyor Ebby Rane endeavors to change that with its Quartermaster option that any mom is sure to appreciate.

This suitcase is unique in many ways, including an interior boasting a patented packing design that helps better ensure full preparedness for those itinerary intensive jaunts. Efficiently designed for all carryalls to fit together, the Quartermaster boasts 12 pieces total to ensure theres a place for the essentials. Its also lightweight at just seven pounds; comes with a TSA-approved lock; has four 360-degree wheels that give the case an upright posture and a gentle glide, and a sturdy telescopic handle. Beyond functionality, the luggage also exudes elegance.

The Quartermaster has 10 luxurious gold-stamped Carryalls with hand-woven monkey knots and beautiful feminine ruffles; a branded dust cover for storage; and is trimmed in-and-out with vegetable-tanned fine quality leather. Also highly durable, its made of a 100 percent virgin polycarbonate shell that withstands those nasty bumps in the road; a leather top and side handles that are crafted and stitched to last; a water-resistant zipper; and an underside handle for effortless retrieval from overhead bins. A five-year guarantee ensures shell enjoy the Quartermaster for years to come.

Another fabulous option for those moms on-the-go is the Samsonite Mobile Solution Spinner Mobile Office. Like the name says, this is an office thats on the move! With a little bit of everything in one bag, the Spinner Mobile Office combines practicality, style, and functionality in a silhouette thats ideal for adapting from treks to the office, through that commute and wherever she needs to be overnight.

It features nylon twill fabric with vinyl trim and water-resistant coating, a retractable push-button handle, and front zippered pockets that are great for storing smaller items needing quick and easy access. Plus, an integrated USB Port provides power connectivity (battery not included). The Spinner Mobile Office even includes a patent-pending Wireless Charging Pocket that is designed to fit wireless batteries and phones for effortless charging on-the-run.

There is also an organized front pocket with accessory slip pockets therein, pen sleeves, card slots, and a larger slip pocket thats sized to fit most tablets up to 9.7-inches. A laptop compartment is made with a dedicated, padded section of the bag that fits most laptops up to 15.6-inches; including two accessory storage pockets.

There is also a dedicated compartment that maintains a separate packing area featuring cross straps to secure items and a divider to store additional travel or business items. The SmartSleeve technology fits over most upright luggage handles for easy mobility as well.

From the same company, and with the same ideals in mind, comes the Samsonite Encompass Womens Convertible Brief Backpack.

The model takes the guesswork out of organizing and packing so mom can get on with enjoying her day. Four wearable modes provide the flexibility and convenience needed for the fast-paced, modern commuter.

It has four-to-one convertibility: Backpackclip the strap to the secure D rings and adjust the fit to create the traditional backpack mode. Shoulderunclip the strap from backpack D rings and attach the adjustable shoulder strap to comfortably carry on the shoulder. Crossbodywhen packed full, adjust the shoulder strap to wear across the body for a more comfortable, secure, hands-free commuting mode. Toteremove the crossbody/shoulder strap and carry it by the tote handles on your arm or on your shoulder. It also has water-resistant body fabric that features a deep coating for protection against the elements.

A personal organization pocket is unique to this collection as the front includes pen sleeves and a slip pocket to hold all of her need-it-now business and personal essentials. The Brief Backpack also includes an RFID Data Vault, a protected pocket that will safeguard her otherwise vulnerable travel essentials from identity theft.

Does mom get nauseous when traveling via plane, train, boat, or automobile? Heres a sound, medicine-free solution to ease her pain.

Blisslets are fashionable wristbands that provide fast, drug-free, and effective nausea relief. How? Well, acupressure on the P6 (Nei-Kuan) point, located between the two central tendons below the wrist, has reportedly been used for thousands of years, by millions of people, as a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting due to motion, pregnancy and other causes.

While there are competing explanations for why exactly P6 acupressure has this soothing effect, multiple randomized scientific studies controlling for the placebo effect have indeed shown that it does offer relief. Blisslets deliver pressure to the P6 point on the wrists by means of a specially designed bead embedded in a comfortable elastic band.

For each arm, its as simple as positioning the pressure bead on the P6 acupressure point, which is located three finger-widths below your wrist creaseright between the two tendons on the underside. Blisslets come in two basic forms: elastics or as a combo with an elastic core that snaps into a decorative leather cover. In either case, the bracelets should feel snug but comfortable.

Blisslets come in pairs and mom can use them for as long as the condition causing nausea persists. Users may wear them for up to 48 continuous hours before taking a break. So help mom to experience greater comfort this year while traveling or amid other nausea-inducing incidences.

Theres perhaps no greater gift than the gift of health, and cautious moms out there will enjoy the peace-of-mind provided by the GermAwayUV Surface Sterilizer Wand. This travel-friendly handheld gadget uses natural UV-C light to sanitize and disinfect surfaces no matter where she may be: at home, a hotel room, a restaurant, a doctors waiting roomanywhere germs are sure to lurk (which is pretty much everywhere)!

This device uses the same advanced UV-C light technology that hospitals have been using to sterilize equipment for over 30 yearsbut now the technology is available to everyone at economical price points. This wand will eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, and a host of other pathogens! Ultraviolet (UV-C) light technology is a really efficient and effective way to keep things germ free, and its certainly a better option than using harmful and messy chemicals to keep things sanitary.

Use on linens, bathroom fixtures, airline seats and trays, and nearly any other surface where germs live. It should also be mentioned that in addition to its germicidal usefulness, this UV wand also fights unwanted odors and allergens such as mold and dust mites. So, use it on those old gym sneakers, the kids grungy soccer bag, anything that stinks really. Its miniature size is convenient for daily life and for travel.

Should thisGermAwayWand be out-of-stock due to its efficacy and relatively economical price point, another handheld sterilizer solution worth considering isCureUV.coms18-watt UV-C Sterilizer,as its also a portable light-based tool that will disinfect and sterilize high traffic areas and other locations where bacteria and viruses congregate.

For moms who like to keep self-care in mind (or should), Royal Suttons Ultra Hydrating Body Souffl is a thoughtful gift idea. This indulgent product rejuvenates the skin from head-to-toe with luxurious moisturizing properties.

Infused with Thyme Extract and Vitamins A, C, and E, it helps the skin flourish and shine at its most natural peak. Its a great Mothers Day option because a little goes a long way. In fact, users only need a small amount to achieve great results.

I also love that its not too heavy and soaks into the skin quickly. In fact, thats one of the main differentiators of this item and others of its type on the market. Some are often overly greasy and do not absorb well.

The effects of this Ultra Hydrating Body Souffl will last all day. Its also an effective method for rejuvenating and conditioning a dry skin condition while helping retain moisture. This will leave the skin feeling softer, smoother, and more restored. The pleasant fragrance is also soft and not overpowering.

Heres a way to help enhance moms relaxation and soothe her mind this Mothers Day, courtesy of Yesterday Wellnesss Broad Spectrum Hemp Balm.

This light, gel-like balm formula is designed to promote a sense of calm while leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed. Its infused with lavender and eucalyptus oils, found to help with relaxation, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

Unlike oils, which need to be metabolized, the benefits of a balm take effect as soon as its absorbed into the skin. This particular U.S.-made product fully contains 1,000 milligrams of hemp extract per container and, according to the company, is independently lab-tested and verified to ensure potency, purity, and quality. Broad-spectrum CBD contains cannabidiol as well as over 100 other compounds found within the remarkable hemp plant, but no THC so theres no psychogenic effectunlike full-spectrum CBD.

All those incredible compounds work together synergistically to greatly enhance the potential health benefits of the plant; also known as the Entourage Effect. For its part, eucalyptus has been found to treat dry skin by boosting production of ceramides. Ceramides are a type of fatty acid responsible for retaining moisture. High in antioxidants, eucalyptus may also protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress.

This balm also contains many anti-inflammatory compounds as well as eucalyptus. The company cites this as useful for decreasing anxiety and easing congestion. Meanwhile, when lavender is applied topically, it can reportedly help ease various conditions like menstrual cramps, eczema, sunburns, and acne. The scent is also believed to promote calmness and relaxation, as well as decrease stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Another gift idea utilizing the benefits of CBD for particularly active moms, or those with frequent soreness, is Level Select. Designed as high-quality personal care CBD product, the company seeks to help people maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This includes smaller everyday activities and physical exercise, to competitive sports and travel. It offers a comprehensive line of performance-based CBD Sports Creams, Roll-Ons and Oil Drops. These products are made with only the purest form of CBD oil, and without any THC. THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis.

Overall, CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis. After tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant. It is known to have many therapeutic benefits, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-anxiety, and seizure-suppressive properties. Level Select products are available in three levels of intensity. This allows consumers to choose the right option for their individual needs.

Level 1 is best used to relax muscles and treat everyday discomfort. On the other hand, Level 2 is higher in strength for a higher level of muscle soreness and relief. Level 3 provides maximum strength when its needed most. Level Select Sports Cream has a proprietary blend of Broad Spectrum and Nano CBD. With high-quality ingredients in a non-greasy formula, these products are soothing to the touch and are perfect for daily application. Level Select Sports Roll-ons also have a proprietary blend of Broad Spectrum and Nano CBD. Using high-quality ingredients in a massaging roller ball application, they help target the areas that need it most.

Finally, what Mothers Day would be complete without giving mom that quintessential box of chocolates? For a true delight, check out Dallmann Confectionsan Austrian-born, San Diego-based artisan chocolatier that recently launched an assortment of Chocolate Survival Gifts thatll keep mom longing for more. These exquisite, handmade confections are made with family recipes using high-quality European chocolate.

The gourmet gift boxes are designed with heartfelt messaging intended to offer comfort during these trying times. Chocolate is the way to many a womans hearts. As a result, company owner Isabella Knack has conceived three assorted survival kits. These are Sanity Saver, Chocolate and Chill and Chocolate Makes Everything Better.

Each comes with the option of nine pieces for $25, 16 pieces for $35, or 25 pieces for $45. Orders can be placed through the Dallmann Confections site and shipped within just two days. Some select items also sold on Amazon. But dont wait, because your perfect goodie giftable might not be there by the time you want to spoil mum! A Gift Box from Dallmann Fine Chocolates has the power to leave a lasting impression. Not just on her palate but in her heart, mind, and soul.

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18 Ways to Impress Mom This Mother's Day - Longevity LIVE


Pacific University Recognizes Faculty and Staff With Annual Awards and Honors – Pacific University

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Pacific University is proud to recognize its most dedicated employees with its annual faculty and staff awards.

The annual Faculty & Staff Honors & Awards Ceremony, scheduled for May 6, was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. The university, however, announced its awards to recognize employees virtually.

Today, we should be together, recognizing the exceptional work you have done at the Faculty & Staff Honors & Awards Ceremony, President Lesley Hallick said in an email to employees. But even though we are apart, I still want to take this opportunity to thank each of you and to especially call out the retirees and the exceptional individuals who have made notable impacts at Pacific this past year.

Pacific bestowed awards on 11 faculty and staff members, recognizing their contributions to teaching, student support, service and the university mission.

Among the awardees are Denise Goodwin of the College of Optometry, who was named Distinguished University Professor. The university also bestowed its Dedication to Students Award posthumously to Mike Charles, a College of Education professor who died earlier this year. See bios of all award winners here.

Additionally, the university recognized 16 long-time employees who retired, or are retiring, in 2019-2020 (meet the retirees) and honored those employees who have reached longevity milestones with Pacific (watch the award presentation).

The Boxer Spirit is, at its core, about people, Hallick said. You are what make the Pacific experience possible for our students, and you are what will carry us into the future.

Pacific University is the only comprehensive university in Washington County, Ore. Serving nearly 4,000 students in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in the arts & sciences, business, education, health professions and optometry, Pacific is committed to discovery in a nurturing learning environment that pairs close, mentoring relationships with extraordinary educational experiences, research and service learning.

Pacific has moved more than 1,000 courses online this spring in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Oregon prepares to gradually reopen, the university is committed to offering its rigorous and personally meaningful academic programs this fall.

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Pacific University Recognizes Faculty and Staff With Annual Awards and Honors - Pacific University


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