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July 10th, 2020 1:46 am

In the era of technologies and digital screens, millions of products are marketed as healthy. But why is it a growing number of individuals are challenged with chronic diseases and mental illnesses? Here is maintaining perfect health in the world of new technologies and devices.

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While we have nutrition and fitness apps at our fingertips, the harsh reality is why these live-saving apps and tech are nowhere near as popular as fast food delivery apps. Internet addiction and trolls may also put some vulnerable people at risk of mental illnesses.

To live a healthy happy life in the midst of convenient choices, we must embrace the power of technology while practicing the most primitive ways of achieving health.

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Unleash the power of your genetics

Recently, CRISPR-based therapy was used to treat inherited blindness for the new in history. This officially brings human gene-editing from science fiction to reality.

Your DNA is the blueprint for building you your eye color, ancestry, and risks of genetic diseases.

If your quality of life is partly determined by genetics, doesnt it make sense to crack this code and prepare for what the future holds?

Indeed, commercial genetic testing has gained rapid popularity all over the world. Dozens of organizations like 23anMe are competing to offer you the most comprehensive genetic interpretations.

In our genetic makeup, millions of single-nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, hold the secrets to your:

With this information, you are able to take active actions to enhance your lifestyle, inform your doctor, and manage potential diseases. Our medical system is moving towards a thrilling era of personalized data-driven practice these days.

Did you know our gut has 10 times the amount of cells compared to anything else in the body combined?

Its huge. Our gut houses at least 1000 different types of bacteria the good, the bad, and the ugly.

For good bacteria to flourish in our gut, we need to feed them with fermentable fibre from plant-based foods, also called prebiotics. With these healthier fuels, the good gut bacteria begin to:

If you are seriously interested in optimizing your gut health, you can even get yourself a microbiome sequencing that informs you exactly what bacteria are in your gut. Compared to conventional DNA sequencing, this can be a relatively new technology. Nevertheless, researchers are extremely excited about harnessing the wide range of of gut information for disease diagnosis and treatment.

In the not too distant future, it may become commonplace to have personalized nutrition plans and health care predicated on your genes and gut bacteria.

In todays fast-paced society, cognitive technologies like nootropics are well-liked by many people who desire 48 hours out of their day. Unfortunately, boffins have said that there is no strong evidence in synthetic cognitive supplements.

If you still want approaches to boost your productivity, natural compounds, and herbs for health ( care might be the safer option that really works.

Have you heard of these popular natural cognitive enhancers?

Technology and devices are great for offering valuable data, but that entails that we are constantly bombarded with information. How do we shoot for a balance between performance and burnout?

The answer lies in our biology. Our body has intricate levels of different hormones that try to keep things in balance.

When we have been stressed, the body produces stress hormones like cortisol. The hormone it self is not bad. It actually helps us control blood sugar, metabolism and blood pressure. However, a constantly high level of cortisol could harm both physical and mental health. In women, high cortisol also plays a role in low libido and abnormal menstrual cycles.

But luckily, we have been also naturally equipped with happy hormones like endorphins. These are our natural painkillers that reduce stress and pain. They activate opioid receptors in the brain, but without getting your addicted.

There is not any need for supplements. The most elementary ways of relaxation can perform the trick:

Nourish your social connections

We need to thank the internet and electronic devices for bringing distant people closer. But at the same time, they could also push our close family and friends apart.

Lets not forget that the most primitive and effective way of happiness, even in the era of technology, is genuine human interaction.

The Harvard Medical School reports that people whove great relationships and social support are usually happier and healthier. These include satisfying marriages, family, friends, and community.

In a landmark paper published in the journal Science, researchers found that lack of social connections puts people at increased risk of obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure. In contrast, people who do nourish their social relationships have better longevity, immune system, self-esteem, and additional health advantages.

It may well not sound like a mind-blowing secret, but it is something that all of us forget sometimes. Social connections, just like the body and mind, need to be nourished. We can just only live cheerfully with new technologies whenever we use them for connecting, but not disconnect.

Michael Usiagwu is the CEO of Visible links Pro, apremium Digital Marketing Agency devoted to seeing your brands/company and products gain the right visibility on the internet search engine. He may be reached via [emailprotected]

Maintaining Perfect Health in the World of New Technologies and Devices - Digital Market News

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