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September 24th, 2020 6:50 am

Before lockdown began in March, Lenny Kravitz packed a bag for a week and headed to his home in Eleuthera in the Bahamas. His stay ended up being much longer than that. The singer and guitarist has spent the last six and a half months on the island he loves, returning to his Bahamian roots and living off the land. Save for a bottle of YSL Beautys Y eau de parfum, that is. As the newand lets face it, entirely fittingface of the French fashion houses seductive fougre scent, its become his signature.

Its fresh, its clean, its got spice, says Kravitz of Y, which opens with sparkling notes of green apple and bergamot, with a heart of lavender and geranium thats warmed by a zing of lemony ginger. During this period of being here on this island and living very simplybeing in the ocean, in the sun, and in the bush, as we call itit just fits. The art of presentation has always been a force within Kravitzs life, and like many during these challenging times, hes looked to his choice fragrance to elevate his mood. Im only around a few people and have no social functions, but some days I just need a little lift, explains Kravitz. I put on a nice shirt, and Ill spray on some fragrance, and it just makes me feel better. You dont have to do it for somebody, something, or some function. You can just do it for yourself.

Sticking to whats tried-and-true, Kravitz has been rotating between his rock-and-roll wardrobe signaturesdenim button-downs, love-worn ripped jeans, and printed skinny scarvesas well as following a streamlined beauty routine. The things that I use on my body are the same that Ive always used, he says, rattling off a list of natural oils and butters, including coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter, as well as Dr. Bronners Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, adding, I wash my body in it. I wash my hair with it. I washed my clothes in it. In his haven of the Caribbean, hes also been enjoying the spoilsand skin-care benefitsof the beach, the pearlescent white sand in particular. We have the most beautiful sand here in the Bahamasits very, very, very powdery, very, very fine, he explains. So when Im in the ocean, and I want to scrub my body, I use the sand. Thats what going on over here.

Besides the kind of head-to-toe exfoliation only a one-way ticket to Eleuthera can buy, Kravitz has been staying well, mind and body, by tending to his garden, cooking his own meals, and juicing with daily shots of immunity-boosting ginger. And hes been feeding off the island for his daily workout, an hour-long bike ride, as well. Thats been my form of cardio that I enjoy the most here, rather than being on a treadmill, he says. Its getting out in the sun and riding on the road with a lot of it on the ocean. Its so beautiful, and it gives you time to meditate. For mental clarity, hes also been limiting his news intake in an effort to tune out the noise. I only check the news and whats going on in the world often enough so that Im not in the dark, but Im not watching the television and inside of all of this negativity, he says. In terms of staying creative, Kravitz, who is working on his next album, is letting inspiration come to him in time. Its almost like if you have a radio receiver, and youre turning the dial, and all you hear is static until you finally hear music, he explains of his process. I prefer it that way because then its really pure. Im not involving my own ego or my own ideas or projections. Im getting what Im getting.

While Kravitz has always followed his own path doing what feels right to look and feel his best, he credits genetics and familial role models as the true secrets to his longevityand his impossibly ageless physique. My grandfather lived up into his 90s, and he had a thirst for life, for learning, for growing, and I think Ive inherited that from him, he explains. With the genes that I have from my parents and my grandparents, we dont seem to visibly age like one might think, so all of those things togetherwith, of course, taking care of yourself, putting the right things in your body, and taking care of your mind and spirithave contributed to aging just being about experiencing and living, not about falling apart.

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Lenny Kravitz on His Signature Scent, His Beach Beauty Routine, and the Secret to His Longevity - Vogue

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