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Endocrinology – University of Utah – School of Medicine …

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

The Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, in the Department of Internal Medicine is actively engaged in a wide range of clinical, research and educational endeavors.

Clinical Care

The Utah Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic (UDEC) provides premier Diabetes and Endocrinology consultation, treatment, and diagnostic services to patients not only in Utah but throughout the intermountain western United States

Diabetes care programs at UDEC were established to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, by streamlining care and preventing diabetic complications that cause suffering for patients and their families. The UDEC hosts ten highly skilled Endocrinologists and six diabetes-expert nurse practitioners who provide exceptional care for patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Out ultimate goal is for each patient with diabetes to live a long and healthy life. Toward that end, our unique collaboration between University of Utah Health Care and Primary Children's Medical Center improves the transition of care for patients with Type 1 diabetes. For all types of diabetes, the UDEC providers employ rigorous methods for managing glucose, blood lipids, and blood pressure to achieve results that consistently meet or exceed national standards for quality of care. We recognize that each patient living with diabetes has a distinct situation and different needs, and so UDEC is pioneering new Personalized Medicine strategies to develop care plans that better meet patients' individual needs.

The UDEC provides expert diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care for a variety of other endocrine and metabolic disorders, including thyroid disease, parathyroid disease, disorders of lipid metabolism, pituitary dysfunction, adrenal disorders, gonadal disorders, hirsuitism, polycystic ovarian syndrome, osteoporosis, and bone/calcium disorders.

Special services we provide include insulin pump education and management, continuous glucose monitoring, endocrine testing, thyroid ultrasound and fine needle biopsy of thyroid nodules, and bone mineral densitometry evaluation and interpretation. In addition, we have established an interdisciplinary clinic with Neurosurgery to optimize outcomes for our patients with pituitary diseases.

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Houston Endocrinology Center | Spring, Texas

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Houston Endocrinology Center is located in the Houstons area at 22485 State Highway 249. Our office has free parking and is conveniently situated on the first floor of the North Cypress Medical Center Building right at the back of the North Cypress Emergency Room at Willowbrook. We are a private practice that offers its patients an excellence and complete evaluation and treatment of diabetes disorders. Its caring and helpful team is here to serve all your needs providing high quality and cost effective patient care. We participate with many health insurance plans which often mean better coverage and less paperwork for you. We thank you for taking the time to consider Houston Endocrinology Center and hope you find our site informative. We look forward to hear from you and address your personal health care needs.

At Houston Endocrinology Center, we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of major problems surrounding diabetes. The three main types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes,type 2 diabetesand gestational diabetes. At Houston Endocrinology Center, we strive to offer excellent medical care while ensuring that our patients understand the basis of their illness and all complexities of the treatment plan. Patient satisfaction is our number one goal.

Houston Endocrinology Center offers both Nutrition and Diabetes Education. For those who want to lose weight or learn how to eat and look healthier, we provide the following assessments upon initial visit: review of 3-day food diary, review of medical history, review of physical fitness level, nutrition assessment, individualized goal setting, and basic nutrition education based on needs. We also will review goals and progress upon follow-up visits, providing continuous motivation and accountability. Upon request, we will provide grocery store tours and group classes allowing better comprehension through peer development. For those who need diabetes education, we provide not only diet and physical activity education and assessment, but instruct on acute/chronic complications derived from uncontrolled diabetes, meter testing, and medication application. We are certified to train and minister Medtronic, Omnipod, and Animas pumps as well as continuous glucose monitors. Furthermore, we are recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for Diabetes and Self-Management Education along with a Diabetes Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance best known as NCQA.

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Houston Endocrinology Center | Spring, Texas


What is Endocrinology? Visit for Endocrinology …

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Endocrinology is the study of medicine that relates to the endocrine system, which is the system that controls hormones. An endocrinologist will deal with diseases that are caused by problems with hormones.

Understanding what an endocrinologist does begins with understanding what the endocrine system is. The endocrine system is a series of glands that produce and secrete hormones that the body uses for a wide range of functions. These control many different bodily functions, including:

Hormones are produced by glands and sent into the bloodstream to the various tissues in the body. They send signals to those tissues to tell them what they are supposed to do. When the glands do not produce the right amount of hormones, diseases develop that can affect many aspects of life.

Endocrinology is focused on the care and treatment of endocrine diseases. These fall into three categories, which are:

In each of these situations, the result is a disease that impacts the body and its overall function and well-being

An endocrinologist is a doctor who has studied the endocrine system and its diseases. These doctors know how to diagnose the diseases of the endocrine glands, and also how to treat them. Because these doctors specialize in these conditions, which can be complex and have hard-to-spot symptoms, an endocrinologist is your best advocate when dealing with hormonal issues.

Most patients begin their journey to the endocrinologist with a trip to their primary care provider or family doctor. This doctor will run a series of tests to see what could be the potential problem the patient is facing. If a problem with the hormones is suspected, the primary care doctor will provide a referral. The endocrinologist's goal is to restore hormonal balance in the body.

Becoming an endocrinologist requires a minimum of 10 years of training. These specialists are highly sought-after for their understanding of these unique chemical messengers. If you are struggling with your hormones, this type of specialist is the doctor you want on your side.

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Society Journals | Endocrine Society

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Endocrine Reviews

Enduring resource with the fields highest impact factor Editor-in-Chief: Leonard Wartofsky, MD, Washington Hospital Center

With an Impact Factor of 19.358, Endocrine Reviews is in the top one percent of biomedical journals. Comprehensive reviews cover clinical and research topics, including thyroid disorders, pediatric endocrinology, growth factors, and reproductive medicine. Each issue provides translational and basic research articles with knowledge, understanding, and perspective in diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolism.

Online access

Essential resources on the cutting edge of endocrine research Editor-in-Chief: Andrea C. Gore, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Endocrinology has defined the science of endocrinology for more than 95 years, publishing 6,000 pages each year of original basic research related to the endocrine glands and their hormones.

Online access

Editor-in-Chief: Stephen R. Hammes, MD, PhD, University of Rochester

With less than a month from breakthrough to publication, Molecular Endocrinology reports rapidly on receptor and hormone signals in the regulation of gene expression, development, physiological function, and disease.

Online access

Two-for-one value Institutional subscriptions bundle two well-respected journals, Endocrinology and Molecular Endocrinology, at a discount.

Research spanning basic, translational, and clinical research on endocrine neoplasias and on the impact of hormones on all aspects of cancer biology Editor-in-Chief: Nancy L. Weigel, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine

This bi-monthly joint Endocrine Society/Springer journal publishes research articles and reviews on all aspects of the effects of hormones on tumors and studies of endocrine neoplasias. Manuscripts submitted to Hormones and Cancer will undergo rapid peer-review by leading experts. There are no page charges for accepted manuscripts, no restrictions on manuscript length or limits to the number of figures. Importantly, all 18,000 Endocrine Society members have free online access to this journal.

Published by Springer in cooperation with the Endocrine Society.

Online access

The most cited clinical journal in the field Editor-in-Chief: R Paul Robertson, MD, Universities of Washington and Minnesota and Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism is the worlds leading peer-reviewed journal for endocrine clinical research and clinical practice information. Each issue provides up to date coverage of new developments that enhance our understanding of pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and metabolic disorders. Regular features of special interest include original reports of important advances in patient-oriented endocrine and metabolic research, personal perspectives on endocrinologic topics, clinical trials, clinical reviews, clinical practice guidelines, and case reports. According to the latest Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report, JCEM articles were cited 69,351 times in 2013. With an Impact Factor of 6.310, it is ranked 13th out of 121 journals in the category of original articles in Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Online access

Science and practice combined in an authoritative translational series Editor-in-Chief: R Paul Robertson, MD, Universities of Washington and Minnesota and Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute

This one-of-a-kind journal explores the latest "bench to bedside" research in endocrinology. Each volume provides an integrated approach that updates and interrelates clinical and basic information, providing the best of translational science.

Online access

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Society Journals | Endocrine Society


Society for Endocrinology journals

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Journal of Endocrinology

provides a wide coverage of research in all aspects of endocrinology. It is in the top ranks of global endocrine journals and publishes high quality, leading-edge research from all over the world. The readership of the journal is worldwide, with 40% of readers in North America.

provides a forum for papers devoted to describing the mechanisms underlying the action of hormones and related substances, their regulation in physiological processes and disruption in pathological conditions.

is the established global forum for basic, clinical and experimental investigations which concern hormones and cancer in human and animal subjects. Endocrine-Related Cancer publishes all aspects of basic, translational and clinical research in hormone-dependent cancers, and in cancers of endocrine organs.

is the official clinical journal of the Society for Endocrinology. It is essential reading both for those engaged in endocrinological research and for those involved primarily in clinical practice. Clinical Endocrinology is published by Wiley-Blackwell and hosted by Wiley Online Library: different terms and conditions apply.

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Society for Endocrinology journals


Endocrinology – Greensboro Medical

Thursday, August 4th, 2016


Dr. Kohut is originally from Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Greensboro has been his home since 1982. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Cincinnati and his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Cincinnati, School of Medicine. His training in Internal Medicine was completed in 1980 and his fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism was completed in 1982, both at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. Kohut is board certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism and is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is also board certified in Clinical Lipidology. He is licensed in medicine in the state of North Carolina. He is an active staff member at Moses Cone Hospital and is a member of the American College of Physicians.

Dr. Kohuts interests outside of work include woodworking and water skiing.


Dr. Balan is originally from Bangalore, India. Greensboro has been her home since 2003. She earned her Doctor of Medicine from Bangalore Medical College in India. Dr. Balan completed her internship at Yale. Her training in Internal Medicine was completed at Columbia University and her fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism was completed at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. Balan is board certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism and is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. She is licensed in medicine in the state of North Carolina. She is an active staff member at Moses Cone Hospital and is a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology and the Endocrinology Society

Dr. Balans interests outside of work include reading and spending time with her family.

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Endocrinology - Greensboro Medical


Welcome to Greensboro Endocrinology – Dr. Michael Altheimer

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Welcome to Greensboro Endocrinology, the endocrinology, diabetes, and internal medicine practice of Michael D. Altheimer, MD. Board certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, Dr. Altheimer has built a reputation for providing high quality and exceptionally personalized care since establishing his practice in Greensboro, NC, in 1986.

At Greensboro Endocrinology, we take the time to listen to your concerns. We provide state-of-the-art, evidence-based care, delivered in an individualized and compassionate manner. Most of our patients seek long-term care for diabetes, lipid disorders, thyroid conditions, and/or other endocrine and metabolic problems. Most often, this is done in the form of consultative careworking closely with your primary care physician or other referring provider. In addition, for a smaller segment of our patient population, we provide comprehensive long-term adult primary medical care with a focus on wellness and prevention. We encourage all of our patients to be well-informed and active participants in their own healthcare. Thank you for placing your trust in our practice as we partner in your care.

In order to assure the highest level of personalized service and patient satisfaction, each member of our team is carefully chosenbased on training, experience, competence, and (most importantly) a genuine caring attitude.

Greensboro Endocrinology will soon offer our patients secure, 24/7 online access to important information in their electronic medical records, as well as secure communications, through our patient portal.

Conveniently located off North Elm Street (at the first traffic light north of Cone Blvd), at 7C Corporate Center Court, Greensboro Endocrinology shares space, staff, lab, and support services with Medoff Medical, which is the established gastroenterology practice of Jeffrey Medoff, MD.

We hope you find the information on this website helpful. Pleasecontact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Dr. Altheimer has been my endocrinologist for several years. Upon my first visit I found him knowledgeable and well informed, and he instilled in me a confidence that he could resolve my medical issues. I have been extremely pleased with my treatment and would not hesitate to continue having him as my physician.


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Directions – Greensboro Endocrinology, Dr. Michael Altheimer

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

We are conveniently located off N. Elm Street (at the first traffic light north of Cone Blvd), at 7C Corporate Center Court, in Greensboro, NC.

If you're headed north on N. Elm Street, turn right at traffic light at BB&T Bank (3150 N. Elm Street), onto Corporate Center Court. Greensboro Endocrinology is located behind the BB&T Bank building, at the far end of the parking lot.

Surface parking and patient drop-off are conveniently located directly in front of our entrance.

Click here for door-to-door directions

Take I-40 West Take highway 70 exit Follow highway 70 into Greensboro Turn right onto Magnolia Street Turn left onto Northwood Street Turn right onto Elm Street Turn right at the first traffic light after crossing Cone Boulevard, onto Corporate Center Court. Office is up and behind the BB&T Bank, at the far end of the parking lot

Take US 220 N to Greensboro Merge onto Freeman Mill Road Freeman Mill Road will become Edgeworth Street Turn right onto West Smith Street Turn left onto Elm Street Turn right at the first traffic light after crossing Cone Boulevard, onto Corporate Center Court. Office is up and behind the BB&T Bank, at the far end of the parking lot Travel time approximately 40 minutes

Take I-40 East into Greensboro Take exit 210 High Point/PTI Airport Turn left at bottom of ramp onto Hwy 68 N Exit right onto Bryan Blvd Take the Westridge Road exit Turn right onto Westridge Road Turn right onto Battleground Ave/US-220 Turn left onto Pisgah Church Road Turn right onto North Elm Street Turn left at the first traffic light onto Corporate Center Court. Office is up and behind the BB&T Bank, at the far end of the parking lot. Travel time approximately 45 minutes

Take I-85 N to Greensboro Take exit 120 (85 Business) Take the exit for US-29 North Take the Cone Blvd exit Merge onto East Cone Blvd Turn right onto North Elm Street Turn right at the first traffic light after crossing Cone Boulevard, onto Corporate Center Court. Office is up and behind the BB&T Bank, at the far end of the parking lot Travel time approximately 35 minutes

Take US-29 S into Greensboro Take the Cone Blvd exit erge onto East Cone Blvd Turn right onto North Elm Street Turn right at the first traffic light after crossing Cone Boulevard, onto Corporate Center Court. Office is up and behind the BB&T Bank, at the far end of the parking lot. Travel time approximately 35 minutes.

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Directions - Greensboro Endocrinology, Dr. Michael Altheimer


Albany Med Community Division: The Endocrine Group

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

TheAlbany MedCommunity Division: The Endocrine Group offers the highest level of medical care in a welcoming environment, close to home. We see patients with a wide spectrum of endocrine disorders, including pituitary and adrenal problems, disorders of calcium metabolism, and a variety of other endocrine abnormalities.

The Endocrine Group enhances the convenience of our health services by offering an endocrine surgeon and a podiatry clinic on-site. Dr.Carrie Carsellohas extensive experience in endocrine surgery and the experts at the on-site podiatry clinic specialize in foot care for patients with diabetes.

We also have a team of Certified Diabetes Educators, Registered Dietitians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who are specially trained in the field of endocrinology to work with our board-certified endocrinologists.

Medical Nutrition Therapy is offered by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) for theprevention and treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and high blood pressure. Medical Nutrition Therapy is also offered for patientsto helpmanagecancer, digestive problems, eating disorders, pregnancy, child, adolescent, and adult weight concerns. Sports performance advice and healthy eating tips are also addressed.

In the medical field, it is extremely important to be up-to-speed in the latest technologies that improve the overall patient experience. For this very reason, we have a Certified Clinical Densitometrists who operate our up-to-date DXA machine for precise measurement of bone density in treating our patients with osteoporosis. Additionally, patients with thyroid disorders such as nodules and/or cancer can benefit from high resolution ultrasound operated by ultrasound technicians highly experienced in thyroid sonography.

Our office location and contact information is:

Albany Med Community Division: The Endocrine Group 1365 Washington Ave., Suite 300 Albany, NY 12206

Phone: (518) 489-4704 Fax: (518) 489-0512

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Albany Med Community Division: The Endocrine Group


3rd International Conference On Endocrinology

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

OMICS Group officially welcomes you to attend the6th International Conference on EndocrinologyduringNovember 28-30, 2016 atBaltimore,USA. Endocrinology 2016 conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Endocrinology research offering a unique opportunity for investigators across the globe to meet, network, and perceive new scientific innovations. This years annual congress highlights the theme New recommendations and practical approaches in the treatment of endocrinal disorders which reflects the emerging progress being made in Endocrinal disease research as discoveries in the lab are translated into treatments in an increasingly targeted and precise manner.

Endocrinology 2016 provides three days robust discussions on methods and strategies related to diagnosis, prevention and management of endocrinal diseases as well as explore new ideas and concepts on a global scale and the topics include Diabetic Disorders and Treatment, Current Advances in Endocrinology & Metabolism, Thyroid Gland and its Disorders, Reproductive Endocrinology, Energy Balance and Obesity, Treatment and Diagnosis of Endocrine Diseases,Surgery. The conference invites Endocrine surgeons, diabetologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists and all the eminent researchers and experts in the field of Endocrinal medicine. The conference also welcomes the participation of Presidents, CEOs, Delegates and industrial executives from Endocrine Pharma and Health care sectors making the conference a perfect platform to network, share views and knowledge through interactive keynote, plenary, poster and B2B discussions.

OMICS International Organizes 300+Conferencesevery year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientificsocietiesand Publishes 500+Open access journalswhich contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

In United States alone, more than 50,000 people die every year. Nearly 200000 people are treated annually for type-1 and type-2 diabetes every year. The global endocrinal healthcare market touches around $2.03 billion. Endocrinal associations are being funded annually about $212,286 million to $407,716 million for endocrinal research. Reflecting this imperative, OMICS Group believes that professionally-oriented education in endocrinal research is essential in the training of clinicians and academicians and organizes Endocrinology-2015 conference in Atlanta, USA this year which will provide the future leadership in this key area for global health.

Scientific Sessions

Track-1: GeneralEndocrinology

Endocrinology is a branch of biology and medicine dealing with the endocrine system, its diseases and its specific secretions known as hormones, growth promotion and malignancy. Behavioural endocrinology. Behavioral endocrinology is the study of hormonal processes and neuroendocrine systems that influence or regulate behavior. Analytical approaches include studies of natural variation among individuals within populations of a single species, sex differences, differences among species and experimental manipulations of either the endocrine system or behavior itself. G-Protein coupled receptors also known as seven-transmembrane domain receptors, 7TM receptors, heptahelical receptors, serpentine receptor, and G proteinlinked receptors (GPLR). Pediatric endocrinology is a medical subspecialty dealing with variations of physical growth and sexual development in childhood, as well as diabetes and other disorders of the endocrine glands.

According to recent statistics report, nearly 26 million adults apart from young and old aged people are suffering from Diabetes and millions of others are at increased risk. Being one of the major fields of Internal Medicine, endocrinal research received a funding of more than 2.03 billion dollars annually across the globe. Nearly $560 million is being funded on Endocrinal diseases alone per year. Targeted Audience are Diagnostics manufacturers, Healthcare companies, Entrepreneurs, Research Scholars, Academic Scientists, Healthcare Innovators, Physicians, Diabeticians, Endocrinologists , Clinical Researchers, Policymakers and Regulators, Surgeons, Academic Researchers

There are about 1500 Universities all over the world who are doing research on Endocrinology. As per the statistics there are more than 60 Hospitals, 35 Associations/societies, 30 companies and 15 universities are functioning in the fields of Endocrinology in Atlanta and in USA there exists more than 4973 Hospitals, 70 Associations/societies, 1600 companies, 800 universities are functioning in the fields of Endocrinology.

Track-2:Diabetic Disorders and Treatment

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic illness characterized by the bodys inability to produce insulin due to the autoimmune destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas. Most pediatric patients with diabetes have type 1 and a lifetime dependence on exogenous insulin. Gestational diabetes affects the mother in late pregnancy, after the baby's body has been formed, but while the baby is busy growing. Dietary management, physical activity and prevention strategies for diabetes should be taken care to overcome diabetes. Hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by abnormally low blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Hypoglycemia, if left untreated it leads to a seizure or unconsciousness.

Track-3:Neuro Endocrinology

Neuroendocrine cancer is a malignant tumour that starts in neuroendocrine cells. Neuroendocrine tumors most commonly occur in the intestine, where they are often called carcinoma tumors. Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors form in hormone-making cells (islet cells) of the pancreas. They may or may not cause signs or symptoms. Neuroendocrine small cell cancer accounts for approximately 15% of bronchogenic carcinomas.

Track-4: Challenges of Endocrinology

Osteoporosisis a disease where decreased bone strength increases the risk of a broken bone. It is caused due to vitamin D deficiency , aging, being female, low body weight, low sex hormones or menopause, smoking, and some medications. Rickets is defective mineralization or calcification of bones before epiphyseal closure in immature mammals due to deficiency or impaired metabolism of vitamin D. Rickets management can be done by gradual administration of months or in a single-day dose of 15,000 mcg (600,000 U) of vitamin D. Growth hormone (GH) deficiency is a disorder that involves the pituitary gland (a small gland located at the base of the brain), which produces growth hormone and other hormones. Growth hormone deficiency can be treated by injecting growth hormone intramuscularly and hormone replacement

Track-5: Current Advances inEndocrinology

Multiple pituitary hormone deficiency is a condition that causes a shortage (deficiency) of several hormones produced by the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain. A lack of these hormones may affect the development of many parts of the body. Endocrine disorders in hemoglobinopathies can be treated by replacement of particular hormone deficiency and improvement of nutritional status; the goals of hormone replacement therapy for patients with sickle cell disease are to achieve normal levels of circulating hormones, restore normal physiology, and to avoid symptoms of deficiency with minimal side effects. Islet cell transplantation is the transplantation of isolated islets from a donor pancreas and into another person. It is an experimental treatment for type 1 diabetes mellitus. Once transplanted, the islets begin to produce insulin, actively regulating the level of glucose in the blood. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) are any of several autosomal recessive diseases resulting from mutations of genes for enzymes mediating the biochemical steps of production of cortisol from cholesterol by the adrenal glands.

Track-6:Thyroid Gland and its Disorders

Graves' diseaseis an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). Thyroid hormones metabolism is regulated by protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism, affecting how human cells use energetic compounds. Iodine uptake against a concentration gradient is mediated by a sodium-iodine symporter and is linked to a sodium-potassium ATPase.

Track-7:Reproductive Endocrinologyand Infertility

Male infertility refers to a male's inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. In humans it accounts for 40-50% of infertility. It affects approximately 7% of all men. Male infertility is commonly due to deficiencies in the semen, and semen quality is used as a surrogate measure of male fecundity. Pelvic inflammatory disease, commonly called PID, is an infection of the female reproductive organs. PID is one of the most serious complications of a sexually transmitted disease in women: It can lead to irreversible damage to the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or other parts of the female reproductive system, and is the primary preventable cause of infertility in women. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a problem in which a woman's hormones are out of balance. It can cause problems with your periods and make it difficult to get pregnant.

Track-8:Energy Balanceand Obesity

Obesity has always existed in human populations, but until very recently was comparatively rare. The availability of abundant, energy-rich processed foods in the last few decades has, however, resulted in a sharp rise in the prevalence of obesity in westernized countries. Food intake (eating) is a form of behavior that is subject to conscious control. In practice, many obese and weight-gaining individuals claim that their eating is out of (their) control. Mechanistic models describe the interplay of biological and environmental forces that food intake control. Adipocytes, also known as lipocytes and fat cells, are the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue, specialized in storing energy as fat. Adipocytes function is to synthesize estrogens from androgens, potentially being the reason why being underweight or overweight are risk factors for infertility.[18] Additionally, adipocytes are responsible for the production of the hormone leptin. Leptin is important in regulation of appetite and acts as a satiety factor.

Track-9: Treatment and Diagnosis ofEndocrine Diseases

Cushing's syndrome, also known as hypercortisolism, Itsenko-Cushing syndrome, and hyperadrenocorticism, is a collection of signs and symptoms due to prolonged exposure to cortisol. Signs and symptoms may include: high blood pressure, abdominal obesity but with thin arms and legs, reddish stretch marks, a round red face, a fat lump between the shoulders, weak muscles, weak bones, acne, and fragile skin that heals poorly. Most cases can be treated and cured. If due to medications, these can often be slowly stopped. If caused by a tumor, it may be treated by a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Pheochromocytoma is a neuroendocrine tumor of the medulla of the adrenal glands (originating in the chromaffin cells), or extra-adrenal chromaffin tissue that failed to involute after birth. Addisons disease (also Addison disease, chronic adrenal insufficiency, hypocortisolism, and hypoadrenalism) is a rare, chronic endocrine system disorder in which the adrenal glands do not produce sufficient steroid hormones (glucocorticoids and often mineralocorticoids). It is characterised by a number of relatively nonspecific symptoms, such as abdominal pain and weakness, but under certain circumstances, these may progress to Addisonian crisis, a severe illness which may include very low blood pressure and coma.

Prostate cancer- Treatment and prevention involves hormone therapy, chemo, and vaccines may help with the cancer spread overall. Often, though, other treatments that target cancer spread to the bones are also needed. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the bodys endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife. A wide range of substances, both natural and man-made, are thought to cause endocrine disruption, including pharmaceuticals, dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, DDT and other pesticides, and plasticizers such as bisphenol A

Track-10:Endocrine Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an operation on the stomach and/or intestines that helps patients with extreme obesity to lose weight. Thissurgeryis an option for people who cannot lose weight by other means or who suffer from serious health problems related to obesity.

Metabolic surgery refers to a group of procedures that involve either reduction or bypassing sections of the stomach and small intestine, and are commonly used as a treatment for obesity.

Cardiovascular surgery is surgery on the heart or great vessels performed by cardiac surgeons. Frequently, it is done to treat complications of ischemic heart disease (for example, coronary artery bypass grafting), correct congenital heart disease, or treat valvular heart disease from various causes including endocarditis, rheumatic heart disease and atherosclerosis. It also includes heart transplantation.

Conference series LLC officially welcomes you to attend the 6th International Conference on Endocrinology during December 05-07, 2016 at Dallas, USA which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions. Special interest and theme of this conference is toNew recommendations and practical approaches in the treatment of endocrinal disorders

Endocrinology 2016 conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Endocrinology research offering a unique opportunity for investigators across the globe to meet, network, and perceive new scientific innovations. The studies are more connected with the topics like Current Advances in Endocrinology & Metabolism; Chemistry, physiology, and disorders related to Hypothalamus-Pituitary axis, Thyroid and parathyroid glands and its Disorders, Reproductive Endocrinology, Diabetic Disorders and Treatment, Energy Balance and Obesity, Treatment and Diagnosis of Endocrine Diseases, Surgery, mechanism of action of peptide hormones and receptors and steroid hormones and receptors, Glycoprotein hormones (LSH, FSH, TH, hCG, POMC), Growth hormone family (GH, hCS, Prolactin), Adrenal hormones and Endocrine regulation.

OMICS International organizes aconference seriesof 3000+ Global Events inclusive of 600+ Conferences, 2400+ Upcoming and Previous Symposiums and Workshops in USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientificsocietiesand publishes 700+Open access journalswhich contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

Why to attend???

This years annual congress highlights the theme New recommendations and practical approaches in the treatment of endocrinal disorderswhich reflects the emerging progress being made in Endocrinal disease research as discoveries in the lab are translated into treatments in an increasingly targeted and precise manner.

Clinical Endocrinology 2016 provides three days robust discussions on methods and strategies related to diagnosis, prevention and management of endocrinal diseases as well as explore new ideas and concepts on a global scale and The conference invites Endocrine surgeons, Diabetologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists and all the eminent researchers and experts in the field of Endocrinal medicine. The conference also welcomes the participation of Presidents, CEOs, Delegates and industrial executives from Endocrine Pharma and Health care sectors making the conference a perfect platform to network, share views and knowledge through interactive keynote, plenary, poster and B2B discussions.

Target Audience:

Scope and Importance of Endocrinology

Endocrinology Conference deals with the Endocrinology which is a branch of science dealing with the endocrine glands. Endocrinology includes the study of hormones, the endocrine system, and their role in the physiology of the body. Endocrinology is a specialty of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to hormones. Endocrinology deals with the human functions as the coordination of metabolism, respiration, reproduction, sensory perception, and movement. Themedical specialty ofendocrinologyinvolves the diagnostic evaluation of a wide variety of symptoms and variations and the long-term management of disorders of deficiency or excess of one or morehormones. The diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases are guided by laboratory tests to a greater extent than for most specialties. Many diseases are investigated through ''excitation/stimulation'' or ''inhibition/suppression'' testing. This might involve injection with a stimulating agent to test the function of an endocrine organ. Blood is then sampled to assess the changes of the relevant hormones ormetabolites. An endocrinologist needs extensive knowledge of clinical chemistry and biochemistry to understand the uses and limitations of the investigations. Diagnostic imaging of endocrine organs may reveal incidental findings called incidentalomas, which may or may not represent disease.Some of the most common endocrine diseases includediabetes mellitus,hypothyroidismand themetabolic syndrome.Care of diabetes,obesityand other chronic diseases necessitates understanding the patient at the personal and social level as well as the molecular, and the physicianpatient relationship can be an important therapeutic process. Apart from treating patients, many endocrinologists are involved in clinical science and medical research, teaching, and hospital management.

Conference series puts together the entire eminent endocrinologist across the globe to share their knowledge and views on the respective conference theme.

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Dallas is currently the third most popular destination for business travel in the USA, and the Dallas Convention Center is one of the largest and busiest convention centers in the USA. The most notable event held in Dallas is the State Fair of Texas.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School is a medical school located in Dallas. It is part of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, one of the largest grouping of medical facilities in the world. The facility is home to five Nobel Laureates, four in physiology/medicine and one in chemistry. UTSW is part of the University of Texas System.

UT Dallas, or UTD, is renowned for its programs in computer science, neuroscience. Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world's largest breast cancer organization was founded and is headquartered in Dallas.

Dallas has many hospitals and a number of medical research facilities within its city limits. One major research center is the Dallas Medical District with the UT Southwestern Medical Center. The University of North Texas Health Science Center, commonly known as the UNT Health Science Center is a graduate-level institution.

Parkland Memorial Hospital is one of the "America's Best Hospitals" and the Hormonal Disorders specialty at Parkland Memorial Hospital is rated among the best in the nation.

With all these endocrine related organizations, Dallas is suitable venue for this conference.

Societies associated with Endocrinology research

To encourage, educate, update and train registered medical practitioners, dieticians, qualified nurses and other appropriately qualified paramedical personnel in the field of Diabetes various well-known societies/associations are working across the globe to efficiently prevent and combat the fatal disease.

Endocrine Society

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

The American Association of Endocrine Surgeons

Association of Program Directors in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Society for Endocrinology

Brazilian Society of Surgical Endocrinology

British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes

European Society of Endocrinology

International Society of Endocrinology

Pediatric Endocrine Society

Novartis AGs Signifor won U.S. regulatory approval to treat the rare hormone condition known as Cushings disease IN 2012. About 2 or 3 people for every 1 million will develop non-medicine related Cushings each year in the U.S., according to the National Institutes of Health.

Based on diagnostic technologies, the tandem mass spectrometry diagnostic technique was the largest segment of the global endocrine testing market. The report also names immunoassays and sensor technologies as rapidly growing segments of the global endocrine testing market. The report also cites findings published by Elsevier, Inc., which examine the geriatric population above 65, of which 13.7% have subclinical hypothyroidism and 1.7% have hypothyroidism. Owing to the increasing number of diabetics all over the world, the global endocrine testing market's fastest growing testing segment is set to be the insulin test. The ambulatory care centers segment is set to show the fastest growth rate within the report's forecast period. Top reasons for this segment's growth are a speedier response rate and lower costs than the ones a patient would otherwise incur. The home-based tests segment is also showing promising development opportunities and is predicted to gain a greater market share in the near future. On the other hand, commercial laboratories will continue to gain momentum in terms of revenue generation and consequently invest more in further research. The report also cites information released by the World Health Organization (WHO), in which the WHO states its prediction of diabetes becoming the seventh leading cause of death in the world by 2030. Nearly 80% deaths related to diabetes occur in middle-to-low-income homes, as the disease is exacerbated by poor management.

Congratulations to all our wonderful speakers, conference attendees contributed for the success of 2nd International Conference on Endocrinology organized by OMICS International. Thank you all for the tremendous job. Endocrinology-2015 Conference was our best ever!

The3rd International Conference on Endocrinologyhosted by theOMICS International wasscheduled on November 02-04, 2015 in Hilton Atlanta Airport, USA.

The conference attracted the research community, universities and statistical associations who were interested in learning more about the challenges and opportunities associated with Endocrinology. 11 different tracks were designed under the themeNew recommendations and practical approaches in the treatment of endocrinal disorders.All the sessions invigorated the conference.

The conference was initiated with a series of lectures delivered by bothHonorable Guests and Members of theKeynote Forum. The peerless people who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talks were;

Philip D Houck, Baylor Scott & White Healthcare, USA, presented a keynote talk onApplying laws of biology to men and women: Why is there a young female advantage? Why is it lost? This was followed by another keynote session onWolfram Syndrome: A rare multiorgan diseasebyGiuseppe dAnnunzio, IRCCS Giannina Gaslini Institute, Italy. Each of the speakers did a great job. All the sessions were followed with great interest by a large audience. Endocrinology-2015 would like to thank the Honourable Moderator of the conference Jose Mario F. De Oliveira, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil who contributed a major part for the smooth functioning and success of this event.

Best Poster Awardees at Endocrinology-2015:

OMICS International wishes to acknowledge all the organizing committee members, moderator, chair and co-chair, editorial board members ofOMICSgroup journals, speakers, delegates in making this event a great success. We are also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating active discussion forums. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence, support, and assistance with the unique feedback from the conference.

With the hope of continuing to further explore the field of Endocrinology, we would like to announce 6th International Conference on Endocrinologywhich will be held duringDecember 05-07, 2016 Dallas, USA.

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3rd International Conference On Endocrinology


Our Doctors – Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology Director, Rheumatology Fellowship Training Program

Clinical Interests: Kidney stones, metabolic bone disease, osteoporosis

Clinical Interests: Osteoporosis, Hypercalcemia, Hypocalcemia, Hypophosphatemia, Vitamin D deficiency, Adrenal nodules, Adrenal insufficiency, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Kidney Stones

Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Clinical Interests: Calcium disorders, general endocrinology, osteomalacia

Associate Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Bone Density Center Clinical Interests: Bone and mineral metaboli, neuroendocrinology, reproductive endocrinology

Clinical Director, Reproductive Endocrine Associates Co-Director Turner Syndrome Clinic Clinical Interests: Male Hypogonadism, Turner Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Menstrual disorders, Male and Female Infertility, Menopause, Osteoporosis

Chief, Endocrine Unit Physician, Department of Medicine Clinical Interests: Calcium and bone disorder, general endocrinology

Clinical Interests: General endocrinology, osteoporosis

Clinical Interests: Diseases of the parathyroid gland, genetic bone diseases, Hajdu-Cheney syndrome, fibrous dysplasia, osteoporosis

Clinical Interests: General Endocrinology

Clinical Interests: General Endocrinology

Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Newton-Wellesley Hospital Clinical Interests: Osteoporosis, primary hyperparathyroidism, metabolic bone disease, Paget's disease of bone

Clinical Interests: General endocrinology, Osteoporosis, Metabolic bone disease, Hyperparathyroidism, Adrenal disorders

Clinical Interests: General endocrinology, calcium disorders, diabetes mellitus

Clinical Interests: General endocrinology, Osteoporosis, Metabolic bone disease, Parathyroid disease, Male hypogonadism

Clinical Interests: Endocrine oncology, general endocrine, osteoporosis, metabolic bone disease, hyperparathyroidism, adrenal disorders

Co-Director, Endocrine Tumor Genetics Clinic Clinical Interests: General endocrinology, thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules

Co-Director, Thyroid Associates Medical Director, Endocrine Tumor Center Co-Director, Endocrine Tumor Genetics Clinic Clinical Interests: Thyroid (particularly thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer), parathyroid, adrenal

Co-Director, Thyroid Associates Clinical Interests: Endocrinology, thyroid disease

Associate Director, Bone Density Center Clinical Interests: Bone and mineral metaboli, neuroendocrinology, reproductive endocrinology

Clinical Interests: General endocrinology, osteoporosis

Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Newton-Wellesley Hospital Clinical Interests: Osteoporosis, primary hyperparathyroidism, metabolic bone disease, Paget's disease of bone

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Our Doctors - Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA


Functional Endocrinology

Thursday, August 4th, 2016





(503) 893-8584

(360) 448-6353



Our specialistswill help you take charge ofyour healthpreventing serious health issues. We invite you to learn more about each of The Doctors of Functional Endocrinology and our unique ability to help you heal.

In just months I am a non-diabetic and very happy about it. As a side benefit I have lost 40 lbs. My energy level is very good. With dedication and will power it has been an extremely beneficial program. This has become a new way of life for me. - D.F.

Patients accepted have great results in a very short time.

The very best women health care providers.

We provide personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and the underlying causes instead of just symptoms.


We find the ROOT CAUSE or mechanism involved with any loss of function, which ultimately reveals treatment to restore the lost function.






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type 2 diabetes

functional medicine


autoimmune disease

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Functional Endocrinology


Inova Medical Group Endocrinology – Inova Health System

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

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Inova Medical Group Endocrinology is a full-service endocrine practice located at two offices in Northern Virginia. Full-time consultation is also available at Inova Fairfax Hospital. Our board-certified and/or fellowship-trained specialists offer advanced skills and knowledge to provide patients with the highest level of care in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all endocrine disorders.

Endocrinology is the study of how hormones affect the body. Diabetes, for example, is a common but serious endocrine disorder caused by either a deficiency in the hormone insulin or a lack of insulin action. Our endocrinologists specialize in patients who have diabetes and have difficulty controlling their blood sugar.

Our physicians are also experts in diagnosing and treating disorders of the hormone-producing organs such as the thyroid, adrenal glands, parathyroids and pancreas. These organs can sometimes develop tumors that require more in-depth testing and study to determine if surgery is the appropriate treatment.

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Inova Medical Group Endocrinology - Inova Health System


New York Top Doctors — Best Thyroid Doctors …

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Take charge of your health by ordering your own blood tests without a doctor's order, through MyMedLab. With MyMedLab, you have access to medical tests provided by LabCorp, the same provider used by doctors and hospitals across the US. No appointment or no doctor's orders needed, with conventient locations near you. And you'll pay 50% to 80% less than the usual cost of these tests.

The results are confidential. And you can track changes in your results using MyMedLabs' free "Personal Health Record (PHR)" online. Of course, you'll need to review your results with your physician, but this allows you, the patient, to take the first steps toward getting the tests you need to live well!

Order Mary Shomon's Recommended Basic Thyroid Profile: Thyroid/TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody/TPO,Thyroid Antibody/Anti-thyroid AB

Order Mary Shomon's Recommended Followup Thyroid Profile: Thyroid/TSH, Free T4, Free T3


Dr. John Leone, Family Practice 61 Maple Rd Amherst, NY, 14221, 716-565-1234. A reader writes: "Dr. Leone is a five star doctor. He is so good that I'm afraid if I tell everyone that his office will get too busy. I was able to change from Synthroid to Armour thyroid without any fuss. He listens and understands that one medicine is not for everyone and that everyone is an individual! Let me say as forthyroid, someone dear to him has a thyroid problem so he does understand. He conveys to me that the group of doctors he is associated with are switching their thyroid patients to Armour Thyroid if Synthroid is not doing the job." (Added 4/03)

Another reader writes: "I agree that Dr. Leone is top-notch! He was willing to switch me from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid. He didn't have a problem with it at all, felt that I could benefit from it, and if that was what I wanted, he would prescribe the Armour. I feel so much more like my old self that it is unbelievable. Dr. Leone is very easy to talk with about concerns and treatment. The best part is, he was already my Primary Doctor and I found out thru this site that he was a recommended Doctor for Thryoid!!!!" (Added 6/05)


Patricia Lisoto Endocrinology 1000 Youngs Road Second Floor Amherst, NY 14221 716-798-1947 A reader writes: "She works with Dr. Karen Giardino and I love her. She is very knowledgeable and takes all the time in the world to talk with you. Everything is very thoroughly explained in ENGLISH so you understand everything she is telling you. I very highly recommend her." (Added 11/02)


Shahid Haque, Endocrinology, 4247 Maple Rd., NY 14226, 716-835-9871. A reader writes: "Dr. Haque is a board-certified endocrinologist and is the 4th endo I have seen in the Buffalo, NY area. I have been under his care for 3 yrs. after my last endo overmedicated me and I suffered hyper symptoms along with chest pains and thought I was going to have a cardiac event! Dr. Haque does not rush you out of his office and listens to your concerns and addresses them and explains in detail. My TSH fluctuates several times per year and he suggested that I try alternating 2 different dose which seems to be working for the past 6 mos. so far! If I call him because I feel like something is wrong, he will order a blood test and believes me.... He always gives me a complete physical exam annually and orders complete blood work and addresses all issues. His staff is very competent and friendly and the office is very clean." (Added 6/05)

A reader writes: "I have been seeing Dr. Haque for over 4 yrs. now and can't express enough that the title"Top Doc" fits him perfectly! I am very critical of doctors and it took me 11 yrs. to finally find THE BEST endocrinologist in the area. Friends & family that have switched to Dr. Haque have thanked me because he has taken excellent care of them from thyroid issues to diabetes. Every visit entails a complete examination and he treats your body as a whole; not just that little butterfly-shaped organ in your neck. He is more concerned with how YOU feel and that the lab values ranges are only a guideline. He LISTENS to you. Dr. Haque is a KEEPER! I just wish he was a primary care provider. :-)" (March 2009)

Amherst & Williamsville

Karen Giardino -- No Longer listed (October 2006)


Charles Krieger, DC -- no longer listed

Ballston Spa

Dr. Eugene Merecki -- No longer listed (October 2006)


A reader recommends Dr. Hari Garg, 726-637?2161, West Ave, Brockport-- NY 14420. "Willing to listen to patients-- will prescribe T3-- will give lab results with no problems. Very caring."


Dr. Marvin Teich, General practice/internist/primary care,665 Thwaites Place, Bronx 10467, 718-882-3500

A reader writes: "Dr. Marvin Teich is an excellent doctor that my mother goes to. I recommended him to my mother because no one would prescribe Armour Thyroid to her. Dr. Teich will prescribe Armour Thyroid upon request. He is an excellent doctor who truly cares about his patients. He also has a pleasant and caring attitude. My mother's thyroid levels are now normal and she's in better health thanks to Dr. Teich." (July 2008)


David Borenstein, MD -- relocated to New York City / Manhattan


Dr. T. AvRuskin, Pediatric endocrinologist - treats adults too, Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, Linden Blvd. at Brookdale Plaza, 718-240-5244

Note: patients report that this doctor relies on TSH for diagnosis, and will not prescribe with Cytomel. (March 2009)

"Dr. AvRuskin is chief of pediatrics but takes care of adults too. He has treated my son for Graves disease and my friend for hypothyroidism. He is like a grandfather has a good sense of humor -- is easy to talk to. He takes a lot of time with patients is very interested in unusual cases and is willing to discuss alternative therapies. He listens to his patients. I am an RN and I recommend him highly."


Dr. Zhuravenko Igor, Internal Medicine, 445 Kings Hwy, 2 fl, Brooklyn, NY 11223, 718-375-1777.

A reader writes: "Providing with diagnostic services, he also has articles in Russian for multiple thyroid problems. He works with the best surgeons and provides proper treatment for thyroid cancer." (Added 10/05)

Another reader writes: "Great doctor, changed his office address, published many articles about thyroid problems, member of American Thyroid organization. All services, blood work, ultrasound, x-ray is in the office." (May 2008)


Martin Surks, MD, 3400 Bainbridge Ave, Bronx NY 10467, 718 920 4331, MSURKS@WESTNET.COM. Note: patients report that this doctor relies on TSH for diagnosis, and will not prescribe with Cytomel. (March 2009)

"He's kind and willing to listen to all the patients concerns. (Added Dec. 04)


Ulrich Schubart, MD, endocrinology, 1575 Blondell Ave Suite #200, New York 10461, 718-405-8260. A reader writes: "I was reading request from a TOP DOC in the New York City area...However, he's the GREATEST in The BRONX, his name is Dr. Ulrich Schubart and he is located I'm afraid to share, his office might get to busy, its in the Bronx. @1575 Blondell Ave., Bronx, NY 10461 718-405-8260. EXCELLENT!!!" He returns calls, very good listener, sharp, caring, optimistic, gets results--hes well known as the Top Thyroid Doc in this area-for good reason. It is worth the wait to get in to see him! To ensure that the proper dosage of medication is given he reviews does blood work every six weeks and reviews my dosage until he feels I have reached the right level. He is a good listener and interested in my health concerns. It's been a long three years for me fighting thyroid, but I can honestly say, he will give me the best available information, then let me make the choices." (Added 6/05)


Dr. David Cohen, naturopath, 1407 46th Street, Entrance B, Brooklyn, NY 11219. (718) 207 0909 / 718 972 1616. His website is, This reader "strongly recommends" Dr. Cohen. "He's a naturopath and very needed for "Hard Cases" such as myself."

Another reader writes: "This Dr. David Cohen is something else. His body scan reading was eerily accurate about medical problems I USED to have as well as the two I still have. About two hours after his homeopathic remedy, I felt enormous relief from my arthritis pain. I really have to say he gave me more relief than any five doctors added up together. Very recommendable fellow. Such relief!"

Another reader recommends Dr. David Cohen: "My neighbor, about 75 yrs young, went to Dr. Cohen after she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Not wanting all the heavy-duty meds which weren't working, she followed Dr. Cohen's recommendations, using only naturopathic remedies, and the improvement was so much better than anything the pharmaceuticals could do that her medical doctor cut her thyroid med in half. He's becoming a legend in Brooklyn for really tough cases. I'm quite impressed." (Added 11/02)

More praise from a reader for Dr. Cohen: "Five doctors in a row, including two who are renowned and very expensive, could not put a label on my numerous symptoms. Within an hour or so of Dr. Cohen doing a body scan, the remedies he suggested starting working. Can you imagine waiting sixteen months to get relief, and one naturopath gives you a detailed report about why your body's having so many problems, and BOOM! Relief in a couple of hours. I can't recommend him enough. What a wizard." (added 1/04)


Gabriel Spergel, M.D., P.C., Endoccrinologist. 135 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. Telephone 718 853-3702. A reader writes: I looked up Dr. Spergel, because I was not menstruating and was not losing weight and I was always tired and very fatigued. He ran a battery of tests and after I'd been to so many doctors who had told me there was nothing wrong with me he found that I had an underactive thyroid and started hormone therapy immediately. He also found that I was going through an early menopause. He is a wonderful doctor. Patient a good listener, and is professional and very open and honest with his patients. I have begun to feel much better ever since I started seeing him. He is always there when I need to speak with him about my situation."


Dr. Michael Tiplitsky, MD, Nutritionist, Holistic Dr., 415 Oceanview Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 718-769-0997, A reader writes: "I was told my cholesterol was high and I had to take Zocor. I decided to go to a holistic doctor, Dr. Tiplitsky, and he said my thyroid was underactive which was causing the high cholesterol. He prescribed Armour Thyroid and some natural remedies for other problems. He's a wonderful doctor and a great listener." (Added 3/03)




Dr. Clementina Lewis, Endocrinologist,1856 Colvin Blvd, Buffalo, NY, 716-873-6653

A reader writes: "She's open to suggestion, it doesn't have to be her way. she's willing to try different things." (Added 6/05)


Dr. Joseph J. Torre -- no longer listed

Commack (Suffolk County)

Scott R. Torns, D.C. Chiropractor 717 Larkfield Road, Commack, New York 11725 (631)858-1788. A reader writes, "Dr. Scott, as he is affectionately called, not only listens but hears what you say. He spends 1/2 hour to 1 hour with his patients and skillfully keeps their bodies aligned. I have never found a doctor in any specialty that had the skill and caring of Dr. Scott. I have Hashimotos & Lupus and he has successfully kept my joint pain and fatigue at a minimum. P.S. He is also and Adjunct Professor at CW Post College teaching Kinesiology."


Dr. Paul J. Caro, Caro Medical Center 7020 Erie Rd. Derby NY 14047 716 947-9147. A reader writes: When I first went to Dr. Caro he spotted it right away like it was written on my forehead. He sent me to get blood work done and test results said that my number was out of the park. Now I am probably the youngest case he has ever had. He has a great personality. I recommend him to anybody. (Added 11/02)

Dix Hills

Dr. William Romero, Nutrition, Majestic Road, New York, 631-549-4500,, A reader writes: "Dr. Romero is one of the most approachable, kind and responsive doctors I have ever met. His invaluable expertise and caring nature have been extremely helpful as a patient receiving treatment for hypothyroidism. I highly recommend him." (Added 6/05)

Another reader writes: "Dr. Romero was a Godsend to me....I was experiencing all the typical symptoms of thyroid disease and sought out a top doc because my endo refuse d to deal with anything other than my TSH level...I got very depressed and frustrated as my symptoms were clearly related to my Hashimotos disease, yet they would not treat me beyond a certain point...(fear of lawsuits??) I sought and got relief from my symptoms as Dr. Romero listened to my sobs and saw my despair. There is hope, and he encourages you to find it. I am on Armour now and feeling better than I have in over one year...I no longer feel the despair of, is this how my life is going to be? Dr. Romero uses meaningful analogies to help you find that little "ember, and fan it" . He has been a blessing in an otherwise atrocious year." (Added 6/05)

Another reader writes: "My hypothyroidism is under control and I lost almost 30 pounds. Dr Romero listens and follows up. He also communicates and encourages through email in between appointments." (Added June 2005)

More praise for Dr. Romero: "Dr. Romero is a body mechanic. He listens to his patients and understands how the body works. I am reborn. The energy I have alone is amazing. Im on Armour Thyroid and seeing such an improvement. Make an appointment to see the body mechanic, you will not be sorry!" (Added 10/05)

Another fan of Dr. Romero: "Dr. Romero has done more for me than my endocrinologist. He listens to the person with compassion, develops a total wellness plan including diet, nutrition, exercise, and medication/herbs. I highly recommend him to anyone who is not satisfied with their doctor." (Added 10/05)

East Setauket

Marie C. Gelato, MD, PhD, Endocrinologist, University Hosptial at Stony Brook, State University of Stony Brook, 26 Research Way, East Setauket, NY 11733, 516 444-0580. A reader writes: "Dr. Gelato is a caring, listening, open minded doctor. When I complained about how I felt on Synthroid, she listened, tried other dosages, and listened some more. I don't feel right on Synthroid. I learned about Armour Thyroid. She was open to trying it. I've been on Armour now for almost 2 years. I feel much better. Need I say more? She is definitely a top doc!"

Another reader writes: "Dr Gelato was the THIRD endocrinologist I had been to and I was not really optimistic since the others had not really heard my complaints about how I was feeling. Well, I was so pleasantly surprised! Not only did she listen to my issues, she took my symptoms as well as my "numbers" into consideration and tried me on Unithroid. To my surprise, within three weeks I felt like a new person! I can't believe there are still doctors who think that a set of lab values tells the whole story! Dr. Gelato was willing to see if a different medicine worked for me and how my body would process the medication. She took my individual symptoms into account and since she treated me as a "whole person" and not just labwork, she gets my vote as a Top Doc!" (Added Apr 06)

Forest Hills

Carl Adler, General practice/internist/primary care, Osteopath/DO, 110-06 72 Ave, Forest Hills, N.Y, 11375, 718-793-6779

A reader writes: "This doctor is very smart; explained that TSH levels are not accurate according to research and should be set lower and cases are being missed" (March 2009)

Garden City

Dr. Ashok Vaswani, Nutrition, 520 Franklin Ave., Suite L2, Garden City, NY 11530, 516 739-0414. "I felt he gives you confident care." (Added 6/02)

Another reader recommends Dr. Vaswani: "Dr. Vaswani is Board Certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism and Internal Medicine. He really listens and is kind and gentle." (added 1/04)

A reader writes: "He is a good listener. He will listen to all my symptoms. I have thyroid nodules and he was very gentle when he did my biopsy. He is always sympathetic and never discards my feelings." (Added: June 2004)

A reader writes: "Dr. Vaswani, is a terrific diagnostician and also prescribes the right dosage of medicine. He is easy to talk to. He diagnosed my problem within 2 minutes after meeting me and prescribed the right dose of Levoxyl. He gave me my life back. I was a mess and my G.P. had put me on anti depressants which wasn't really the answer. It was a band aid and got me through until I saw Dr. Vaswani. I went off the anti depressants and I am taking my thyroid medication and I feel great. Dr. V gave me my life back and I am so grateful to him." (Added Apr 06)

Garden City

Dr. Rajesh S. Kakani, Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery, 877 Steward Avenue, Suite 2, Garden City, NY, 516-222-1105. A reader writes: "Not only is Dr. Kakani a very skilled surgeon, but also very compassionate and caring." (Added 10/05)


Ron Miller, Physicians Assistant, Gasport. 716-735-7774. This reader suggests the addition of Ron Miller, "Because he listens! He says that no one knows our bodies better than ourselves. He prescribed Armour without hesitation. He appreciated all the research Ive done on the disease."

Glen Cove

Dr. Idel I. Moisa, M.D., Ear, Nose and Throat - Head and Neck Surgeon, 3 School St, Suite304, Glen Cove, NY 11542. "Experienced, professional, professional staff, and caring," noted one reader.

Glen Cove

Dr. Richard Linchitz, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, 70 Glen Street, Glen Cove, NY, 11542, 516-759-4200. A reader writes: "Dr. Linchitz does all the proper testing for testing for thyroid FT3, FT4, Anti, Ferritn, saliva tests for adrenals and hormones. He is patient, kind, and has empathy for the patient. He also prescribes Armour Thyroid and Cortef if needed. Everyone in his office is very pleasant. I can't find enough good things to say about this Dr. Before visiting him I saw 5 Endo's which turned out to be a waste of my time. Thank you." (August 2007)

Glen Cove

Paul Capobianco, D.O. Osteopath/DO 71 Walnut Road Glen Cove 11542 5166715017

The doctor writes: "Please include my address on your site. I have been using Armour thyroid, vitamins and kelp on my patients for years. I am now getting more interested in L-tyrosine. I am also looking into the Iodoral as a possible way to nourish the thyroid. I am also consider adopting Dr. Blanchard's 98/2% method, as some patient's are sensitive to too much T3. " (March 2009)


Tabbsum Malik, Endocrinologist & Internist, 70 Hatfield Lane, Goshen, N.Y. 10924, (845) 294-5472. "She is most knowledgeable and supportive. She is encouraging about alternative therapies and will prescribe Armour. I have suffered from Hashimotos for over 20 years and have Fibromyalgia. She recommended my first thyroid ultrasound and uses it as a tool. I finally found a good doctor whose opinion I trust. I have been off sugar, wheat, yeast, cheese, for over 11 months and I'm truly encouraged. I do 1 hour of Kundalini Yoga 5 days a week and at the age of 57, feel better than I have in years. I've also been using the new Rife frequency machine. There is hope for us." (added 1/04)

Another reader writes: "She listens very well. Requested an ultrasound to rule out any complications. She seems very open minded and helpful. Her assistance provide treatment consistency and good follow-up on explaining and going over the labs. Only downside, it takes weeks to months to see her." (Added 6/05)

Another fan: "I have been going to Dr.Malik for over 3 yrs. She is very knowledgeable and very compassionate. She will listen to every concern and give the encouragement you need. Her staff is friendly and welcoming. I travel an hour to visit her office- it is worth the distance!" (Added 1/06)

NOTE: Readers are reporting that this doctor's office may be heavily overbooking patients, and you may have to wait an hour or more past your scheduled time. (October 2006).

Grand Island

Kevin Augustine, DC -- no longer listed


Susanne Saltzman, M.D., Homeopathic Medicine, 250 E. Hartsdale Ave. St.22, Hartsdale, NY, 10530, 914-472-0666. A reader writes: "I'm open-minded, compassionate, flexible and well-liked by patients. I also have a thyroid problem myself (Hashimoto's) and I've done alot of research on it. I know that people require different treatments- one size does NOT fit all when it comes to thyroid disease (or any disease for that matter!) (Added Apr 06)

Hicksville, Long Island

Edward Persuad of Medical Network of Long Island 516 937 7440 in Hicksville, Long Island, NY. A reader writes: "He not only treats allergies, but sensitivities to everything including hormones. No other doctor caught the fact that I was sensitive to t3 t4 and trh. After being treated for this, and numerous other things, my very complicated symptoms abated, something many doctors couldn't do to the extent that Edward has done. He's truly in this business to help people, not money hungry at all. He spends at least an hour each time I see him. Sometimes I spend $140 sometimes less, sometimes more depending on how many allergens I buy. He's treated my insomnia, cravings and constipation like no one else has. He uses something called immunology which is explained on He treated all bacteria, fungi, food, vitamins, environment allergies and hormone imbalances etc. Please recommend this very innovative dr. He has a superb reputation." (Added 2/03)


Dr. William Romero Huntington Atrium, 775 Park Avenue Suite 155, Huntington NY 11743, 631-549-4500, I highly recommend Dr. William Romero. In the past I had been put on Synthroid but had become symptomatic (gaining weight without any lifestyle/eating changes, sleeping 10-14 hours a day and still feeling exhausted, falling and tripping so much that moving around was almost a safety hazard . . . etc). After spending an hour with Dr. Romero on my first visit, I felt like I had a new lease on life with him as my cheering section. He also prescribed a combination of Armour and Synthroid and a well balanced diet and exercise program (it's a lifestyle change, folks!) . . . that was 3 weeks ago. I just returned from a 2 week European vacation (historically, I gain about 1 pound per day when I go on vacation despite exercising, watching my diet and exploring the sights). When I weighed in at Dr. Romero's office, I did not gain 14 pounds, but instead maintained my weight like a normal, active person! In Europe, I was also able to explore the sights (including climbing up to the Acropolis, walking up and down stairs in Venice, and navigating over many cobblestone walkways) WITH ENERGY AND WITHOUT TRIPPING! I am now able to sleep a solid 8 hours and wake up feeling refreshed!! My thinking is clearer and I am not as forgetful and I used to be. If you live in the LI area and are tired of doctors who tell you that you overeat, overwork, don't exercise enough or everything is in your head, you must make an appointment with Dr. Romero. After 28 years, I feel reborn!

Another fan: "He is caring, he listens, he works with you, and he adjusts your treatment when required." (Added Dec. 04)

Read this article:
New York Top Doctors -- Best Thyroid Doctors ...


UAB – Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism – Home

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Dr. Stuart J. Frank Division Director

Welcome to the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at UAB. The Division has a broad mission that includes state-of-the-art clinical care for a wide variety of disorders of the endocrine system, clinical and basic endocrine investigation, and the education of medical students, graduate students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows.

Early Division leaders in the 1960s-1980s included Drs. Rex Clements, Buris Boshell, S. Richardson Hill, and James Pittman. The late Dr. Jeffrey Kudlow directed the Division from 1989-2006 and fostered the growth of its clinical service and molecular and clinical endocrinology research efforts. Dr. Stuart Frank has served as Director of the Division since 2007. The Division has enjoyed continued expansion and extensive collaboration with many other DOM divisions. Additionally, a hallmark of the Division in recent years has been its broad interaction with Centers and other academic units outside the DOM. These interactions have allowed the Division to enhance its impact. Dr. Anath Shalev has directed the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center since 2010 and Dr. Frank has served as Co-Director of the UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science (an NIH-funded CTSA) since 2010.

The faculty possesses broad clinical expertise in diabetes, thyroid disease, pituitary disorders, adrenal disease, lipid disorders, gonadal disorders, and metabolic bone disease and interacts closely with the Departments of Surgery, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Reproductive Endocrinology, as well as other Divisions in the Department of Medicine. These interactions take the form of both shared multidisciplinary clinics and clinical case conferences. The Division supports one of the Department of Medicines largest outpatient clinics in The Kirklin Clinic, staffs the Endocrinology Section of the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and maintains a consultation service that evaluates patients with a wide variety of endocrine problems within all hospitals of the UAB Medical Center. In addition, Division faculty contribute inpatient General Medicine attending service at both University Hospital and the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Division faculty are engaged in cutting edge basic and clinical research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, American Diabetes Association and other industry and foundations. Division research is fostered by the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center, the NIH-sponsored UAB Diabetes Research and Training Center, the UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science and the UAB Center for Metabolic Bone Disease. Faculty members are also closely affiliated with UABs Comprehensive Cancer Center, Gregory Fleming James Cystic Fibrosis Research Center and Center for Aging.

The Division sponsors an Endocrinology Fellowship Program that provides three physician trainees with broad outpatient and consultative experience in all areas of clinical endocrinology with added exposure to Pediatric Endocrinology, Reproductive Endocrinology, and other disciplines on an elective basis. Fellows are also encouraged to gain investigative experience in clinical or basic research with faculty mentors either within the Division or in other academic units at UAB. Completion of the Fellowship allows ABIM Board Eligibility in Endocrinology and Metabolism.

View original post here:
UAB - Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism - Home


Georgia Top Doctors — Best Thyroid Doctors …

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Take charge of your health by ordering your own blood tests without a doctor's order, through MyMedLab. With MyMedLab, you have access to medical tests provided by LabCorp, the same provider used by doctors and hospitals across the US. No appointment or no doctor's orders needed, with conventient locations near you. And you'll pay 50% to 80% less than the usual cost of these tests.

The results are confidential. And you can track changes in your results using MyMedLabs' free "Personal Health Record (PHR)" online. Of course, you'll need to review your results with your physician, but this allows you, the patient, to take the first steps toward getting the tests you need to live well!

Order Mary Shomon's Recommended Basic Thyroid Profile: Thyroid/TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody/TPO,Thyroid Antibody/Anti-thyroid AB

Order Mary Shomon's Recommended Followup Thyroid Profile: Thyroid/TSH, Free T4, Free T3


Dr. James Fortson, Ear, Nose, Throat Head & Neck Surgery, 285 Boulevard N.E. Ste. 220, Georgia 30307, 404.768.9350, 404.659.2273, A reader writes: "He's quiet and I had no idea he would be so expert or kind. Dr. Fortson is an amazing surgeon with a great deal of skill and compassion for his patients. His caregiving was excellent and I highly recommend him. His staff is competent and they made my life easier." (Added 6/05)


Dr. Jim Barron, gynecology, 780 Johnson Ferry Rd., Ga. 30304, 404-497-4700. A reader writes: "In addition to solving problems, Dr. Barron has wonderful bedside manner. He has a great support team as well, and can bring some comic relief to a situation that's sometimes too serious." (Added 6/05)


Frank Matalone, DO, Nutrition, 4646 North Shallowford Rd, Atlanta, Ga 30338, 770-676-6000.

Note: some patients report that this practice may require extensive -- and very costly (up to $3000) -- testing as part of initial evaluation. (March 2009)

He diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism when my GP said that I was fine despite the plethora of symptoms that I was experiencing. Dr. Matalone also explained the importance of detoxification and using natural forms of thyroid instead of synthetics. Progressive Medical is truly a one of a kind clinic.(Added 1/06)


Viktor Bouquette, MD, Integrative Medicine, 4646 North Shallowford Rd #100, Ga 30338 770-676-6000, 770-392-9805 Fax Note: some patients report that this practice may require extensive -- and very costly (up to $3000) -- testing as part of initial evaluation. (March 2009)

A reader writes: "He listens to me and knew that my thyroid was not functioning optimally despite my PCP stating otherwise. I have been to numerous doctors with no answers until I decided to go to Progressive Medical. They turned around my life." (Added 6/05)

Another reader writes of Viktor Bouquette, MD, Frank Matalone, DO, NMD, Gez Agolli, NMD PhD Another reader writes: "They get to the root cause of disease, specializing in diagnosing and correcting underlying metabolic disorders. Including thyroid and adrenal disorders." (Added 6/05)

A reader writes: "He was the only doctor out of so many others who listened to me. He ordered extensive lab testing to get to the root cause of my problems. What a blessing to have found Progressive Medical Center." (Added 10/05)

Another recommendation: A reader writes: "Dr. Bouquette was the only physician to listen to me. i went to numerous doctors with no relief until I found Progressive Medical. They got to the root cause of my problem. They not only ran the testing but took the time to explain them in detail and teach me how to eat and detoxify. Today I am alive again and have an abundance of energy! Thank you Dr. Bouquette and the staff at Progressive Medical." (June 2006).


Dr. Kimberly Williford, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, Naturopathic Doctor, 4646 N Shallowford Rd, Atlanta, GA 30338, Atlanta, GA,

Note: some patients report that this practice may require extensive -- and very costly (up to $3000) -- testing as part of initial evaluation. (March 2009)

A reader writes: Dr. Williford is wonderful. She, like everyone else at Progressive, thinks outside of the box and treats patients using complementary therapy. She prefers Armour, and also treats adrenal fatigue. I love her; she's done a lot to improve my quality of living. She is young, too, so I feel (as a younger woman) I can relate to her." (March 2009)


Dr. Harry K. Delcher, Endocrinologist, Other, Institute for Metabolic Research, Hammond Drive, Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA, Phone/Fax: (404) 943-0328 A reader writes: "For those in the North Atlanta area suffering from thyroid, metabolic issues, autoimmune diseases Dr. Delcher is the best. He is supportive and listens. After visiting several doctors that said no to T3 or Armor thyroid. He is also knowledgeable about female hormone issues and insulin/metabolic disorders. He is truly an excellent Doctor." (Added October 2007)


Dr. Jeff Donohue, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, 107 West Paces Ferry Rd., NW Atlanta, GA, 30305, 866-460-3246,

A reader writes: "It took years to find the right doctor to treat my subclinical hypothyroidism. I found Dr. Donohue on referral. He was the only doctor to find that my testosterone levels were at "0" and treat me. He is extremely patient-friendly. He isn't intimidated by a patient's knowledge or questions. He is knowledgeable on thyroid issues, BHRT, and adrenal issues. He is cash only but well worth it for feeling well again!" (March 2009)


Alex Rikhter, MD, Internal Medicine, 1140 Hammond Drive, Suite G-7105, Atlanta, GA 30328, 770-351-0900. "I have been to so many doctors and this is the first doctor I can ever say is Amazing! He asks questions, not from a chart, but from his head and heart. He wants to understand exactly how your feeling and talk to you about it. Dr. Rikhter tells you all of your options so you can talk about them together. He has genuine concern with how you feel and the problem isn't solved until you feel 110% better. He is someone you can call at 8 pm, like a friend, if you need anything. He is such a caring person and loves what he does. I guarantee you that there are no other doctors out there like him. This is the first doctor I can say I trust with my life. I am moving about an hour away and I will always go to him." (Added 6/02)

Another reader recommends Dr. Rikhter: "Dr. Rikhter is an amazingly patient doctor. He listens and takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. Once, after a long, confusing explanation, he even asked me, patiently, if I wanted him to explain again. He never rushes through an appointment or makes me feel like he has any other patients but me. He's also always prompt with his appointments. Dr. Rikhter is a wonderful doctor in every way. I would (and do) recommend him to everyone." (added 1/04)


Dr. John M. Wolff, MD, Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism Doctor and Internal Medicine Doctor, 3193 Howell Mill Road North West, Atlanta, Georgia (GA). "Dr Wolff fought for me and showed true empathy. I have also referred two friends to Dr Wolff that still thank me for sending them to such a wonderful doctor. He successfully resolved or treated their issues - thyroid tumor/nodules and hypothyroidism." (August 2007)


Carol Greenlee -- No longer listed (October 2006)


Dr. Scott Isaacs -- no longer listed (October 2007)

Atlanta / Roswell / Dunwoody

Dr. John Hamilton "Chip" Reed III, Endocrinologist -- NO LONGER

Atlanta - Buckhead Area

Dr. Spencer Welch -- no longer listed


Dayal Davis Raja, M.D. Endocrinologist, Oncologist, 1040 Alexander Drive, Suite 3322 Augusta, 30909

A reader writes: "Excellent US trained, Board Certified and completed an Endocrinology Fellowship". This was how Dr.Raja was described to me, but it was his pleasant personality, intelligence, time with me to explain all that he was doing, and why he was doing everything that impressed me. He really made me feel like I was in control of my condition for the first time and so far so good! " (March 2009)


Dr. Arlauskas, Surgeon, 3 Tower Medical Park, 3215 Shrine Road, Brunswick, GA 31520-4300. (912) 265-5125. A reader writes: "Doctor Arlauskas is simply amazing. He is a brilliant surgeon who is not only gifted but caring. He answered every one of my questions and continued to explain my situation in lay term so that I left with a level of comfort and clear understanding on what the next steps were. Don't let his young looks fool you; he is 36 year old (2006) and has performed hundreds of Thyroid operations with great success. I have been told by other Oncologist in the area he is the one they always recommend and is considered to be the best Surgeon in Glynn County, GA. I thank him for saving my life." (October 2006).


Dr. Jamieson, Oncologist, 2500 Starling Street, Brunswick, GA 31520. (912) 466-5100. A reader writes: "Doctor Jamieson is an extremely skilled Radiation Oncologist who is as personable as they come. He is knowledge and expertise is second only to his care for the patient. He was able to answer all of my questions in a manor that could easily be understood and gave me great hope of success. I thank him for pursuing the thyroid and other cancers and for saving my life." (October 2006).


Dr. Anna Cabeca, General practice/internist/primary care, Osteopath/DO, 2712 Parkwood Drive, Brunswick, GA 31520-4727. (912) 267-7780., A reader writes: "After years of infertility, chronic fatigue, weight gain, constipation, muscle aches and general malaise, Dr.Cabeca's nurse practitioner, Cheryl Tyler, WHNP took the extra step to do an T3 and T4 test. Both were extremely low and she immediately started me on armour thyroid. Four months later, I miscarried. Dr. Cabeca took an "aggressive" approach, placed me on synthroid and raised my dosage based on my basal temperature. Not only did my symptoms greatly improve, I now have a much greater chance of becoming pregnant. I am recommending Dr. Cabeca because she's the only physician in five years who took the time to do the lab work, monitor my basal temperature and reassure me the symptoms were not all in my head. She is also ruling out all other causes for the miscarriage. If I had found her when my symptoms first started, the quality of my life would have significantly improved and I may not be trying to have my first child at 35. I would strongly recommend her to any woman with thyroid or fertility issues." (October 2006).

A reader writes: "Excellent holistic health provider!" (Added October 2007)


Dr. M. Manning, Internist, 7138 Georgia Highway, 30016 Phone 770-786-9700 "Dr. Manning has worked with me and we have come a long way," says this reader. "Started out with "your tests are normal," so it must be your heart or so on and so on. When I keep in his face after all the heart tests and depression meds he said "what would you like to do?" WOW! We started with a change to Armour and tests for Ft3 Ft4 and tsh. Now we treat me together, not a lab report."


Alan Einstein Internist 1100 Baptist Medical Center Dr. Suite 230 Cumming, GA 30041 678-455-3833. A reader writes: "This doctor is willing to work with his patients to find solutions. He is not threatened by patients who read, he actually likes for his patients to take an active part in their treatment. He prescribed Armour for me before I could ask. He uses special formularies of T3 when needed. In addition to be a good doctor, he is also warm, caring and a lot of fun! He is on most insurance plans." (Added 4/03)


Dr. Michael Milton, Family Practice, Advanced Medicine and Longevity Center 6030 Bethelview Road, Suite 403 Cumming, GA, 30040 "I have been suffering with thyroid problems for almost 4 years now," shares this reader, "Moving from Doctor to Doctor and getting absolutely nowhere. I was referred to Dr. Milton by a friend and he gave me the light at the end of the tunnel. He uses the Barnes Theory of diagnosing Thyroid dysfunctions and works with his patients and listens and then does what it takes to have his patients thyroid working at peak performance. He prescribes Armour Thyroid. I live in Michigan. This is nothing new to him as he has patients all the way from Japan. His staff is fantastic and very warm and helpful. I was at my wits end. After two miscarriages back to back and 4 years of turmoil this man by the grace of God has given me my life back."

Another fan of Dr. Milton writes: Dr. Michael Milton. General practice. 770-205-6068. A reader writes: "This is a Top Doc because he knows his stuff about the thyroid. I had been suffering for a long time and had tried convincing doctors of what I thought was going on with me -- but he took one look at me and knew. Even still -- he read over all my notes that I had been taking -- of symptoms I had been having and the various dosages of Synthroid I was on at the time -- which just wasn't working. He validated my feelings and the symptoms I was having -- for the first time in a long time. He sat with me for a good while and explained about thyroid & pituitary function -- and possible malfunctions -- reverse T3 -- and sounded as if he was reading from Mary's book. Thanks to the forum -- I was able to ask intelligent questions and concerns about symptoms that I was having -- whether they were related to the thyroid -- and he was not put off by that and did not act offended that I was questioning things -- as I have had happen before. In fact -- I think he was rather impressed that I knew so much about my own health. After he had spent some time with me -- he had his nurse come in and he re-explained everything in her presence -- so she would be familiar with my situation too -- and to make sure I understood everything. It was such a relief to know that there is actually someone out there with an open mind. He's agreeable to phone consultations and will adjust dosages as needed over the phone. He's about 40 miles from where I live -- but I'd gladly make the drive on a daily basis if needed to see him. He's worth the out of pocket money to see him and worth the drive to go see."

Another reader writes: "I have gone to a lot of endocrinologists in the Atlanta area over the past 12 years. Dr. Milton is the first doctor I would recommend. He studied under Dr. Coddington and has a special technique for diagnosing thyroid function along with standard blood tests. I always hear people in the waiting room talking about how he is best doctor they have ever been to. He is willing to listen and help. I go a long distance to see him when other doctors are closer. It is about a 2 month wait getting in to see him but he is worth the wait."

Another reader recommends Dr. Milton: "I realize that there are other recommendations for Dr. Milton already posted. That's the way I found him. But I must tell everyone that I have been seeing him since March, 2002. He is terrific. I had been to 4 doctors who told me that I was just severely depressed. One sent me to a psychiatrist. I just kept telling all of them that I was only depressed because they wouldn't listen and treat my hypothyroidism. Dr. Milton did extensive blood work. I am now on Armour and Cytomel and I'm doing better all the time. He is terrific and I recommend him highly." (Added 11/02)

More praise for Dr. Milton: I have been to many doctors who have treated my symptoms without finding the disease. Many TSH tests have come back "normal" and I was about to give up. I was referred to Dr. Milton and the first thing that he said to me was that he wanted to be sure to understand what I was telling him and also that I understand what he is explaining to me. He took plenty of time with me and did, in fact, diagnose me with hypothyroidism. I finally have a doctor who can help me! The 2.5 hour drive was well worth it!!! (1/04)

Another reader writes: "Dr. Milton listens and understands. If you have 50 questions (like I did) he will answer everyone of them. Since I've been with this doctor for 2 years, he has helped me lose my weight (45 lbs). He prescribes Armour thyroid and treats me not just my lab results. I drive 150 miles one way to his office and it's well worth the drive. I highly recommend him to someone else with hypothyroidism. I wouldn't have found Dr. Milton without this site, THANK YOU!" (Added: June 2004)

Another reader writes: "He saved my life." (Added: June 2004)

Another fan: "Dr. Milton really listens to you as a patient and as an intelligent human being. I knew something had to be terribly wrong with me because I was exercising, watching my food intake, and not losing an ounce. On top of that, the fatigue I was feeling was overwhelming. Dr. Milton has given me a light of what has been a very long tunnel of other doctors and medications. Thank you, Dr. Milton, from the bottom of my heart." (Added Dec. 04)

Another reader reports: "I went to Dr. Milton because of the comments on this website. He has definitely done more toward resolving my lingering symptoms from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis than any other Dr. I've been to in the Atlanta area since being diagnosed (after almost fainting in the waiting room) by my Ob/GYN almost 8 years ago. Dr. Milton does more for the mind/body connection than anyone I've been to, and he promotes patient involvement, reading books, taking vitamin supplements and such. I was frustrated that I didn't think things were moving as fast as they could though. He was treating me like I had just been diagnosed, rather than his being about the 6th or 7th in a long line of Docs for almost 8 years. I have VERY severe PMS, and he hesitated to address this symptom, even after my 3rd visit. He seems to have a strict plan with steps that he does not alter from, even if you have been there before. This is hard if your insurance does not cover his visits as he does NOT accept any form of insurance up front. I think he would be perfect for someone suspecting they have a thyroid problem, or has been misdiagnosed by a Dr. that only does a standard TSH test. Dr. Milton is very up to date on tests and has no problem ordering them and subscribing natural thyroid hormones, but remember that he does not accept insurance and requires full payment at the visit. You must file your own insurance." (Added 6/05)

Yet another reader writes: "Dr. Milton is remarkable. He has a holistic approach to medicine and will sit and talk with you for however long it takes to answer your questions and explain his techniques and treatments. But, probably the best thing about Dr. Milton is his office staff. I have left doctors in the past because their staff was thoughtless, rigid and seemingly uncaring. To me, that speaks more about a doctor's character than anything that takes place in the examining room. His waiting room is light, airy and comfortable. There's a small, bubbling fountain and a table where you can help yourself to a cup of hot, herbal tea. But, you never wait in there long. I've never had to wait longer than 15 minutes to see him, and that only happened once. He has pictures of his children in his office and when you ask about them, he glows with pride. It's rare to find a doctor who's not afraid to connect with patients in such a personal way. I owe him a lot." (Added 6/05)

Another fan of Dr. Milton: "Dr. Milton is awesome! His practice offers real personalized medicine. He listens to your symptoms and then treats you based on those symptoms. I wish there were more doctors like him out there." (Added 10/05)

More feedback: "I have Graves Disease and refusing to do RAI, TT, STT and wanting to stay on ATD's, I had been thru 15 endos in the last year. Nobody was willing to work with me. I wanted to start on modified Block and Replace (most drs. don't even know what this is). I found Dr. Milton thru this website - thank you Mary Shomon for having a place I could go to!, Dr.Milton is everything and then some in the good dr. category. He listened, didn't discount anything I was feeling, and agreed with me about the modified B&R. After struggling for 5 years with this disease, I have found the "jewel". He doesn't take insurance, but worth any out of pocket costs." (August 2007)

More praise: "Dr. Milton is awesome. I was diagnosed with graves disease and was treated with RAI by my first endocrinologist who used a cookie cutter approach to any thyroid problem. My body crashed and my first doctor didn't catch the signs until I was very sick. A friend suggested I go to Dr. Milton and he had me feeling like a new person within a week. I don't know if it was the Armor or the herbal treatments but whatever it is it worked. He is caring and will listen to your concerns and needs. He is out of network but it is well worth it. He will work with you by letting you get your labs drawn at you general physician so your insurance will cover it. " (Added October 2007)

Another reader writes: "Dr. Milton has been treating my hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's for 6 months now. He also diagnosed Adrenal Stress which answered a lot of questions. He helped me understand my autoimmune condition, and the mind/body connection. My hair has stopped falling out and I am feeling generally well and learning how to live with Hashimoto's." (May 2008)

Another reader writes: "I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 3 years ago and self treated for 2 years until my adrenals were completely burned out and I was just getting worse. After 2 visits, Dr. Milton has me on the right track with thyroid and adrenal treatments. After the first visit, i was sleeping better and hot flashes went away in 2 weeks. Last year i tried Progressive Medical, but did not find them helpful at all. They wanted to focus on candida and "leaky gut" rather than thyroid or adrenal issues. Dr. Milton gets right to the root of the problem and explains everything so I understand what is going on. He also encourages me to educate myself about the autoimmunity." (May 2008)

More praise: "Dr. Milton blends the scientific with the holistic and it makes a big difference. I spent over 20 years with a hypothyroid condition that no other doctor could figure out. My test ranges were considered normal, but what I (and other doctors) didn't know is that it is the ratio between the T3, T4 and TSH levels that is important in treating this condition. It takes a PROPER diagnosis, which many doctors are not trained on(Why is this so???). I discounted my symptoms, like many women do, and tried to ignore it or as one doctor said "Just have another cup of coffee.", which was the worst advice. I was craving salty foods like mad, had a low temperature, low blood pressure, low heart rate, and was exhausted all the time. I have always been a very healthy person so I couldn't understand why I felt so bad--I didn't even have the energy to do the things I liked doing, like shopping or working out. Here's what to expect with Dr. Milton: Be prepared to be diagnosed properly, but be aware that it does take time to get test results back. It takes 2 months to get an initial appointment, so make the appointment as soon as you can. Once you get there, they don't take insurance, but they do provide you with the paperwork that you need to file with your own. Otherwise, it is about $200 for the initial consultation. It's worth every penny. After his evaluation, you will probably need some blood tests, which they will work with you if you can use the lab that your insurance uses. It takes a couple of weeks for them to get the tests back...yes, hang in there...but it is the second consultation where he can assimilate the information from the tests with his evaluation. Again, worth every penny and the 55 miles each way I drive to see him. In my case, I also needed an adrenal test, so it will be a few more weeks before I find out the results. Now, I am on Armor and I thank God every day for this man because it has been almost 2 weeks and I'm feeling better." (June 2008)

A reader writes: "Thank goodness I checked your site for someone who was able to treat my problem competently. Even on thyroid medication from another doctor on this list, I was still feeling terrible, he kept blaming it on stress. I went to Dr. Milton and within 4 days was feeling so much better. Even though my blood work looked normal, he got to the root of the problem. I also like that while you are talking, he types notes into his computer and then gives you a copy before you leave. His office schedules adequate time, you are never rushed and he takes the time to listen. I'm going to switch the rest of my family over to him as their primary doctor. " (March 2009)


Dr. Susan H. Boyle -- NO LONGER LISTED. Asked to be removed. (June 2006)


Doctor Robert Grant, Endo, 174 Prior St. NE, Gainesville, GA, 770-5361381. "Dr. Grant considers more than just blood test and is willing to prescribe T3 (Cytomel) and Armour. My TSH was very low. Instead of automatically reducing my thyroid medication, he asked "How do you feel?" I replied," I feel great. For the first time in years my joint pain is gone, my memory has returned, and I'm no longer having emotional swings and episodes of rage." He considered other factors such as pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperatures and my past problems Mercury poisoning and with the ineffectiveness of Synthroid. He wanted me to stay on the relatively high dose of Armour and Cytomel. I asked, because the T3 levels were at the top of normal, "Should I reduce the T3?" He replied, "Keep taking it." AT LAST A DOCTOR WHO DOES NOT PLAY THE BLOOD TEST NUMBERS GAME. He is an older doctor and takes the time necessary to get to know all about you. In addition, he is reasonable and will not over charge the patient."


Dr. Jeffrey Lev, Endocrinology, 660-B Lanier Park Drive NE, Gainesville, GA 30505, 706-532-8999 (behind Lanier Park Hospital). A reader shares the following, "He has prescribed Armour to me, and was extremely open minded to alternative treatments. I was very pleased with his demeanor and would highly recommend him to someone else with hypothyroidism."

Another recommendation: "I am a 3 year Graves disease patient who is adamant about staying on anti-thyroid meds and will avoid RAI at all costs. Dr. Lev is the 3rd Endo I have seen for my Graves. He is calm, compassionate and thorough. He listened to my concerns and complaints and did NOT try to force RAI on me. He even has a sense of humor...imagine Endo with a sense of humor! At my first visit to Dr. Lev he spent a solid hour with me taking a full, thorough background history including the health of extended family. Then we spent another 30 minutes discussing my treatment to date and what we would do in the future for me. His knowledge of Graves specifically might be lacking a bit, as he believes in the TSH test (which I do not) and he did mention RAI once to me, but understood where I stand after I explained why I feel so strongly about avoiding RAI. I must say that the hour I spent with Dr. Lev was a welcome change from the other 2 Endo's I've seen over the last 3 years who would rush me in and rush me out within 15 minutes. I feel like I was HEARD for the first time since I was diagnosed! I'm thrilled to have found him, and I thank the original poster who listed him on this site, as I probably would not have found him without this site!" (Added 6/02).

Another reader writes: "Dr. Jeffery Lev helped me to successfully reduced my A1C from 12.7 to 6.0 in a 9 month time frame. I would highly recommend him to other diabetic or endocrinology patients." (Added: Dec. 04)


Karen Newell, MD, Women's problems, Alternative Medicine, 1016 Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30501, (770)533-4494/(770)533-9919, www. "Caring, up to date. Various therapies, incl. acupuncture chelation and hyperbaric oxygen." (Added 6/02)

Another recommendation: "I had been to many different doctors to find out what was wrong with me, and I finally found Dr. Newell. She made it a point to find out what was wrong with me and have me well in less than a year. She is very sweet and caring and wants all her patients well enough so that they don't have to come back." (Added 6/02)


Jimmy Diaz, Internal medicine/Integrated medicine, 140 Lakes Blvd, Suite D, Ga 31548, 912-729-6606, A reader writes: "This doctor is awesome. I feel so good after giving up endocrinologist that wasn't helping me at all and getting to Dr. Diaz. I am now on Armour Thyroid and feeling great. This doctor cares enough to make whatever is wrong with you right. Please call if you're around here. I have a new lease on life." (Added 6/05)

Another reader recommends Dr. Diaz: "This doctor is a rare find. He listens and sincerely wants to help you get your life back." (Added 10/05)


David W. Kunz -- No longer listed (March 2009)


Dr. David Shore -- NO LONGER LISTED (April 2006)


A. Keith Martin, Surgeon. 330 Hospital Drive, Suite 315 (912) 750-8606. A reader shares, "Dr. Martin and his entire staff are first-rate. When diagnosed with Thyroid cancer he spent as much time as my husband and I needed to evaluate treatment options, the procedure, side effects, etc. In fact, after the surgery he came to check on me three times that day and twice more before I was discharged the day after my surgery, to make sure that I was doing well, that the hospital staff was responsive to my needs and to assure my husband that I was doing well!! He continued to follow up with my care for 6 months...and I have no noticeable thyroid "necklace" to show for his skill as a surgeon! I thoroughly recommend this practice for those needing thyroid surgery in Middle Georgia. He skill and concern are well worth the drive."


Dr. Lisa Snellgrove, General practice/internist/primary care, Macon, Georgia , (478) 742-8461 "I am a nurse and was working at the same hospital Dr. Snellgrove was working at this day i am going to discuss. I was 4 months postpartum and feeling horrible. I knew something was wrong I was so "brain-fogged" that I could not figure what was going on. I was faxing something and had my side 2 the doorway and Dr. Snellgrove walked in and immediately told me she thought something was wrong with me and she was pretty sure it was my thyroid (keep in mind she had not seen me prev. this day and really did not know me well). well then it clicked so I went to my MD at the time that day 2 have my labs drawn and sure enough my TSH was 224. She practically saved my life and is now my md! She is brilliant and I highly recommend her!" (July 2008)


A reader writes: "A Top Doc in Marietta, Georgia is Dr. Ralph Lee, a family physician who practices preventive medicine and nutrition therapy. He prescribes natural Armour thyroid, diagnoses and treats food allergies and Candida, and is a very nice, unpretentious man. His number is 770-423-0064."


Elyse Glaser, Endocrinologist -- NO LONGER LISTED


Lesley Cowan,M.D., Internal Med, 3951 Ridge Ave, Macon Ga 31210, 478-757-7345. A reader writes: "After trips to so many other doctors, she is the first to listen and believe the symptoms are real even though some lab values are only borderline. She WILL keep trying until she helps you. She gave me my life back! I feel so good after feeling so bad for so many years. She is Doctor Wonderful!" (June 2006).

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Georgia Top Doctors -- Best Thyroid Doctors ...


Endocrinology | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Consultation provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for children with diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia and disorders of physical growth, sexual maturation, thyroid function, pituitary function, and calcium and phosphorous metabolism. The Pediatric Endocrine Testing Center provides diagnostic endocrine tests for patients (both children and adults) in areas of endocrinology and carbohydrate, amino acid, and mineral and lipid metabolism. The center addresses growth abnormalities and the range of conditions that can cause them.

The Nutrition Consultation Service provides consultative and follow-up service by a physician and dietitian for children up to 18 years of age with obesity problems and associated disorders.

Referrals are required from primary care physicians or other Childrens Hospital specialty services. These should be accompanied by a written reason for the referral together with related patient records and growth charts. Referrals for patients enrolled in managed care insurance plans also require authorization from the primary care physician and sometimes from the insurance provider. All necessary referral and authorization forms must be received before the patients visit and include separate authorization for each physician, diabetes nurse educator, dietitian, laboratory and X-ray services. For accurate provider numbers or more information, please call the office number listed.

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Endocrinology | Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC


Endocrinology Patients UConn Health

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Endocrinology is the study of the endocrine system. Endocrine glands secrete hormones into the bloodstream that regulate the function of other cells and organ systems of the body. The endocrine system consists of separate glands such as the adrenals, thyroid, parathyroids, pituitary and pancreas. Common endocrine disorders include osteoporosis, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

An endocrinologist is a physician who studies and treats imbalances of the endocrine system. Endocrinologists play important roles in patient care and academic research. They are experts in their field and should serve as your main physician for endocrine disease-related problems.

The thyroid gland, located in the neck, makes and secretes thyroid hormone which affects nearly all tissues of the body. Its function is to regulate the bodys metabolism. Common thyroid problems include:

Hyperthyroidism the production of too much thyroid hormone. It can produce symptoms such as palpitations, sweating and weight loss.

Hypothyroidism the production of too little thyroid hormone. It can produce symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain and constipation.

Thyroiditis inflammation within the thyroid gland.

Goiters enlargements of the thyroid gland.

Solitary thyroid nodules growths within the thyroid gland.

Thyroid cancer a malignant growth within the thyroid gland.

The parathyroid glands are four small glands located behind the thyroid gland which secrete parathyroid hormone, controlling the bodys calcium levels.

Hyperparathyroidism a disease of calcium balance is one of the most common disorders of the parathyroid glands. The pancreas is located behind the stomach and secretes insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and other hormones. It controls blood sugar and glucose metabolism as well as helping control other endocrine cells of the digestive tract.

Diabetes is the most common disorder of the pancreas.

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and secrete adrenaline, aldosterone and cortisol. These hormones maintain salt balance, blood pressure, and help maintain fluid concentrations in the body. Common adrenal disorders include Addisons Disease, Cushings Syndrome, hyperaldosteronism and adrenal tumors.

The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain and secretes hormones which control the activity of other glands such as the ovaries, testes, adrenals and thyroid. Common pituitary disorders include pituitary tumors, such as prolactinomas and hypopituitarism, a disorder in which pituitary hormone secretion is abnormally low.

The members of our Endocrinology Group Practice specialize in endocrinology and metabolism disorders, including diabetes, osteoporosis, disorders of bone and calcium metabolism and disorders of the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. We will work with you to evaluate your condition and prepare an individualized treatment plan to fit your needs.

All of our endocrinologists are board-certified in internal medicine, and endocrinology and metabolism.

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Endocrinology Patients UConn Health


Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease | Icahn School of Medicine

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

The Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease is providing care for patients with endocrine diseasesincluding, but not exclusive to diabetes throughout the city by unifying protocols, programs, and treatments in the newly created Mount Sinai Health System to serve our community with endocrine disorders through outreach, education, and innovative community based programs.

We provide the highest quality care to our patients, and are at the forefront of cutting-edge research on endocrine diseases and diabetes. We training future leaders and innovators in the field of endocrinology through a world class fellowship program and are developing innovative quality improvement programs to achieve the highest quality standards in diabetes and endocrine patient care.

Below are the Fellowships for the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease

Researchersin the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease are identifying new treatments.

Created to prevent and manage complications associated with diabetes and to help patients take control of their health to live well and thrive

Helping patients to live healthier and fuller lives

Created to find cures and to develop treatment strategies

Helping patients to live healthy lives

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Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease | Icahn School of Medicine


Endocrinology: Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Test Search Perform a search of our test and fee catalog. Select the criteria below:

Assay Testing Schedule and Price List

The Endocrinology Lab's clinical diagnostic testing service assay schedule and price list are available in the links below. Please note it is recommended the samples arrive on the day prior to the test/assay setup times indicated on the schedule. If you have any questions about scheduling please call (607) 253-3673.

Endocrinology Lab Price List

Sample Submissions

The condition and quality of the specimen we receive plays a major factor in the accuracy of test results. Please do not send whole blood. Serum is the preferred sample type for the majority of the endocrine tests we offer, with the exception of ACTH, which requires EDTA plasma. Please review the links for:

Submission Guidelines for Endocrinology Samples

Instructions for OFA Thyroid Registry and Application for Canine Thyroid Registry

or feel free to contact the laboratory directly with any specific questions (607) 253-3673.

Results Reporting and Consultations

Contact the Endocrinology Laboratory directly at (607) 253-3673 regarding any test results, interpretations, or sample discrepancies. Veterinarians or the authorized submitter should have their AHDC account number ready when making inquiries about samples that have already been sent and tested. Consultations by veterinarians and qualified staff are also provided at no charge for testing done within our laboratory. We prefer not to interpret test results from other laboratories since we will not be familiar with their test methods. The laboratory offers gratis re-testing of samples on a limited basis after consultation, assuming residual sample volume and quality are adequate for re-testing. Please contact the Endocrinology Laboratory director at (607) 253-3796 or manager at (607) 253-3593 if you are experiencing unusual delays with lab results.

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Endocrinology: Animal Health Diagnostic Center


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