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August 4th, 2016 9:41 am

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Diagnosis and treatment of the endocrine system including diabetes and thyroid, hormone, and metabolic imbalances. See your ADC endocrinologist doctor at your visit. With locations in North Austin, Westlake and Round Rock.

Our Austin endocrinologists are trained to help individuals understand problems related to glands in the body. We help people with issues related to hormonal imbalances, diabetes, hypertension, and other related problems. For women, our board-certified endocrinologists can also help with issues such as menopause or infertility. For people struggling with high cholesterol, ADC is able to provide patients with strategies they can use to reduce their cholesterol levels. In many cases, our specialists are able to prescribe medications or carry out procedures that are able to help people overcome these problems.

Many patients are concerned about health conditions associated with their thyroid glands. ADC endocrinologists are able to assess, diagnose and treat these conditions. Among the elderly people, thyroid disorders can create potentially life-threatening issues that will need to be assessed and treated. By working with our Austin endocrinologists, patients will be able to take steps in order to overcome these difficulties that they are facing and enjoy a better quality of life.

For individuals struggling with diabetes, our Austin endocrinologists are able to assist with a variety of problems related to ones ability to regulate blood sugar levels. By working with an ADC endocrinologist, patients can overcome these difficulties through a combination of a regulated dieting and taking certain medicines. Additionally, ADC endocrinologists have partners in the clinic to help manage and treat complications from diabetes, including specialists in cardiology, podiatry, nutrition and gastroenterology. ADC doctors are all connected by electronic medical records therefore notes from all your ADC physicians, lab results and more can be reviewed by your doctors so they may provide more comprehensive care.

Austin Diagnostic Clinic can help you and your loved ones live a healthier and happier life. With our expert care, patients can realize a longer life expectancy and improved quality of living. Below is a partial list of some of the conditions we are able to treat:

We recognize that glandular problems and other issues with your hormones are greatly disruptive to your everyday life. It is our mission to help you live a healthy, vibrant life. Our doctors have the skills and the expertise to put you on the path to a healthier life. Get in touch with The Austin Diagnostic Clinic today to schedule your appointment.

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Endocrinology - The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

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