Feliciano Lopez planning to have children with wife in the future – Tennis World USA

November 24th, 2019 4:45 am

Feliciano Lpez got married to Sandra Gago earlier this year. Asked if they planned to have children, the Spanish player replied: "There are guys who take care of every detail and follow their routines while others travel with their family in tournaments.

I may become a father in a too far away future and I would like my child to come to see me play." On his longevity, Lopez added: "I did not expect to compete at the level I am. Turning 30, many of my friends were getting injured, dropping on the rankings and this age seemed difficult to overcome to me.

I was lucky to have a very good body and genetics to play tennis. It made me suffer a few injuries, so I changed the training regime and I started taking care of my eating regime. For a sportsman, dropping two or three kilos is major and so you start playing better.

Winning the Queen's title at 34 years of age and another time at 37 was very satisfying. I started thinking that it could not happen to me. Feeling competitive physically at this age made me stronger mentally because despite I travel with a physiotherapist that has been taking care of my body for years, I do not recover in the same way after matches.

"You have to handle the kind of sponsor because as a famous person you have a social responsibility. Brands like alcohols or betting companies, you have to be very careful."

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Feliciano Lopez planning to have children with wife in the future - Tennis World USA

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